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Terri Schindler Schiavo --Remembering....

Going through some of my archived posts on Terri Schindler Schindler today.


26 Apr 2005 by WICatholic

I have had several tell me that I am against removing G-tubes, when discussing Terri Schiavo. That is NOT the problem. Tubes are removed all the time, after the person no longer needs them. I am against DEHYDRATING and STARVING a HUMAN ...

And for those who try to tell us that it is the 'religious right' interfering... Here is a pro-life atheists' opinions.....

Terri Schiavo: Judicial Murder by Nat Hentoff

27 Apr 2005 by WICatholic

Among many other violations of her due process rights, Terri Schiavo has never ... Greer has declared Terri Schiavo to be in a persistent vegetative state, ... Michael Schiavo, who says he loves and continues to be devoted to Terri, ...

Polls distort Terri's life and death

27 Apr 2005 by WICatholic

He has written on Terri Schiavo and so many other subjects, it is hard to not find words by him somewhere online. His latest is on the POLLS that so many people based their decisions on, and yet were so far off in what was truly going ...

Another Hentoff article March 28, 2005

27 Apr 2005 by WICatholic

Florida Circuit Court Judge George Greer has again ordered the removal of 41-year-old Terri Schiavo's feeding tube. As of this writing, attempts by the Republican Congressional leadership and some Democrats are being made to save her, ...

More Nat Hentoff on Terri Schiavo

11 Jul 2005 by WICatholic

Jewish World Review July 11, 2005/ 4 Tamuz, 5765 Nat Hentoff The continuing case of Terri Schiavo The end of the June 15 autopsy report on Terri Schiavo states that it is the policy of the medical examiner's officer "that no case is ...

Americans lost in the shadows Hentoff again!

4 May 2005 by WICatholic

Nat Hentoff has had excellent articles about Terri Schiavo, and what the real issue is all about. ... Terri Schiavo was not dying nor brain dead, she was brain damaged, and therefore, cognitively/physically disabled, and she had rights ...

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Many links to Abdul Rahman news....

There are many sites having links to follow about Abdul Rahman.

I just read this from Mark Tapscott which I found on a huge list of links here. ( Eve of EveTushnet had that site linked )

It should not need to be said, but in case you had not thought of it, he needs prayer, as do all involved.

God bless!

Saving Abdul Rahman

For more thoughts on Abdul Rahman's situation in Afghanistan, see here.

Get Ready for Modern-Day Martyrdom/ Fr Jonathan Morris/Abdul Rahman

This is something that I have been discussing for years with relatives and friends who love the Rapture. I can understand the reasoning used for the belief, but I have never believed it for several reasons. Primarily because it is essentially an "American thinking process" that does not like suffering of any kind.

(Now I know that no one does, but we here in the USA have a real abhorence of it... we don't like to repair anything, including relationships, and think that we are supposed to be 'happy and fulfilled' all the time, with plenty of money, nice cars, huge homes.... abundantly).

We ditch an 'unhappy marriage' and move on to another (forgetting that we take ourselves with us...). We may help the poor, but often also find a way to 'be above them'.

And the disabled? Well, abort 'em, if we know ahead of time that they will be born 'that way' (Down's Syndrom is just one example. I know of male children of hemophilia carriers also having been aborted...). If the poor child was born first, we now have MANY proponents of 'letting them go', some even advocating infanticide up to the first year of life. God forbid that one has an accident of any sort where brain injury causes severe disability, because then.... you become expendable and can be starved/dehydrated to death.

Why? Because the great "I" would not want to live like 'that', and therefore, 'they' would not either.... because "we" are relieving 'their' suffering, which is more 'our' suffering in seeing them 'that way'....

So my comment to my friends is simple.

IF the Rapture happens, and He takes all born again believers off the face of the earth before tribulation begins... I will be among those Christians.

But IF the Rapture is not true, and it does NOT happen, what are YOU doing to prepare for what Jesus promised His followers? Persecution... martyrdom.

According to those who keep track of statistics for those martyred for their Faith, the 20th Century had more martyrs than all of the other 19 before combined. Who are we to think that those of us in the USA (Canada, too... ) will never have to suffer and possibly die for our Faith?

