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Aggie Catholics: Prayer Request - Tabernacle Stolen!

Aggie Catholics: Prayer Request - Tabernacle Stolen!

I have tried for two days now to get this to work via share this, and it would not go through... unsure about why.

Please pray for the return of the Tabernacle, the Eucharist...and for the person/s who are responsible for the theft.

Father, forgive him/them, he/they know not what he/they do....

Lord, have Mercy!

God bless!

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Physicians Warn of Dangers of Physician Assistance of Patient Suicides

Physicians Warn of Dangers of Physician Assistance of Patient Suicides

Thank you, Dan Kennedy! Will be praying!

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Thomas Dennelly, the man behind the pro-life Kennedy letter by Leticia Velasquez

Catholic Vote

Very good article! So glad that this man wrote, but that he also saved the letter.

God bless!

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Eternal Word Television Network: Blog - by Raymond Arroyo

Arroyo begins:

At the gravesite of Senator Edward Kennedy on Saturday, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former Archbishop of Washington, shared a private letter that the deceased Senator wrote to the Pope. The Cardinal also read what he described as a response from the Pontiff. This marvelous bit of political theatre (as so much of Senator Kennedy’s funeral was), should not escape attention. That moment in particular revealed a great deal.

First of all, it must be recalled that Cardinal McCarrick has a rather unfortunate history involving the delivery of letters, particularly those from a certain Vatican official by the name of Ratzinger. In 2004, when the Bishops of the US were anguishing over whether to allow communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion laws,
Cardinal McCarrick concealed a letter from his brother bishops.
The missive was from the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, then Cardinal (now Pope) Joseph Ratzinger. Had the bishops received the letter intended to help guide their debate, things might have gone very differently. The contents of that letter are still relevant, particularly now when dissenting Catholics have made grandiose pronouncements about what it means to be a Catholic in public life.

End Quote.

He continues with excerpts from that letter. Please go to the site and read in it entirely...

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The 40th Anniversary of “No-Fault” Divorce

The 40th Anniversary of “No-Fault” Divorce Catholic Exchange

A very sad day for the US, for marriage, and for many many many families....

According to Michael Reagan, his father considered the signing of this bill to be the worst mistake he'd made while in elected office.

Judy tells the story of one of the person's really behind this bill, and the outcome for his family.

This law is NOT about mutual agreement-- it is forced, unilateral divorce, and leaves the Respondent with NO due process. It has its roots in Communist Russia's 'post card divorce'. IMHO, it is also unconstitutional because of the lack of due process for the Respondent, and other reasons.

It is evil, destructive, and rewards adultery, among other things.

It then goes on to destroy even more in the Catholic family by US Tribunals that use the fact that a divorce was granted to complete the evil by finding ways to declare the first marriage to be Null, using grounds that almost guaranteee that ANY marriage is not valid.

(Judges have no real choice in the matter. Divorce is a foregone conclusion as long as the Petitioner does not rescind the papers. Only custody and financial decisions are made in the courts. Having a Civil Divorce granted does NOT mean that marriage is NULL!!)

"Divorce tears marriage apart. It desolates both husband and wife. It leaves the children not only in tears but also in misery. We do not deny that there can be serious disagreement between husband and wife, but divorce is not the solution. When husband and wife have a disagreement, they should reflect, pray, sit together and discuss. Accept fault where you are wrong, ask for pardon, or consult a priest or other spiritual adviser, but do not divorce."
~~Francis Cardinal Arinze

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Planned Parenthood says it must close 5 clinics | | The Indianapolis Star

Planned Parenthood says it must close 5 clinics | | The Indianapolis Star

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Choosing Thomas | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas

Choosing Thomas | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas

Very touching...

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The Vortex : Too many cracks 09-04

Too many cracks 09-04 The Vortex
The divisions in the Church must be healed

Fr Vincent Capodanno KIA Sept 4, 1967 Medal of Honor Recipient

I have written often of Fr Vincent, and today will simply remember him.

He is now Servant of God Vincent Robert Capodanno.

The official website for his canonization is here. There, you will find photos, and messages from the Grunts he loved, and helped. Some have credited him with their return to the Church, as well as healing from the effects of Vietnam.
Another tribute page can be found here...but there are many of them!

His story is written in The Grunt Padre by Fr Daniel J Mode.

Fr. Mode himself is a commissioned Navy chaplain.
The author's education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy,
with advanced degrees in theology and church history.
While studying history at Mount Saint Mary's Seminary he stumbled upon
the research threads that led him to uncovering the remarkable Fr. Capodanno story.

In March, 2005, Father Daniel Mode was notified by his Naval Reserve Center in Washington, D.C that he would be mobilized (called up) for active duty as a U.S. Navy Military Chaplain. Having returned from two years in Aghanistan and witnessing the need for more frontline priests to minister to military personnel, Father Mode petitioned to be released into full time service as an AMS chaplain. Father Mode continues to serve on the BOD of while introducing a new generation of US military personnel to the heroic life of Servant of God Vincent Robert Capodanno.

