Friday, February 15, 2008

Rosalind Moss to found New Religious Community!

On Feb 12, I had an email from a friend in Sacramento California that told me of a conversation he had had that day with Rosalind Moss, and I spoke of it here in a very broad hint of things coming on Feb 13, while also writing to her brother David Moss, whom I have known for quite awhile.

David and his wife had already relocated from New York to Michigan to continue their work with Association of Hebew Catholics with the approval of their Michigan Bishop for that work , and then again later from Archbishop Burke prior to their relocation in St Louis a year or two ago.

So when I posted here, I also sent an email to David saying that I had heard that God was moving in Rosalind's life as well.

On Feb 15, 2008, David answered my personal email, and also sent one to his group announcing his sister's new life plans, giving us THIS link to follow!

My California friend also said that Rosalind had an idea for the habit of the new Order she is founding with the invitation from Archbishop Burke that she had just received the Saturday before speaking to him, which is sort of on the style of the image I had hinted at in my previous post. She also showed him a picture of what she is thinking of as the new Habit, leaning toward black and white, but also liking blue. If the photo I found is a close rendition of what she is thinking about, it will be a nice Habit! (My friend said that this is like the picture Rosalind showed him... )

I have met Rosalind Moss on a couple of occasions also, and though she would not remember me, I was struck with how very nice she really is. I think her newest plans are just terrific, and not only wish her the best, but also will pray and ask YOU to pray for them.

I also think it is very telling that both brother and sister have been led to St Louis, and have full approval of Archbishop Burke.

God bless!

ADDENDUM June 2008:

To contact Rosalind Moss:
Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope

4950 Heege Road
St. Louis MO 63123

Or e-mail Moss at

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Justifications... and Biting off Noses to Spite Faces....

I have been listening to Sean Hannity bemoan those who criticize him for not supporting McCain, and all I can say is... what?

McCain is not conservative enough.
Coulter will vote for Clinton if he gets the nomination. Limbaugh won't vote...and Hannity....

I have not listened to Limbaugh, because I am on the night shift, and when he is on, I am sleeping.
I heard Coulter say that, and thought... "Oh, right... Bite off your nose to spite your face!!!"

But every single time I hear Hannity bemoan the fact that he has to 'give up what he believes' in order to make those who criticize him happy, I want to scream at him... HEY! YOU WERE PUSHING RUDY ON US LAST YEAR BEFORE ANYONE ANNOUNCED!!

RUDY, who is NOT pro-life (oh, right, personally opposed... ) etc etc etc...
Rudy, whose own choices for judge leaves MUCH to be desired.... but who PROMISED that he would nominate the 'right kind' of Judge for the US Supreme Court (yeah? like he promised wife number one...and wife number two.. who he cheated on while in office and then ... promised again to wife number three who just happens to be the one he was cheating with.....?)   Just what happened to your conservative (and Catholic) 'values' THEN, Sean??

So, ok. McCain worked with Feingold on a really bad piece of legislation, and with Kennedy on another. He did knock out the fight to prohibit filibustering on Supreme Court nominations.... but he DID help to get Roberts and Alito There are things that I don't like about him also.

But GET REAL, Sean. Stop pretending that you are so offended and remember who YOU were pushing a year ago! And tell me that Rudy is a true conservative with OUR VALUES....

If John McCain is the nominee of the Republican Party, I will be voting for him in the Presidential Election. I still have the 'choice' for our Primary, but I have misgivings about Huckabee as well... Those I DID want have long ago left the race. But I guarantee you that I will NOT be voting for Hilary Clinton or Barrack Obama. He speaks WELL, but he really says nothing that is not 'sound byte' material, and slogan ridden speeches just don't cut it. We KNOW who they will nominate for the US Supreme Court, and they are NOT pro-life in any sense of the word. And her health care scares me to death!

I also refer you to another blogger for more... Denny Hartford has said some of the same things that I have been thinking.

God bless!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lenten Meditation

One day a while back, a man, his heart heavy with grief, was walking in the woods.  As he thought about his life this day, he knew many things were not right.  He thought about those who had lied about him back when he had a job.

