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Teenage Drinking Tied to Lifelong Alcohol Woes

Teenage Drinking Tied to Lifelong Alcohol Woes

People who begin to drink alcohol before the age of 14 years are not only more likely to become alcoholics than those who stay away from alcohol until they’re 21; they also develop dependence on alcohol faster, and face a longer struggle with alcohol throughout their lives, a new study shows. “It’s not to say that people don’t get over this, but...they’re at greater lifelong risk, particularly if they develop dependence so rapidly that they have it this early in life,” the study’s lead author, Dr. Ralph W. Hingson of Boston University School of Public Health’s Youth Alcohol Prevention Center, told Reuters Health.


Do you have a drinking problem?
Take the Alcoholics Anonymous quiz

Material from the pamphlet, "Is AA For You" is reprinted with permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Drinking Early in Life a Recipe for Future Alcohol Woes
The path to alcoholism starts with a drink at a remarkably young age, according to a study.

Hard to Read, but Important

Catholic Fire (for the rest of this:)

Operation Rescue Demands
Emergency Inspections of All Kansas Abortion Mills

OR invites Gov. Sebelius to tour the Central Women’s Services building
to view filthy, unsafe conditions for herself.

And the rest of this one:


By Judie Brown

A tragedy has unfolded in Pekin, Illinois, where a 3-year old girl was suffocated by a woman who put a plastic trash bag over the child's head. Dr. Karen McCarron, a certified pathologist, now sits in jail, facing charges of first-degree murder. That a respected medical professional is charged with such a crime is shocking enough; but you also need to know that the victim is her own daughter, and McCarron has confessed to the killing. It sounds surreal, but the numbing fact is that an innocent child's life has been brought to an end at the hands of the woman who bore her.

Three to Read from Dad 29

Dad 29 has this:

"WI Court Denigrates Marriage--Implications"

Wake up Wisconsin!

and this:

"GKChesterton Prophesies on Responsibility"

Written in 1914, and unchanging:

The great mark of modern social reformers is that they always desire to drive in a certain direction rather than to a certain goal. They wish to advertise their cause even more than they wish to advance it.

The other great mark of the modern social reform is that it is never defended on its merits.

Senate Democrats, anyone? posted by Dad29 @ Permalink10:08 AM

and this:

"GKChesterton Prophesies on Responsibility"

He wrote them in reverse order from above... perhaps you may want to read them in that order, also. They seem to fit together very well.

"ISLAM: What The West Needs To Know" w/Walid

Again from Janjan of With Issue (forgive me, again, simpler is better)...

"ISLAM: What The West Needs To Know"

opens today in Washington, Atlanta and Chicago. This should cause a stir. My friend Walid is featured in it.
posted by Janjan at 10:27 AM

With Issue " They Need To Rewrite The Geneva Convention"

Janjan also has this, written MUCH better than I could (Sometimes simpler is better).
But don't stop here. Read the article that this quote comes from:

They Need To Rewrite The Geneva Convention,

because of crap like this:
Hospitals are considered off-limits in traditional warfare. In western Ramadi, however, insurgents have fired on Marines from the rooftop of a women and children's hospital so often that patients were moved to a wing with fewer exposed windows.
posted by Janjan at 6:09 PM

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Yitro Asheri: "God wanted my son up there"

Another young Israeli, murdered.

"He was in his last year at the Neveh Tzuf preparatory program and had extremely developed spiritually. He is a very happy, generous and gentle child," according to his mother.
***news story***

"He made you literally joyous just by being near him," a neighbor told Yitro. “The vacuum without him is so strong.”
***news story***

The Arab man driving the van was dressed like a religious Jew, but after turning onto route 465 towards N'vei Tzuf, the driver took an early turn down a side road toward Bir Zeit. Bir Zeit is home to one of the Palestinian Authority’s main universities, built with help from the Israeli government in the hope that it would breed moderation.

Immediately, Asheri was brutally murdered
, either in Bir Zeit or in nearby Bituniya. He was shot at close range, with a pillow used to muffle the sound. The terrorists buried him hastily under loose dirt and large stones.

His Dad: “We have our pain,” says Yitro, “but we know that G-d has a job for Eliyahu; that He needs him closer for something much more important. We must truly accept the bad just as we thank Him for the good.”

