Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Second Daughter and Son-in-Law!

Oct 7, 2000 began the marriage of Todd and Megan.
May you have many many more years together,
and continue to grow in love and respect for each other.

(I really have to get a more recent nice picture of just the two of you together... I have several of each of you with one of the boys, but not together, without the boys. Typically begins to happen as children come.)


After seeing the reception that the Minutemen got at Columbia University, I am wondering how this talk will go over. I am hoping that the students are unable to disrupt, so that they can give their talks, but the other seemed to be so very well planned, with nothing done to stop the disruption.

Will be praying for this event.

God bless.

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The day we have been waiting for is coming close.

"Two Ex terrorists and a Former Nazi" will take place Oct 11th 2006 with all eyes of the Media are on Columbia because of the controversy over the Minute Men.

The College Republicans sponsored last Wedneaday's event with the Minute Men and they are also sponsoring our event too.

If any one outside the campus wishes to attend, you need to email and give your name as an attendee. We need to provide the authorities at Columbia a list by 5 pm on Tuesday. Reservations will close at 3 p.m. on Tuesday the 10th of October.

Fox News and NY Sun as well as other media outlets are looking to our event next week. Our Event was mentioned on Fox News show, Fox and Friends this morning and was featured in article in New York Sun Newspaper today. You can read the article at

We have already lined up 19 major media interviews amongst them 4 TV interviews and many major syndicated radio shows. There are others giving serious consideration.

We issue major Press release on Monday which should hopefully require us to make a full Press Conference. We have interest internationally from Poland and the Netherlands.

Walid and Kamal Saleem have been invited to a National Media Tour of Holland in December.

Next week we hope to make major statements to the world about the threat that we all face in the Free world.

Let us all pray for success, as well as the saftey of Walid, Zak and Hilmar.


Keith Davies
Director of Walid Shoebat Foundation