I don't include England, Ireland, or Europe in that statement because in history (recent and not so recent) there HAVE been those who died for the Faith in many of these countries. Evidence in Europe just sixty years ago with the deaths of 11 million people, including 6 million Jews) and the imprisonment and persecution of many others simply for being Jewish, or for being Christian and speaking out against this... atrocity.

So, to me, the teaching of the Rapture is just more of our denial...or worse, of our thinking that we are somehow going to be spared what people right now in many nations are going through simply because we ... happened to have been born (or moved) here.

Arrogant? Denial? Perhaps both?

I have been saying for many years that we need to be ready to stand firm in our Faith in good times and in bad.... and even possible martyrdom.

And now, we see a scenario in Afghanistan that upsets our way of thinking, played out in front of us, a scene that MANY have faced this past century...

Please see, and read the email Fr Jonathan Morris received from an Afghan Christian:

Get Ready for Modern-Day Martyrdom

by Father Jonathan Morris

Friday, March 24, 2006

Terri --Day 7

Words tonight just don't come, a sadness is all I feel thinking that it has been almost a year since Terri died without a single sip of water for thirteen days....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Terri -- Day 6

Terri's brother, Bobby Schindler spoke at the Arizona Right to Life last year. The full text of his talk can be found in segments here and here, part of the second half is something that I feel needs to be stressed, and stressed OFTEN! Bobby Schindler said:

The media decided what to report, what not to report, what to verify and what not to verify. I’m sure that during this five-year ordeal to save my sister not many of you knew that there were over a dozen local and national disability organizations that were supporting my sister’s right to life. That is because it was rarely, if ever reported. On the other hand, I’ve lost count how many times the press reported the statements of Michael’s attorney, George Felos, when he would complain that my family was backed by anti-abortionist, religious and right wing extremist – labeling my family as radicals.

The press refused to acknowledge the voice of the disability community because they did not want the public to recognize Terri as a woman with disabilities. However, advocates of the disabled knew the reality of what was happening to my sister, which was the purposeful killing of an innocent disabled woman whose only crime was unable to bring a spoon to her mouth.

Beware of angry family members in custody fights....

The world is reacting in 'shock' to learn that a man in Afghanistan is to be put on trial for his life after having been Christian for 16 years, a convert from Islam. Recently in a yahoo group, someone made that statement that his life would be spared if he simply renounced this, and another innocent said... well it all depends on what he has to renounce.

What he has to renounce is his Christian Faith, his belief in Jesus Christ. Precisely that which caused the martyrs in the early Church, and has caused many more throughout the ages.

It apparently all started when he tried to regain custody of his children, raised by their grandparents.

The prosecutor, Abdul Wasi, said he had offered to drop the charges if Rahman converted back to Islam, but he refused.

"He would have been forgiven if he changed back. But he said he was a Christian and would always remain one," Wasi told AP. "We are Muslims and becoming a Christian is against our laws. He must get the death penalty."

After being an aid worker for four years in Pakistan, Rahman moved to Germany for nine years, his father, Abdul Manan, said outside his Kabul home.

Rahman returned to Afghanistan in 2002 and tried to gain custody of his two daughters, now aged 13 and 14, who had been living with their grandparents their whole lives, the father said. A custody battle ensued and the matter was taken to the police.

The later article ( from Mar 22 ) that I found gives this 'reassuring' statement....

Rahman's trial started last week, but a state prosecutor said Wednesday that he may be mentally unfit to stand trial. Moayuddin Baluch, a religious adviser to President Hamid Karzai, said Rahman would undergo a psychological examination and the case will be dropped if he's found mentally unfit.

Isn't that good news? Seems like Christians already get that same 'diagnosis' in a few other parts of the world, doesn't it? And it will CERTAINLY take him out of the running for gaining custody of his children.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Email from Archbishop Flynn on Spiritdaily

In looking for an article about an entirely different subject, I came across this one at spiritdaily about Fr Altier.


Mad at the JUDGE?

I just watched part of an interview with the mother of the now 16 yr old boy molested by Debra Lafave, who is 'furious' about the fact that the Judge refused to accept the plea agreement....

My thoughts?

This is what the Judge said when he rejected the plea agreement:

"Accepting the proposed plea agreement would likewise send the message that if enough publicity is generated, and the media's interest continues long enough, and because of that interest the victim does not wish to testify, a defendant can avoid an appropriate sentence," Stancil wrote in his decision.