The family read an essay Eliyahu wrote at his funeral, which they say is a letter he left for all the Jewish people. The following is a translation:

"The prayer that you pray three times each day brings you closer to the Master of the World, connecting you each time anew. When you rise in the morning, look around and see how wonderful this world that G-d gave you is and thank Him for it.
"In conclusion, always serve G-d with joy and always know to seek Him at every time. Always strive to be free to do the will of the Blessed Creator and to perfect yourself and be true with G-d and with yourself. 'You shall be simple with HaShem your G-d,' (Deuteronomy 18:13) and they will go after you because this is the truth."
(WI Catholic strongly encourages readers to READ the rest of the essay, prayerfully.)

According to Naveh, there was never the intention to conduct negotiations for the kidnapped youth, even when he was still assumed to be alive.

***news story*** (~~
Central Command Chief Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh~~)

HT to WITH ISSUE (Go read her blog on this murder).

May God have Mercy.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
~~Psalm 122:6

This Rolling Stone is Going to Gather Moss....

BG of Contratimes confesses .... and comes to some very different conclusions than did the author of the Rolling Stone article... answering this question in the process:

What can we say of Rolling Stone's very first sentence to Al Gore 3.0?

Liberal Thinking on Legal Precedent... Selective!

Mary of Freedom Eden has a very provocative question about legal precedent and the liberal political views of how entrenched it is... until it involves something that they do not endorse or agree with, such as marriage being between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN! Good reading, good points!

God bless~

My question:

Why do liberals expect the courts to aid in advancing certain aspects of their agenda, by ignoring precedence in some cases, while simultaneously using precedence to insist on upholding other decisions?

That sort of selective reliance on precedence is completely inconsistent and clearly politically motivated.

Catherine Herridge Brings Us Up to Date Via Greta

Sounds like Peter is healing well, and recovering from his transplant. It must be wonderful to see such a sick infant grow into a pink, healthy 'normal' child!

Previously, just in case you have not kept up with Baby Peter and liver transplant from Mom:
First, then,

God bless!!

From GretaWire:

Now for some e-mails — the first is from my colleague, Catherine Herridge. I would update you on her son Peter, but she does it so much better:

E-mail No. 1

Greta, hoping your travels are good.

Baby Peter is looking better every day. He is spending a lot of time now playing with the mobile we have set up in his hospital crib. It has a big sun and birds and a caterpillar that rotate to the songs "Jumpin' Jazz" and "Cozy Classic." Peter's nurses are good sports because after eight hours it is impossible to get these tunes out of your head.

The doctors say it is an excellent sign that he has started to play again — in other words — act like a baby again. His belly looks smaller, not only will he grow into his new liver, but his new organ knows to shrink because his body doesn't need that much capacity. While modern medicine is an amazing thing, I find it more impressive how much the body can do on its own.

Last night outside the pediatric ICU, I said good-bye to one of the doctors who had been working with Peter. Paul was the one who helped Peter the night his lung collapsed. Paul has finished his training at the pediatric ICU and will now work in an adult ICU.

As I shook his hand, I felt he was genuinely sad to say goodbye and wished us all the best. He said Peter was well on his way. I thanked him for everything he had done to help us. He simply said that was his job. I am spending a lot of time now thanking people who have helped save Peter.

Everyday, a nurse or doctor or member of the transplant team will stop by to see how he is doing. Not because they have to, but because they want to. That is how invested these people are in seeing him get better. Peter just lies back in his bed and gives them one of his signature crooked baby smiles. It is very sweet. I know he is only six months old but I feel that he knows that a lot of people are pulling for him.

I am no longer doing the "donor shuffle." That's what the doctors call the posture most donors adopt after surgery because their abdomen is sore and they feel more comfortable hunched over. That said, Jamie, our two-year old, keeps pointing at my scar and saying "Momma, BOO BOO." I think he says "boo boo" extra loud because it's his way of saying "Hey, that is BIG."

Critical House and Senate Votes expected

Addendum: Catholic Fire has NRTL info on this topic at her blog. (July 7, 115AM)

I am unfamiliar with the organization, but the message is an alert we need to read.

Got this in email tonight when I got home from work:

Subject: Critical House and Senate Votes expected

>From Alliance

Dear -----,

Late last week, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) welcomed a
bipartisan Senate agreement that paves the way for
an up-or-down vote perhaps as early as July 10, for
three stem cell and bioethics bills. He also
addressed the Senate in an eloquent, heart-felt
speech that you can read by clicking here:

Under the agreement, there will be 12 hours of debate,
equally divided between the Majority and Minority
Leaders on the three bills, immediately followed by
three consecutive votes in the following order and
without intervening action.