Parts of his story can also be found on the
Maryknoll website.

Also from that website:

"Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." These words from St. John's Gospel describe the life—and especially the last moments—of Father Capodanno. Ordained in 1958, the missioner from Staten Island, N.Y., served in Taiwan before enlisting as a Navy chaplain during the Vietnam War. He volunteered to serve back-to-back tours on the front lines with what he called "my Marines." This decision led him to pay the ultimate price during a battle on Sept. 4, 1967, when—unarmed and in spite of his own wounds—he went to help a fallen Marine, only to be cut down by machine-gun fire. The recipient of three Purple Hearts, Capodanno was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

Quotes of the Day taken from the home page of the website for the cause of his canonization....the quotes change as one returns to that page...

This story that Fr. Dan Mode promoted through The Grunt Padre has proved to be a strong contributing force to my joining the Navy Chaplain Corps.

Fr. Ken Carlson, Chicago Ridge
2001 Guestbook

Fr. Vincent carried no rifle. He carried a cross- a man of peace carrying God's message to distant battlefields.

Col. Gerald Turley, USMC (ret)
The Grunt Padre

He saved my life! 4 Sept 1967, Operation Swift. I was one of several that the "Grunt Padre" rescued.

Steve Lovejoy, Modesto, CA
2005 Guestbook

All of us usually fit into a mold of some sort. This man made his own mold. And every man who met him knew it.

CAPT. David J. Casazza
Coast Guard Academy chaplain; Fr. Vince's CO in Vietnam

I was a Navy Corpsman who served with the 1st Mar/Div and worked in Triage the day Fr. Capodanno came in KIA. He was a big part of our Hospital company (MASH unit) in ChuLai...coming to talk with the wounded and saying Mass when possible....He was...a real comfort to hundreds of Nam vets.

James R. Clark, Bridgeton, NJ
2001 Guestbook

I am a former Marine grunt of Mike Co 3RD PLT. I participated in the action SEPT 4, 1967. Father Capodanno brought comfort to men that would soon depart, forever, the horror of the moment. May comfort and peace be with him.

William Duran, Denver
2003 Guestbook

I served with E 2/7 in 66. Fr. Capodanno would visit our base area whenever he could. I got to know him fairly well and appreciated his Mass, Communions and Confessional. He would then talk with us- I was amazed at how he would remember all our names and seemed sincerely concerned about our wellbeing.

Cpl. Russ Sherrick USMC, ret
2003 Guestbook

As an officer in his (Fr. Capodanno's) regiment, I can personally attest to the fact that the news of his death had a more devastating impact upon the morale of the whole 1st Marine Division than the loss of many other senior combat leaders. We loved the Padre who so loved us.

Col. Gerald Turley, USMC (ret)
The Grunt Padre

I was Fr. Capodanno aide for a period of time in Vietnam with Henry Hernandez. I have a lot of memories of Fr. Capodanno...I have never met a man in my life time like Fr. Capodanno- it was like he had a aura around him. I knew during the tough times in Vietnam God was with him. I also had the same feeling when I was in action with Fr. Capodanno.

Cpl Richard L. Kilgore, Coldwa
2003 Guestbook

On Dec. 18th I was wounded severely and was med-evaced to the Chu Lai Hosp. Needles to say I was quite traumatized from the event but who was there when I awoke from the anesthesia, Father Capodanno. He stayed by my side for along time and helped lift my spirits and reassured me that I would be o.k. He then helped me draft a letter to my family. Since I was in a full body cast it would have been impossible for me to.

Cpl. Russ Sherrick USMC(ret) R
2003 Guestbook

On Easter Sunday, 1967 I was still rather boot to 2/7 (having arrived in January 1967). Fr. Capodanno flew in on a UH34 to say Mass that morning. Recalling that liturgy always brings me peace of mind.

John Short, Hampton, VA
2003 Guestbook

May he rest in peace, and may he be named Venerable, Blessed, and finally
St Vincent Robert Capodanno... soon.


Cardinal O'Malley Lashes out at Angry Pro-Lifers, Soft-Pedals Criticism of Kennedy Abortion Support

Cardinal Lashes out at Angry Pro-Lifers, Soft-Pedals Criticism of Kennedy Abortion Support

BOSTON, September 3, 2009 ( - In an entry on his blog last night, Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley defended his participation in the grandiose funeral for Senator Ted Kennedy. "There are those who objected, in some cases vociferously, to the Church's providing a Catholic funeral for the Senator. In the strongest terms I disagree with that position," he wrote.

The problem with that of course is that the leaders of the largest and most significant Catholic pro-life groups in the United States never criticized having a funeral per se, just a public one which would be made into a mass-media extravaganza.


With the public funeral done and the worst fears of Catholic pro-life leaders realized, Cardinal O'Malley has now mounted a vigorous defense of his actions.
End quote.

Please read the entire article at the site above. It is very good!