"Quite frankly, if the allegations against the defendant are true, the agreed-upon sentence shocks the conscience of this court."

And I have to say, I am in total agreement with him! That 'agreement' made a mockery of all prior sentences for similar crimes. Why should she not serve time in prison?

The boy's family wanted to avoid a trial and Lafave wouldn't agree to a plea deal containing a sentence of imprisonment, according to the decision.

Since when does the defendant get to 'agree' to any sentence???

As for the mother of the victim being furious with the Judge about this being dropped? When you agree to a plea bargain that is NOT in line with sentences that are befitting the crime, you have to live with the consequences of your own actions, as well.

The defendant in a trial has the right to face the accuser. If that accuser is not willing to appear and testify, then there can be no trial. Before the prosecutor dropped the charges, that mother and her son could have changed their mind and opted to testify at a trial, just as many rape/molestation victims have done in the past. In trying to 'protect her son', she is just as responsible for this decision by the prosecutor to drop the case as anyone.

I agree with the Judge in his assessment of the 'agreement' that benefitted no one but Lafave.

There was no 'justice' in that plea agreement.

So who to be angry at?

Perhaps the smirking gorgeous person who was able to manipulate others into letting her do no jail time... and just maybe also a small amount directed at self for 'accepting' something that was so blatantly out of line with the crime inflicted on her son?

Are we just a little bit biased? Is there a double standard? I have often wondered when I hear comments made about other female sex offenders, but never has it been more apparent than when a Barbie-doll look-a-like sits on TV knowing she just got off scott free, announces her 'Christianity' and her engagement in the same segment that she 'apologizes' for her behavior.


When we label a male high school Senior dating a female High School Sophomore a sexual predator for the rest of his life.... and let the REAL predators go.... very sad.

Terri Saying Thanks???

This, coupled with the higlighted ending... forgive my editorial here........ makes me sick!

Just arrived about ten minutes ago from Cheryl Ford, RN:

RN Ford Comments: With all due respect to Terri as the anniversary of her death nears on March 31st, her estranged husband Michael Schiavo still resides in his delusional world of thinking his actions to dehydrate and starve Terri to her painful death, would produce thanks and praise to him from her.


 TERRI SCHIAVO Died a year ago. Photo: AFP/Getty Images TERRI SCHIAVO
Died a year ago.
Photo: AFP/Getty Images
March 21, 2006 -- Terri Schiavo's husband insists that, despite what her devastated family thinks, she is now "praising" him in heaven for pulling the plug on her one year ago.

"She's up there right now praising me . . . and saying thank you," Michael Schiavo asserts in his first TV sit-down since his tragic, once- comatose wife succumbed at a Florida hospital last March, sparking a national de bate on right-to-die is sues.

The husband - ap pearing on NBC's "Dateline" to hawk his new tell-all tome - ac knowledges that even his now-new wife, who he was dating at the height of the controversy, urged him to give in to Terri's desperate right-to-life family and keep her on hospital machines.

But Schiavo says he refused to do so because "I wasn't going to let anybody stand in my way.

"You know, my parents, they raised me to be a fighter. And I was doing something that Terri wanted," says Michael Schiavo, with his wife, Jodi, by his side.

"I guess when it all boiled down, I couldn't understand why these people were so passionate about my life . . . People are allowed to die every day. Feeding tubes are removed every day," Schiavo says in the interview set to air Sunday.

The emotionally charged battle between Schiavo and his devoutly Catholic in-laws raged in the courts for years, finally culminating in the husband being allowed to remove his stricken wife's feeding tube. She died weeks later.

Schiavo insisted that Terri had made it clear before she mysteriously collapsed into a coma in 1990 that she wanted to die if she ended up being artificially kept alive on machines.

But her family angrily disputed his claim, asserted that her coma might one day be reversed - and even suggested that Schiavo may have had a hand in Terri's collapse.

An autopsy later revealed no evidence of abuse before Terri fell into the coma and that she was in a persistent vegetative state when she died.

Asked why he stayed technically married to Terri even though he was openly living with Jodi before his wife died, Schiavo said, "Why [did] I have to divorce Terri?