The three bills are:

++Fetus Farming Prohibition Act of 2006 (S. 3504)

++Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies
Enhancement Act (S. 2754)

++Taxpayer Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
(H.R. 810)

Grassfire strongly supports the Fetus Farming Prohibition
Act of 2006--a bill that would end the gruesome practice
of initiating human pregnancies in either women or animal
uteruses for the purpose of obtaining human tissues for

On the surface, The Specter-Santorum Alternative Pluripotent
Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act appears to hold the
ethical line as far as human experimentation goes, and
would not use federal funding to create and destroy human
embryos. However, key facts are still surfacing about this

While there are questions about the Specter-Santorum bill,
there are no questions about the need to defeat Taxpayer
Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research (H.R. 810)--a bill
that would require taxpayers to fund the destruction of
human life.

That is why next week Grassfire will be in Washington,
D.C. to present more than half-a-million petitions
from citizens who are opposed to using taxpayer
money being used to destroy life.

Carole, if you haven't yet signed our "Petition
for Life" petition, but would like to have a voice in this
unfolding ethical debate, please click here:

On behalf of the unborn in our nation who at risk,
thank you for taking immediate action! Alliance

P.S: If you are unclear as to the facts of this debate,
please read our Special Report: The truth about Stem Cell
Research by clicking here:

+ + To sign our "Petition For Life" petition:

++ To read the Brownback speech to the Senate:

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Seventh Missle Fired by North Korea

UN Security council is supposed to meet today about this.

This one was supposed to have been a medium range, but they did not yet have all of the facts when the news alert came on a short time ago.

The Long Range Intercontinental fired yesterday failed.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Making my rounds.....

***Dad 29 has:

Cdl Lopez-Trujillo Makes Good Waves

Cdl. Lopez-Trujillo is by no means a fellow who engages in 'diplo-speak.' He says what he thinks, clearly and usually forcefully.

So when he remarked that 'Roman Catholic scientists who conduct human-embryonic-stem-cell research could face excommunication' last week, there was the usual crab-walking and cover-ducking done by the usual suspects:

***Contratimes comes out of his summer respite to comment:

Stomping Out For Jesus

While my announcement, "A Summer's Respite", is still in effect (in a very ineffective way), I could not resist a few comments after reading a series of posts at Daily Kos regarding patriotism and church. (Go here to read about his comments regarding someone who chose to walk out of Church when asked to stand during a soloist's rendering of "God Bless the USA")

***SmoothStone writes:

Happy Birthday, America!


If we pay close attention to all the great things the USA has done, all the way down to the grassroots level, and all that we share with other nations, rather than hoard, the only logical conclusion is that there is a lot about the USA that is great and good and righteous and which deserves to be acknowledged, especially in the face of such an obvious agenda by the lefties and the libtards and the democrats to swing the pendulum in the direction of our enemies.

Yes, we are the good guys. I challenge those opposed to the USA: if we’re so oppressive why do so many people we oppress seem to rush here at first chance? It’s because they like us, get it?

Happy Birthday, America. Be strong, be brave, and be proud. May God Bless the USA.

God bless!

Fr Vincent Capodanno KIA 9/4/67 Medal of Honor

Fr. Capodanno leading field prayer service
for the Marines of 1st Battalion, 7th Marines (1/7)
in the Muo Douc area, Vietnam, 9/11/66

Reverend Vincent Robert Capodanno Foundation, Inc.
Copyright © 2000

Reverend Vincent Robert Capodanno Foundation, Inc.
Copyright © 2000


Nov 11, 2004

Fr Daniel Mode now in Afghanistan

June 24, 2005

Remembering Again

Nov 11, 2005

A Missionary's Work Does Not End When He Dies, Does It?

Nov 13, 2005

My response to a Comment on this Veteran's Day

Nov 11, 2006

Note: "Nathan" was upset with me for denigrating Kerry and tried to convince me to apologize. He said Kerry was a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. I fired back, and issued a challenge to him.
As of today, Mar 19, 2008, I have yet to hear from him with his proof.
WI Catholic

Fr. Capodanno's Brother Remembers

Oct 14, 2007

Pentagon News about Fr Capodanno

Mar 6, 2008

My Sincere Condolences to Fr Daniel Mode

Mar 19, 2008

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"Iron Mike" Burghard Salute

A story (like so many others that should get told) about
Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt Michael "Iron Mike" Burghard
who is serving our country in Iraq.

