Wednesday, May 18, 2005

UK doctors appeal ruling on presumption of right to live

Some very scary things continue to go on in the world regarding Life, but sometimes the UK really seems to be catching up to Holland.
Leslie Burke, a man from England, has an article from that begins:

February 05, 2005

'NHS could save cash' by letting patients die
By Sophie Kirkham

THE most seriously ill NHS patients should be allowed to die so that the money spent on them can be better used elsewhere, the Health Department is expected to tell the Court of Appeal in a test case.

Leslie had lived through his own country's 'allowing' someone to die without food and water in 1992 just as WE had here, through Nancy Cruzan's Dec, 90 death by dehydration/starvation, just ten monts after Terri had collapsed in Feb, 90.

This thinking is becoming more pervasive.... costs too much to let them live... they are better off dead than living this way...

Every disabled person is in danger, every person living in a nursing home/rehab center. All of our developmentally disabled who need help .... and any one of us could someday be... one of those disabled...and cost someone too much money....

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bigotry on college campus?

As a student awhile back, I had a couple of teachers with agendas, who graded students on criteria that bordered on intimidation when their opinion backed by references differed with that of the instructor. It was NOT a nice feeling to get a 'C' on a paper simply because the paper was not parroting the instructor's opinion on a topic such as current events (a current war, abortion, etc).

Nor to be mocked by both the instructor and fellow classmates for holding a differing opinion.

It was in those classes that I began to see that MANY schools had instructors of a much more liberal persuasion that pushed their views, rather than taught a class. In our own Faith, a prime example would be theologians that teach things not in line with the Church teachings (as Fr Charles Curran and other theologians did and do). A recent case in Denver has made headlines when a professor (Ward Churchill) at the University of Colorado wrote an essay that said that victims of the 9/11 disaster were like the Nazi, Adolph Eichman. In the passing months, much has been written and spoken about his other beliefs, and about his falsification of his own ethnic background, plagiarism, and possibly even his credentials.

But he is not the only professor whose very liberal views are pushed on our young students. I have written about propaganda before, and it happens on our college campuses a lot in my lifetime (even 'Catholic' colleges that are Catholic in name only)....

I am extremely concerned about what I have been reading about Columbia University recently, also. Other schools seem to have similar problems about Middle East studies and other topics, which is part of the reason that Students for Academic Freedom (SAF), and Parents and Students for Academic Freedom (K-12) (PSAF) exist . SAF was founded by David Horowitz "to fight for academic diversity on America's college campuses."

Long ago, I began to study WWII, especially the European aspect, and the beginnings of the founding of modern Israel as a country. In the course of my reading on the subject, I learned that many children in the Middle East are not taught that Israel even exists as a nation, which was bad enough. But what is happening here in the USA, at many colleges, but especially at Columbia University is enough to make me very glad that I could not afford to send my children to college. When they go, and have to pay for it themselves, as I did, they will not stand for having to pay for this kind of 'education', any more than I would.

But there ARE courageous people like Brigitte Gabriel who speak truth, regardless of what is taught at Columbia University! Thank God for her bravery. And she calls what is happening EXACTLY what it is....Indoctrination! She even uses the term Hate-motivated indoctrination.

Brigitte Gabriel grew up in Lebanon and is an Arab raised under the same kind of indoctrination that Professor Massad of Columbia University is teaching, and she disputes it vehemently in her talk from March, 2005 given there. She also spoke at the Duke University Counter Terrorism Speak-Out, held Thursday, October 14, 2004.

Nat Hentoff ( other articles on the subject are here and here ), and others, have also written about Columbia University.

It is time that this kind of 'education' STOPS. This same kind of thing is happening in grade school and high schools all the time, with class trips to DC for first graders to protest things that the teacher stands for (previously written about somewhere deep in my blog...will link to it when I find it) to a CA seventh grade course on Islam (note, no one can offer any course on Judaism or Catholicism/Christianity, now can they? ESPECIALLY making them pray real prayers, dress in costume, choose Jewish or Catholic saint's names, etc)

This is not education. It is proselytizing, indoctrinating, and intimidating. And how MANY students are affected by this kind of 'education' ? ONE teacher can infect a multitude of students, as we have witnessed in the many years that Fr Curran was allowed to teach at our Catholic University, and those students go on to teach/influence/infect others....

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Sometimes I have things that I am bothered with, and set them aside for awhile, only to be reminded about them at a later date, by circumstances or something else that I read. Such is the case today, as I catch up on my emails.

Awhile ago, members of the Congress of the US issued subpoenas to many baseball players and tole them that if they did not show up, they would be held in contempt of Congress. They showed up.

ABOUT the same time, Congress also subpoenaed Terri Schiavo, Michael Schiavo, two of her attending physicians, and the Hospice Administrator, and further ordered that


"No things including those things reflecting data, information, or records called for by this request shall be destroyed, modified, transferred, disconnected, discontinued, or otherwise made inaccessible to the Committee," the subpoenas read, according to Fox, which means the feeding tube must stay in place for another week.

Ignoring the subpoenas would amount to being in contempt of Congress and would incur penalties of fines and or imprisonment.

end quote.

Almost immediately after receiving the subpoenas, Judge Greer ordered Terri's G-tube to be removed. Nothing happened to any of those who defied the Congressional subpoenas! Why? And why, in the future should ANYONE answer ANY Congressional subpoena for ANY reason in the future?

THEN, there's the case of the 13 year old girl in Florida who wanted an abortion, and DCFS said no... so a judge said yes. And many see no problem with this. I DO. That child is 13 years old... WHO made her pregnant???? She cannot 'consent' legally ... who made her pregnant??
Where is that person, and why is HE not being charged with having sex with an underage CHILD? And now. of course, because that wonderful Judge has intervened and given permission for the baby to be killed... we will never know. Why was the fact that she is only 13 and pregnant --UNDERAGE-- not questioned by anyone down there in Florida???

Mike Thomas complains about Bush 'stomping on rights of pregnant girl'... but what about her right to NOT have been made pregnant in the first place, at age 13??? Florida has been having a lot of problems with children being victimized by child molesters and dying as a result, and he does not even give THIS a thought? Unbelievable, IMHO. So, not only does a baby die, a child made pregnant gets to probably someday suffer from post abortion syndrome and other side effects of abortion, but SOME guy gets away with having sex with a minor, again!

And there is another excellent article on Terri Schiavo by a neurologist, James M. Gebel Jr., M.D., M.S., F.A.H.A, that many will choose to ignore, but I can't. I have to draw attention to it, because it is so right-on. It is a Catholic Doctor speaking, but many hold the same opinion including atheists. This isn't a religion based issue, but a disability issue. Disabled people have a right to live, no matter what condition they are in.

And then, within a period of months, we have THREE cases similar to Terri's that 'suddenly' became responsive. The latest is Tracy Gaskill , injured about two and a half years ago, and just before her was DonaldHerbert , a firefight who had been severely injured ten years ago. AND of course, there was Sarah Scantlin just a month before they began to kill Terri.

Just a few things I have been wrestling with for the past month and a half since Terri died at the hands of Judge Greer and George Felos and Michael Schiavo.

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