"Terri wasn't like a football . . . an inanimate object you pass back and forth. She was my wife. You mean, because your wife gets sick, do you give her back?"

Adds Jodi Schiavo: "That is one of the qualities in him that I so admire. That up against everything, he stuck by her."




Light a candle for Terri at her Memorial - Memorial website in memory of Theresa Schindler (1963-2005)

Cheryl Ford, RN ( is not affiliated with any other group and works to protect the rights of the disabled community

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Terri -Day 4

I missed Day 3, because I had little time to try to formulate thoughts on this topic. It hardly seems like it has been a full year since we 'watched' this unfold.

So many people try to dismiss this as a religious issue, which it is. But it is far more than that. This issue reaches all of us. This issue portends serious consequences for all living people, not just those with disabilities. Why?

Because at any moment, any one of us can become disabled.

Today, I draw your attention to an article I put in my blog by Nat Hentoff, a self-professed atheist, who is adamantly pro-life. This one was published two days before Terri died, and speaks of Judicial Murder.

He has many other articles online on Terri and other Life issues. If you have not read him, you should.

God bless!

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A Bump in the Road?

"I am a strong Christian woman. I believe that God has a path for me, and this was just a small bump in the road."

Thus spoke Debra Lafave at her news conference this afternoon.

Claiming 'bi-polar' made her do this, blaming the media for making a big thing out of this, blaming everyone while saying that she is 'deeply remorseful'... looking for all the world like she was enjoying every minute of the attention she was getting.

Debra Lafave is just as much a pedophile as any of the men having sex with minors are. Debra Lafave deserved prison. Debra Lafave (and I am not a psychiatrist) looks to me to be as much of a sociopath as so many others before her have been.

This was a 'bump in the road'?

Is that what we call adultery today?

Is that what we call molesting a 14 yr old today?

Is that what we call sex with a student by one of the teachers in a position of authority today?

How about SIN? How about EVIL?

Debra Lafave should be sitting in prison, and 'treatment' for her will work no better than 'treatment' for men will work.

Monday, March 20, 2006

What about Virtue? What about ...gasp... Chastity?


Sitemeter is so much fun. Yesterday, I noted with interest that I had had a visitor who is very dear to me, who then 'out-clicked' to go to read one of the many other sites that I had very recently recommended.

I had put it here in just a short little blurb, without comment, for others to read, thinking that if I make any editorial comments, that they may come back to bite me.

When I noted that this person had gone there, I waited. I KNEW this person would have an 'answer' for me, and I KNEW what would basically be said. (He did, and he did ... grin).

So my answer, my response is... but what about Chastity?

Chastity is NOT just for single people. It is a virtue that is to be practiced by all, including married people. They practice it in relationship to their mate, staying forever faithful to that person until death parts them.

Virtues are important! More later on that subject, as it is time to go meet with the future Mother in Law of my son...

God bless!

Mother of the Groom Saga continues

Today, three things will be accomplished on the way to "W" Day, and two are already done.

My dress... gorgeous. My Irishness will show magnificently in all its glory in my very green (almost a hunter green) dress. It is very pretty. (Of course, when on this little pudgy hobbit, it retains its beauty in spite

So, to Alban's of Oshkosh, and especially to MEG... THANK YOU! (Photos someday, but sorry, not til wedding...)

More importantly, today was the day that I met with Deacon C to sign the papers under oath that I know my son, that he has never been married, that he was Baptized and Confirmed, and that I have never heard EITHER of them say anything that would indicate that they do not understand what it is that they are doing on May 19, that they are not being forced to marry, and that they are open to children.

I had no problem signing this form, but as I left, as I returned home, I suddenly remembered that there had never been this 'form' for me to sign when my second daughter was married in the Church, and I wonder who were HER two witnesses that she'd never been married before, etc?

Ah, well, I told Deacon C that of all my three kids, probably the one who understands what I mean by indissolubility the best is my son. He has lived with me since I took my stand long ago, and has lived with this knowledge since his infancy. The girls were just a little older....

Finally, the third Wedding thing to do today is to meet with my future DIL's Mom later. She had an idea, and I like it immensely. So we are going to do it. What a wonderful gift to have a future MIL for my son on the 'same wave-length'!! And THAT part of this lil writing also won't be revealed until after the wedding....