HT to Poison Pero (who I just 'found' yesterday)

Meanwhile, there is a Wall of Heroes, a work in progress at Medal of Honor On a nearly daily basis, Pero is adding a Medal of Honor Recipient. He has told me that this will be about a nine year process.

I also found a hero of mine, Fr Vincent Capodanno on Dec 22, 2005.

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North Korea is Launching Missles

Two, so far, not yet identified, according to Fox News... more as it becomes known.

Update 3:32PMfirst story was one missle.

Then a second one was announced...

Now, NORAD confirms two missles launched, landed in Sea of Japan, taepodong-2 missile

Updated 3:35 PM on Fox

God speed, Discovery Crew!

God speed, Discovery!

Be safe.

Best wishes.

My prayers go with you all.


The Sky Will Fall On Them.....

May 14, 1948

The following editorial ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Saturday, May 15, 1948.

"Last night a nation was born. In harsh travail was it brought forth, and amidst the agonies and terrors of war. It was conceived in the cold courage of men and women unafraid to die for the cause of a free state in the hallowed land of their ancestors. Its name is Israel.

What hardship and bloodshed the critical days ahead hold for this infant nation we know not. We only know that it deserves to live, and that those who cherish freedom will not allow it to die.

Israel's enemies rush to mantle her in blood and desolation even as her flag is first raised over Palestine's embattled plains. But we may be sure the Jewish people will tenaciously defend the ind
ependence they have at length gained.

Here is a great historic event,one that is an inspiration to freedom loving men everywhere. The British mandate ended, marking finis to the most tragic failure in the long history of British empire-making.

The circumstances of General Cunningham's unregretted departure from Jerusalem were markedly different from those surround-ing the triumphal entry of General Allenby thirty years before.

The World thrilled then at the retaking of the Holy
City from the infidel Turks, just as Jews everywhere were to take bright hope from the grant of the Palestine mandate to the British with explicit provision for a national home for the Jews.

This is Israel, and we in America, whose liberties were gained for us only by sacrifice and bloodshed, are proud to salute the newborn democracy.

President Truman has taken the proper course in promptly according United States recognition to the new state. It is a cause for gratification that we should be the first great Power to take this important step."

Israeli Flag, 1949 source unknown HT to Atlas Shrugs

From the rescue of those still alive in the Concentration Camps, when the world could no longer deny what the Nazis had done (though some try)....

Even before the Birth of the Nation of Israel, while her enemies gathered at the borders...

Through 1956, 1967, 1973, and more...

To the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli athletes at Munich....

To the present day, when some continue the legacy of Nazi
loving-serving-follower, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini....

Even though all they have to do is to read history....

Many still have
not learned that Israel will not back down....

Kidnapped Corporal Gilad Shalit Photo: Reproduction: Hagai Aharon

`He's the quiet one, always smiling...very gentle'
~~said Matan Zrihen, 16, who grew up next door

They want Cpl Gilad Shalit back. Period.

"We are calling for the immediate and unconditional
release of Cpl. Shalit.
If that does not happen, we will have to bring about his release,"
"The Israeli strategy we're adopting is a combination of
diplomacy and military pressure."

~~Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev

"It's safe to say ...
the sky will fall on them if Gilad Shalit is harmed,"
"If he is killed,
we will react in ways the Palestinians haven't seen before."

~~Cabinet minister Roni Bar-On

"We won't negotiate with terror elements
and we won't let anyone believe
that kidnapping is a tool
to bring Israel to its knees."

~~Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Fox News

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

~~Psalm 122:6 RSV

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Senator Kohl, Ditch the Commercial....

Jaw Jackin.

Say WHAT? That is the commercial of Herb Kohl's that has been driving me insane since it began airing. What the *&%$ is 'Jaw-Jackin' ??

Jaw Jacking

Talking too much, especially when not invited in the conversation. (See.. Running up your mouth.)

Mr Kohl, not only am I unhappy about your politics, but you "APPROVE this message", which makes Wisconsinites sound... stupid.