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Do You Trust the Government with Control of Your Health Care?

Channel Icon
September 02, 2009

A video showing the support the pro-abortion industry has for nationalized health care.

This woman's story is very sad, but even more, it is evil. No one has any right to do what was done to her life!

What Does The Prayer Really Say? Sean Card. O'Malley responds to critics of his decisions about the Kennedy funeral

What Does The Prayer Really Say? Sean Card. OMalley responds to critics of his decisions about the Kennedy funeral

Fr Z has his comments in red, as usual. He also refers comments to the good Cardinal's blog. Be respectful if you choose to respond there.

His Blog can be found here.

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The Deacon's Bench: The Bush Brothers: Jeb says W won't convert

The Deacon's Bench: The Bush Brothers: Jeb says W won't convert

Story is also carried here, where I first saw it, but the link there did not to to the actual post on The Deacon's Bench.

(We can all continue to pray... St Monica did for many years, and look at the result! St Augustine, a Church Doctor, two other children in the religious life, her husband, her mother-in-law and mil's household all came into the Church! )

HT to Rene.

God bless!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Fr Z on TIME Magazine's liberal spin of the resignation of Bp. Martino (D. Scranton)

What Does The Prayer Really Say? TIME Magazine's liberal spin of the resignation of Bp. Martino (D. Scranton)

Fr Z's red comments alone are worth reading his blog on this issue!!! Right on!

God bless!

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Pilarczyk bans nun from teaching | | The Cincinnati Enquirer

Pilarczyk bans nun from teaching | | The Cincinnati Enquirer

There is a poll here about the Church allowing ordination of women. This is an area of dissension that has no possibility of changing.

Fr Z has written on this, here:

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U.S. Catholic Bishops Assail Parts of Health Care Plan

Sorry, Patrick! I am going to cut and paste your posting, as it is too important for anyone to come to MY blog and not go to yours to read it...

U.S. Catholic Bishops Assail Parts of Health Care Plan

From Patrick Madrid:

As more and more U.S. bishops speak out and make clear the real and permanent connection between the Catholic Church's pro-life teachings and the current health-care debate, the media spin and obfuscation from the new left-wing regime in D.C. is working to counteract their message.

That's why it's so important that you read what the bishops are saying about the linkage between the government's current health-care debacle and the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church.

For example, check out this statement issued recently by the bishops of Kansas City, as well as this insightful commentary written by the redoubtable Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver.

And here's an interesting video to boot:

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Patrick Madrid to be in Madison WI this Friday!

I hope to see you in Madison this Friday

From the diocesan website:

The evening begins at 6:00 pm with one hour of Adoration and singing by the KDM Schola Choir, followed by Patrick’s talk from 7-9:30. His talk will include an intermission, Q & A, and an opportunity to purchase his books.

Register online by going to, then clicking the Patrick Madrid link.

Tickets are $10 each. But when pre-registering online, you save $2 on tickets you pick up at the door.

This event is sponsored by the Knights of Divine Mercy in association with the Madison Diocese Office of Evangelization.

Call 608-821-3160 for further information.

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Urgent Prayers Needed

My cousin's husband, Ed, father of four, dentist, and a really nice guy, is currently, at this moment,  in heart surgery, and is in need of prayer for a good recovery!

They are a strong Catholic family.

Thank you!

God bless!

Monday, August 31, 2009


I just loved what Archbishop Dolan said!

Gardasil Researcher Cautions Parents of High Risks and Low Effectiveness

Gardasil Researcher Cautions Parents of

High Risks and Low Effectiveness

There are two other sites to read in more detail:

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Gardasil Researcher Speaks Out

"Public Should Receive More Complete Warnings"

When they came out with this, there was NO WAY that I was going to recommend it to any of my relatives, as I just did not believe the hype!

Then the first death, and another, and now... 32 deaths so far!!! What ELSE will come down the pike in the future as a result of this medication???

Strongly encourage you to read this, and pass it on. I do not encourage anyone to give this to their daughter/s until they also are aware of this information.

God bless!

HT to Leticia Velasquez for bringing this to my attention, and to Colleen Hammond for the information!!

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Watson on Cuba

Thank you, Bethany, for pointing me to this:
Democrat Diane Watson Openly Praises Cuba's Communist Revolution and Fidel Castro's "Health Care System" - Audio 8/27/09

What is it going to take to wake America up?????

Lord, have mercy!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

George W. Bush Discusses Terri Schiavo Video Date: 3/31/2005

May both Terri Schiavo and her father, Robert Schiavo, rest in peace.

"The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak. In cases where there are serious doubts and questions, the presumption should be in the favor of LIFE."
~~President George W Bush

God bless!

Barack Obama on Terri Schiavo

Keep this in mind as you read the health care bill...

Pray for Robert Schindler, the repose of his soul, and for his family left here with his death.

Remember Terri Schindler Schiavo, who died by court order, a death of dehydration/starvation.

God bless!