Two months from yesterday, my son will be married, and I will have a third daughter.

May they take care of each other all the days of their lives...and aid each other to His Home.

God is Good.

God bless!

Addendum next day:

We did not get to do the third today, as MOB was kept late at work, and I had to get to CPR class. I HOPE that we can still go.... have to get hold of her later.

Update June 27, 2006 The Wedding

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The Lonely Aspargus

Faithful readers,

I am responding to a request from Fyodor for recipes using aspargus, the world's greatest, most expensive veggie of which I am worth every cent... but that so many of the world's 'kiddies' (as Fyofor calls his faithful readers...) don't eat nor listen to their mothers about.

SOOOOooo, if any of you have a good recipe using aspargus as a side dish, as a main dish, as an appetizer, ANY way... please send them, so that Fyodor sees that his Mom and I are not alone in this world...

And God bless!


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Laughter is Contagious!

Touring my favorite blogs, came across this video, with is one of the funniest (cute funny) I have watched in a very long time. I am going to save it to watch when I need to giggle like a baby myself! I wish there was a second camera aimed at Dad, though, so we could see what it was that was the source of their amusement!

Let me know how you enjoyed it, too!

OH, and then I read a little further, and she also had a link to Happy Catholic for the joke of the if you are in the mood for more laughter, check it out!

Thanks, CatholicFire!

The Heart of a Father

An excellent article on St Joseph is here.
(Addendum Mar 19, 2009. Should this link not work, I have saved the article now, after much searching for it. Written by
Leon J. Suprenant, Jr)

Just part of it:

His heart is always in the right place, and God was able to accomplish great things through this eminently just and faithful man.

St. Joseph's fatherly heart jumps off the page throughout the rich, biblical accounts of Christ's childhood. Let's take a brief look at just one such familiar episode: the Finding of Jesus in the Temple (Lk 2:41-52).

"Now His parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the Passover. And when He was twelve years old, they went up according to custom" (verses 41-42).

These verses may seem unremarkable at first blush, though as St. Joseph is carting the Holy Family from place to place in the first century we can be certain these journeys were much more onerous than a leisurely afternoon drive in the air-conditioned minivan. But even in his fidelity to the Jewish practices of his time, St. Joseph gives us a most timely lesson on the value of men being observant Catholics. Too often we find at Sunday Mass mom and the kids, but where's dad? St. Joseph challenges us men to allow our love for the Lord and zeal for our faith to set the tone for the entire family.

Real men go to church.

And more......

It's also significant that Mary refers to Joseph as Jesus' father, which surely reflected the common understanding of the people. As an adoptive father myself, I appreciate the affirmation of a father that transcends biological lineage. As Pope John Paul II commented in his 1989 apostolic exhortation Guardian of the Redeemer:In this family, Joseph is the father: his fatherhood is not one that derives from begetting offspring; but neither is it an "apparent" or merely "substitute" fatherhood. Rather, it is one that fully shares in authentic human fatherhood and the mission of the father in the family.Joseph accepts this fatherhood through the obedience of faith, even though he also knows that this child was conceived "of the Holy Spirit" (Mt 1:20). He exercises this fatherhood in complete docility to God's will and with superabundant love for mother and Child. As the wondrous events unfold around him, it's clear that St. Joseph does not have a complete understanding of what is going to happen next. Yet he always remains faithful in the present moment, and the Lord never fails to reveal to him what he needs to know at any given point in time.

As I've tried to translate this into my own life experience, I've understood this to mean that I must at all times remain attentive to God and available for my family. When things go wrong, it's typically because either I'm not paying attention, or I am serving myself and not my beloved family. Mighty Love and Daily Solicitude

"And He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them; and His mother kept all these things in her heart" (verse 51).

Women with careers often need to be affirmed regarding the beautiful vocation of motherhood, which too often — in subtle and not-so-subtle ways — is devalued in our society. Yet men need to hear a similar message regarding fatherhood, spoken through the humbly eloquent life of St. Joseph.

We might do great things in the world's eyes, but our primary vocation as married men is to be husband and father in the domestic Church.