His thoughts turned to those who had stolen his things and cheated him.  He remembered family that had passed on.  His mind turned to the illness he had, that no one could cure.  His very soul was filled with anger, resentment, and frustration.

Standing there this day, searching for answers he could not find, knowing all else had failed him, he knelt at the base of an old oak tree to seek the one he knew would always be there.  And with tears in his eyes, he prayed:

"Lord- You have done wonderful things for me in this life.  You have told me to do many things for you, and I happily obeyed. Today, you have told me to forgive. I am sad, Lord, because I cannot, I don't know how.  It is not fair Lord, I didn't deserve these wrongs that were done against me and I shouldn't have to forgive.  As perfect as your way is Lord, this one thing I cannot do, for I don't know how to forgive.  My anger is so deep Lord, I fear I may not hear you, but I pray you teach me to do the one thing I cannot do:  Teach me to forgive ."

As he knelt there in the quiet shade of that old oak tree, he felt something fall onto his shoulder.  He opened his eyes.  Out of the corner of one eye, he saw something red on his shirt.  He could not turn to see what it was because where the oak tree had been was a large square piece of wood in the ground.  He raised his head and saw two feet held to the wood with a large spike through them.

He raised his head more, and tears came to his eyes as he saw Jesus hanging on a cross. He saw spikes in His hands, a gash in His side, a torn and battered body, deep thorns sunk into His head.  Finally he saw the suffering and pain on His precious face. As their eyes met, the man's tears turned to sobbing, and Jesus began to speak.

"Have you ever told a lie?"  He asked?

"The man answered - "Yes, Lord."

"Have you ever been given too much change and kept it?"

The man answered - "Yes. Lord."  And the man sobbed more and more.

"Have you ever taken something from work that wasn't yours?" Jesus asked?

And the man answered, "Yes, Lord."

"Have you ever sworn, using my Father's name in vain?"

The man, crying now, answered - "Yes, Lord."

As Jesus asked many more times, "Have you ever"?  The man's crying became uncontrollable, for he could only answer - "Yes, Lord".

Then Jesus turned His head from one side to the other, and the man felt something fall on his other shoulder. He looked and saw that it was the blood of Jesus. When he looked back up, his eyes met those of Jesus, and there was a look of love the man had never seen or known before.

Jesus said, "I didn't deserve this either, but I forgive you."

It may be hard to see how you're going to get through something, but when you look back in life, you realize how true this statement is.

When Jesus died on the cross, he was thinking of .... Me!
When Jesus died on the cross, he was thinking of .... You, too!

Best wishes to Rosalind Moss

A friend of mine from Sacramento, California has given me a head's up on Rosalind Moss, and it is a good bit of news for St Louis.

I will be praying for her and her plans. She assured him last night that it is official, and that he had permission to tell anyone, since she has gotten a letter from Archbishop Burke this past Saturday. But since she had only up til that time told six people, I don't feel that I can officially 'break' the news here.

Suffice it to say that a new "Order" is in the offing, and new 'habits' will be part of it....

God bless you abundantly, Rosalind Moss! You will be held up in prayer!

God bless!

ADDENDUM June 2008
To contact Rosalind Moss:
Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope

4950 Heege Road
St. Louis MO 63123

Or e-mail Moss at

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"The Miracle of the Rosary" 1971 by Elvis

Fr Nicholas Schofield from England has this url in one of the comments on his blog ...
I have been listening to it as it plays over and over and over... I have for some reason been 'near tears' since last night (don't ask me why... I don't know... just one of those times, I guess... ) but this hasn't helped... it is really beautiful, especially when one knows that Elvis was NOT Catholic! 
On that website is also a version of how this came to be recorded. The song is by Lee Denson

From Fr's blog:

Elvis recorded a song called 'The Miracle of the Rosary' in 1971 (issued on the 1972 album, Elvis Now), with the lyrics:

'O Blessed Mother we pray to thee
Thanks for the miracle of your Rosary
Only you can hold back/Your holy son's hand
Long enough for the whole world to understand

Hail, Mary full of grace/The Lord is with thee
Blessed are thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus
O Holy Mary dear mother of God
Please pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of our death

And give thanks once again
For the miracle of your rosary'.

God bless!