Thursday, November 27, 2008

Former Socialist Senator who Converted to Catholicism calls for end to abortion

Someone may have been praying very hard for her. Hopefully WE also pray for our own leaders to have a dramatic "Saul of Tarsus" type of conversion, especially in the area of Life...

God bless!


Former Socialist senator who converted to Catholicism calls for end to abortion

Mercedes Aroz

.- During the "Catholics and Public Life" congress in Spain this week, former senator Mercedes Aroz, who a year ago announced her conversion to the Catholic faith and departure from the Socialist Party of Catalonia, called for the abolition of abortion in Spain to bring about true progress in the advancement of human rights.

Aroz, who was elected handily to the Senate in 2004, underscored that "Spanish society today is a secularized society similar to the rest of Western Europe in which God is no longer the universal point of reference."  This change "has led to a crisis of moral values" and the loss of a moral compass for individuals, and "unease in the cultural in general," she explained.

However, she acknowledged that "Catholicism continues to be relatively in the majority and a Catholic-based culture continues to subsist.  Therefore favorable conditions exist for Christianity to flourish again."

"We need to put forth the abolition of abortion for what it is: a progressive objective, the advancement of civilization, as the legal recognition of human rights, and their expansion is the fruit of progress of the human being in the understanding of his reality and his dignity as a person," she said.

I Hope She is Right about FOCA... but I doubt it...

Interesting article, but it seems like it may be wishful thinking, given Obama's very clear promise to PP...

FOCA's effects seen as dire, but chance of it passing considered slim

By Patricia Zapor
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- About the only thing everyone with a stake in it is likely to agree on about the Freedom of Choice Act is that the legislation has languished in Congress for 20 years, only once rising -- just barely -- above the fate of hundreds of bills that are introduced each session and never heard from again.

What's harder to nail down is whether the bill, known as FOCA, is going anywhere under the 111th Congress that begins in January.

Although there was no effort in the 110th Congress to move the bill along, pro-life organizations have since the summer been sounding the alarm about what would happen to current restrictions on abortion if a Democrat was elected president.

They also voice concerns for possible administrative actions under Democratic President-elect Barack Obama, such as reversing the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research; and repealing the Hyde amendment, which bars federal funding of abortions, and the Mexico City policy, which prohibits foreign aid money from going to family planning programs that promote and offer abortion.

Go here for the rest of the article...

God bless!