St Joseph, Husband of Mary

I had the privilege of hearing this talk by Mark Drogin (Remnant of Israel) in New York last March. I have always loved the image of St Joseph as the Head of the Holy Family, but had not realized the significance of the Betrothal Ceremony. I, as so many, had thought that Mary was 'unwed' when the Incarnation took place.

I also had realized long ago that men today need a positive role model, but now also realize that women and children do, too.

There are two statues by Conrad Schmidt that I want to see someday, which I just love. One is a young family holding their child above them on their shoulders, together (a symbol to me of the need each child has for two parents, married, together, supporting their child). The second one is with a teen- aged Jesus. This one shows that teens also need the support of both parents, together, united, to lift and support them in all ways. (The parents at this stage ALSO need each other, to lift and support....)

Both are in Wisconsin, so I may see them someday.

Mark Drogin speaks of Three Covenantal Marriages, Adam and Eve, Joseph and Mary, and Christ and His Church in this talk. I urge you to read it in its entirety.

From Mark, these words on St Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, Husband of Mary, Earthly Father (Adoptive, Foster) Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth:

This is what needs to be proclaimed today because the family is under attack.

Joseph is not absent

We need Joseph. Our world needs to hear this truth: Joseph and Mary were joined in true marriage before the Incarnation. What God has joined together, let no man break asunder. Today we celebrate “Joseph, the Husband of Mary.” God entered into this human marriage and blessed it with children. Joseph and Mary became the human parents of Jesus, and now they are the adopted human parents of all who are baptized in Christ.

I heard a homily last month on the Feast of the Presentation by a good Catholic priest teaching sound doctrine. He preached for about 15 minutes and said that Mary presented Jesus in the Temple. It was a good homily, except he never mentioned Joseph.

But images are very powerful. We need the right images. The homily painted the image of a single mother – perhaps an unwed mother. The image of a mother and child has always been a sacred image for Christians. And it is truly a beautiful image. Now it is time to make Joseph known. Without Joseph, the Holy Family would be a single-parent family. Without Joseph, the Blessed Virgin would be an unwed mother.

Salvation is through the Incarnation; and the Incarnation is through the family. It was in the Plan of Divine Providence that this pure Jewish woman would be married to a human husband before she conceived the Messiah.

Joseph was not – and is not – absent. Joseph was present for most (over 90% according to tradition) of Jesus’ life on earth. The Blessed Virgin cared for her Son and is His mother; and Joseph is His human father – in every way except biologically. Joseph taught Jesus, prayed with Jesus, played with Jesus, went on trips with Jesus, chanted the Psalms with Jesus. Joseph gave the gift of self to Mary and Jesus. Mary gave the gift of self to Joseph and Jesus. This is marriage and family life.

How can we convert the culture to be pro-marriage with an image of an unwed mother?

How can we convert the culture to be pro-family with an image of a single parent family?
( And I don’t think Joseph was an old man when Jesus was born. I think we need an image of a young strong husband and father. )

On Feingold

I have been too embarrassed to write anything on our illustrious Senator who nearly stands alone on his censure battle. Don't get me wrong, it is not embarrassment FOR HIM... but due to him.

But you can read a Wisconsin man's article here, written by JAMES WIGDERSON of Wigderson Library & Pub .

Remembering Terri -- Day Two

A year ago yesterday, Terri's tube was removed. At this time, she's had no food or water for nearly 24 hours (unless it had been awhile since her last feeding before the tube came out...then it may have been longer).

An appropriate way to remember the struggle for her life would be to suggest reading two articles by Fr Rob of Thrown Back. Killing Terri Schiavo and Saving Terri's Life.

May God have mercy on all of those who participated in any way, the court-ordered murder of an innocent disabled woman.

V. O my Jesus, forgive us our sins.
R. Save us from the fires of hell.
Lead all souls to heaven,
especially those in most need of Thy mercy.

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Because of You by Kelly Clarkson Revisited

Oh, I love sitemeter.

I had a visitor who came from a website (there are two pages) that talked about Kelly Clarkson's video, and the effect that Dianne Sollee's email that I posted here had back in November on WriteWingNut's family.

So, anyone who is part of the Kelly Clarkson Express forums know if she was ever told about the effect the Because of You Video is having on people?

It is still showing at the same site that Diane Sollee sent us to in her email.

Perhaps it is time to watch that video of hers again. Better yet, I may have to buy it.