Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another reminder of Colonel Rich Higgins

Sometimes, the searches that bring people to my blog are fascinating to follow. I learn a lot in the process, and often find things that I may never have looked into in the process. I have found one article tonight that is in this latest category. In all of my reading about Colonel Rich Higgins, I had never seen this one on World Net Daily.

This is the point of my reminder to McCain the other day, and I had previously blogged about him in July. Prior to that, I had found a now gone (and even then, the links did not work... ) webpage that I posted here just to try to keep his memory alive, a full year before that.

It angers me that some think more of the detainee 'alleged' terrorists than they do for our own even today....

In the article, reference is made to a letter that Robin Higgins, Colonel Rich Higgins widow, had written in USA Today the Friday before the column was written. I am unable to find that letter, but would really like to read it if anyone else happens to have access to it.

"Retired Lt. Col. Robin Higgins, wife of the late U.S. Marine Col. William R. "Rich" Higgins, wrote a must-read letter in Friday's USA Today."

God bless!

Friday, September 29, 2006

View Great ABC News clip of Walid in action in Portland

More on Walid Shoebat's plans. There is also a video of Walid on CNN at the  site, also, as well as a link to both his website and that of the former Nazi who will be speaking with them at Columbia, Hilmar von Campe. This is in addition to the one listed below on ABC channel 2 in Portland.

God bless!

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Date: Sep 28, 2006 11:12 PM
Subject: View Great ABC News clip of Walid in action in Portland


Below is link of great news item on ABC channel 2 in Portland.

Former terrorist visits Oregon for tour on fighting terrorism

Walid in the last few weeks has appeared on regional TV networks in St. Louis, Nashville,Portland,Albany, Las Vegas, as well a national appearance on CTV (Canadian TV) We have reached several million people just through these outlets.

On October 11th we plan to REACH THE WHOLE COUNTRY. Columbia University better be ready for us, our activists are already working on the campus, priming the students for "Two Ex Terrorists and Former Nazi" Our people are prepared and we now have a web site just for the event.

Please pray that our message of truth will be heard by the whole country and the world on October 11th and beyond.

Reminder: Walid will be on Pastor Hagee's TV show on October 8th and 9th as well as address his congregation on October 21st. For those living in SE Texas, it will be a great event to attend.

More exciting things will happen very soon. We will surely let you know.

For our Jewish members have a good and meaningful fast.


Keith Davies


Monday, September 25, 2006

Fwd: JAMA: Terminal Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Supplemental Oxygen

This came from Nancy Valko, RN today, and I share her concern. I HAVE seen this done, and it has always boggled my mind that such a simple COMFORT MEASURE would be taken away from any one. I, too, have seen people gasping -- NOT Cheyne-Stokes.

Having asthma, I can assure you that it is NOT comfortable in the least.

God Bless!

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Comment: Although I can't get the entire article here, it's truly outrageous to consider withdrawing such a simple comfort treatment ALREADY in use when, apparently, the only possible reason is to hasten death.
Unfortunately, I've seen this done with the so-called "terminal weans" involving people who don't die fast enough after being removed from ventilators and I've seen people gasping for air even though apparently unconscious. I protested vigorously when this first happened and fortunately, this stopped in my hospital-for the time being.
Nancy V.

Vol. 296 No. 11, September 20, 2006
Terminal Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Supplemental Oxygen

Scott D. Halpern, MD, PhD, MBioethics; John Hansen-Flaschen, MD

JAMA. 2006;296:1397-1400.

Since this article does not have an abstract, we have provided the first 150 words of the full text and any section headings.

An influential report released in 1983 defined life-sustaining therapies as "all health care interventions that have the effect of increasing the life span of the patient."1 This definition is highly inclusive: aspirin for stable coronary artery disease, intravenous antibiotics for osteomyelitis, and mechanical ventilation for respiratory failure all qualify. However, when considering withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining interventions, clinicians commonly refer to a more discrete group of therapies intended to forestall impending death by augmenting or replacing a vital bodily function. A hallmark of life-sustaining therapies, therefore, is that withholding or withdrawing them leads to physiologic decompensation foreseeably to cardiac arrest.

Supplemental oxygen has not commonly been considered a life-sustaining therapy. Yet it clearly serves this purpose for spontaneously breathing patients in whom pulmonary gas exchange is so impaired that the needs of vital organs cannot be met with ambient air . . . [Full Text of this Article]

Concerns About Balancing the Burdens and Benefits of Supplemental Oxygen

Sunday, September 24, 2006

"At Least I Tried...." OH?

I have watched the interview on Fox News three times now, and have come to the conclusion that there was a set up. Definitely a set-up.

The program begins with Chris Wallace saying that Clinton had agreed to his first ever interview on Fox News.

And then, it gets out of hand with accusations of being 'set-up', finger pointing, jabbing in the air, angry facial expressions, and leaving a flabber-gasted Chris Wallace sitting there wondering what had happened.

I have seen the looks and the finger pointing one other time, in an interview that I ALSO felt was a set-up...for all of us... the same man stood before the country telling all of us in a VERY self-righteous way, that he had never had sexual relations with 'that woman'.... and he sounded just like he did this time then, to me.

So... who set whom up?

I personally think, after watching what happened three full times... Clinton set Wallace and Fox News up, intending to 'get angry' from the outset, even to the point of steering that conversation toward the topic that set him off. Remember, this man is a 'charmer', and can 'smile falsely' with the best of them, diplomatically, of course. He also has been proven to lie, even under oath, and to twist words (it depends on what 'is'... is).

I do not believe, for one minute, that he could not sit through a thirty minute interview without this reaction, on ANY topic. We have watched him do it a myriad of times in the past, including when he did not look very comfortable at ALL, in the presence of Pope John Paul II after a private audience.... and one can only imagine what was said in the twenty minute or so private audience to produce this look...

I just am not a believer of the things this man says or does, and I have not been for a very long time.

So yes, I think that there was a set-up, and that the one who did the setting up tried very hard to look like a victim, AGAIN... of the right wing conspiracy people in his first time ever live interview on Fox News...

God bless.

Three Ex Terrorists on Benny Hinn and other major News


Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem and Zak Anani to appear on Benny Hinn on three shows this week. On Tuesday 26th, 27th and 28th the "Three ex terrorists" will be interviewed. Please check The shows can be seen on the Benny Hinn Website also.

On October 8th and 9th and repeated again on 10th and 11th Walid Shoebat will be interviewed on two shows with John Hagee.

On October 11th history will be made with an amazing lecture at Columbia University New York City:

"Two Ex Terrorists and Former Nazi Speak Out" sponsored by Forum For Middle East Understanding and Columbia College Republicans.

We are planning a major media campaign surrounding this lecture and pray to G-d for the voice of truth to be heard by the world.

For our Jewish Bretheren le Shona Tova and well over the fast


Keith Davies