Saturday, April 09, 2005


My newest grandson, Kyle David was born this AM. My daughter had RAPID labor and delivery of her first son, Timmers now 3 1/2. This was as anticipated, even faster.

She woke in labor at about 6:15, and Kyle was born at 8:28 AM. No time for any pain meds, etc, very rapid, very hard labor. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, and he had meconium in his mouth. In the process of loosening the umbilical cord, it snapped, near his umbilicus, but enough left to be able to clamp it. They whisked him away fast, and she does not know the weight, etc yet. He is stable, doing ok, and they are weaning him off of the oxygen now. When he is off, they want her to go to the Nursery to feed him, as they want him to be there awhile yet. Later this afternoon, they will be able to bring him to her.

MOM is doing fine. She said this labor was worse than the first (typical, in rapid births) and they have told her that Kyle is also doing ok. Dad also sounded like HE is doing fine.

Please pray for continued good news regarding Kyle. As a nurse who worked with this for many years, the mec. worries me, the snapped umbilical cord, etc... however, she said that there was not a lot of blood loss for either of them. Thank God.

Grandma to three boys and one girl now.

President Bush Reflects on Pope John Paul II's Funeral

The following is an interview of President Bush by the Travel Pool aboard
Air Force One en route Waco, Texas, Friday, April 08, 2005.

The President: Listen, were you there in person?

The Press: Yes.

The President: One, I'm really glad I came. There was never any question
I would come. Last night we hosted a reception at the embassy for many of
the leaders of the Catholic Church at home, and they were very grateful that
I came, and Laura came, and Dad came, and President Clinton came, and
Condi came, as well as others. And I told them, to a person, that it's such an
honor to represent our country at a ceremony honoring a truly great man
who is and will always be a great historical figure.

I knew the ceremony today would be majestic, but I didn't realize how moved
I would be by the service, itself; by the beautiful music. I was struck —
as an aside — struck by the fact that the sound was so clear in this huge facility.
It was as if we were inside the cathedral listening; and the voices were so pure.
I thought the homily was really good. We were given an English version,
fortunately — if you haven't read it, maybe you've seen it? Yes. Beautiful.
Beautiful. Beautifully done.

I was struck by the response of the crowd. And I think it's interesting to
note the moments where the crowd responded. One in particular is when
His Eminence spoke to His Holiness's relationship to the young of the world,
and there was a great outpouring of enthusiasm for that line. And then I think
the thing that struck all our delegation most intensely was the final scene of
the plain-looking casket — one of three, by the way; lead, wood, and wood —
being carried and held up for the seal to be seen, and then the sun pouring out.
This will be one of the highlights of my presidency, to have been at this great

So off we go to home, now.

Q: Your predecessor suggested that the Pope would leave a mixed legacy,
even though he was a great man. Since you differed with him on the war to
such a great degree, do you also think it will be a mixed legacy?

The President: I think Pope John Paul II will have a clear legacy of peace,
compassion, and a strong legacy of setting a clear moral tone. . . . A clear and
excellent legacy, if you don't mind adding the word "excellent."

Q: Clear and excellent.

The President: Yes. In other words, a strong legacy. I wanted to make sure
there was a proper adjective to the legacy I thought he left behind. It was more
than just "clear."

This article courtesy of the White House Office of the Press Secretary.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

On the Passion of Teresa Marie Schiavo

CatholicExchange Editor's Note:
This Good Friday homily was
given by Rev. Francis de Rosa of the
Diocese of Arlington, Virginia.
We present it here as a tribute to Terri on this
day when her funeral Mass is to be celebrated.
And we present it as a gift to our Holy Father,
who was deeply moved by her plight. May we
be moved to heed his call to fight the culture of
death by building a civilization of love.

On the Passion of Teresa Marie Schiavo
by Rev. Francis de Rosa


The Mystery of Evil in God’s Plan
A Conspiracy Against Life
We Must Not Take This Lightly

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