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He is NOT a 'Sick BOY!!"

Rose Iovini, 78, of Providence, said her support for Kennedy was unwavering.

"I think he's a sick boy, and he's doing the right thing. And politics shouldn't come into it," she said. "I think he'll be excellent when he comes back."

This is the kind of thinking that drives me crazy. Patrick Kennedy is NOT a sick boy! He is an adult!

"If Congressman Kennedy had had a heart attack, nobody at all would be calling for him to step aside. That's the problem for people who have mental health issues," he said. "Patrick has spent his whole life fighting that stigma."

The difference here is that a heart attack does NOT impair one's thinking, while drugs and alcohol DO.

Smoking does not impair thought processes, unless it is something other than tobacco that is being smoked. Drugs and alcohol DO impair not only driving, but also thinking!

Should a person have any other 'disease' process, it is entirely different from a drug and alcohol problem where the ONLY way to arrest the 'disease' is total honestly and accountability to others, and total abstinence from all addictive drugs, and alcohol.

Someone addicted must stay away One Day at a Time, sometimes five min at a time, and call for help BEFORE using. And tell MD's that they CANNOT take addictive medication!

Even for Mental Illness, there are MANY drugs that can be used without getting into the addictive ones!

Patrick Kennedy Enters Rehab After Crash – Kennedy Curse Lives On

Kennedy Family No Stranger To Problems With Addiction
Tragedies Have Haunted Kennedys For Decades

I am tired of hearing about the "Kennedy Curse". I really am. The only curse that I can see is one many other families have. Alcoholism runs in families.

The Kennedy family has a history with alcoholism, which it compounds by other choices. Marital unfaithfulness is excused by treating it as something that 'powerful men' do. Baloney (and here, I really would prefer to use
B*** S***) .

Many of the Kennedy family flaunt their 'Catholicism', while picking and choosing which aspects of that Faith they will buy into and which they will selectively ignore. They are Catholic in name only (CINO) otherwise known as Cafeteria Catholics.

The history of this family bothers me, because much of what has gone on in the past would NOT be excused if they were simply any other family living down the street from you or me.

Having been working in the prison system recently, I have seen evidence of this, as many of the inmates are there due to their own drug/alcohol problems. Some of them have really not done anywhere NEAR what others have done while under the influence. But they drove once too often, took their eyes off the road at the wrong time, and crossed the line. Someone died as a result of their choosing to drink/drive that "one time".

Where would all those 'excusing his behavior', blaming the "Kennedy Curse" for his problems... feeling so much sympathy for this 'sick boy' be--had that accident been hitting another vehicle head on, killing the driver or passenger??

This is the error of today's thinking of it as a disease. It is, but NOT as Cancer is.
You do NOT excuse bad choices, bad behavior, crimes, abuse, arguments, etc by saying that it is caused by a 'disease'!!! That is called ENABLING. It is part of CODEPENDENCE. AA will tell you that this 'DISEASE' is more like an allergy. You stay away from the stuff! You change your behaviors!! You accept responsibility, make amends, and examine your conscience daily looking for your sins, or character defects.

You do NOT use it to gain sympathy!

I have found ONE voice out there who says some of what I am thinking, but he gets into the Rush vs Kennedy bit. I prefer to simply speak about THIS case, and avoid making it into a political/conservative/liberal issue.

The Kennedys, as any family with addiction in its history are NOT victims!! They are NOT under a 'curse'. They are no more special, no more different than the guy down the street from you who is making his drug of choice, growing the pot, or drinking a 12 pack of beer a day.

Transcripts of Patrick Kennedy's Statement

I have my own thoughts about this, and will blog more later. For now, I will let his words (and his father's) speak for themselves.

Transcript of statement on addiction and depression.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) on May 5, 2006....

`` Over my 15 years in public life, I felt a responsibility to speak honestly and openly about the challenges that I have with addiction and depression. I’ve been fighting this chronic disease since I was a young man and have aggressively and periodicly sought treatment so that I can live a full and productive life.

I struggle every day with this disease, as do millions of Americans. I’ve dedicated my public service to raising awareness about the chronic disease of addiction and have fought to increase access to care and recovery support for the many Americans forced to struggle on their own.

This past Christmas I realized I needed to seek help again, so I checked myself into the Mayo Clinic for addiction to prescription pain medication. I was there over the holiday and over the House recess as well and I returned to the House of Representatives and to Rhode Island reinvigorated and healthy.

Of course, in every recovery, each day has its ups and downs, but I have been strong, focused and productive in my term of office.

But in all candor, the incident on Wednesday evening concerns me greatly. I simply do not remember getting out of bed, being pulled over by the police or being cited for three driving infractions. That’s not how I want to live my life and it’s not how I want to represent the people of Rhode Island.

The reoccurrence of an addiction problem can be triggered by things that happen in everyday life, such as taking the common treatment for a stomach flu. That’s not an excuse for what happened Wednesday evening, but it is a reality of fighting a chronic condition for which I am taking full responsibility.

I am deeply concerned about my reaction to the medication and my lack of knowledge of the accident that evening.

But I do know enough that I know that I need help. This afternoon I am traveling to Minnesota to seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic to insure that I can continue on my road to recovery.

The greatest honor of my public life is to serve the people of Rhode Island and I determined to address this issue so that I can continue to fight for the families of Rhode Island with the same dedication and rigor that I have exemplified over the past decade.

I hope that my openness today and in the past and my acknowledgement that I need help will give others courage to get help if they need it. I am blessed to have a loving family who is in my corner every step of the way. And I am grateful to my friends, both here and in Rhode Island for reaching out to me at this time.

And I would like to call once for passage of mental health parity.

(transcription of May 5, 2006 press conference by Lynn Sweet)

His father, Edward, released this statement:

I love Patrick very much and am very proud of him. All of us in the family admire his courage in speaking publicly about very personal issues and fully support his decision to seek treatment. He has taken full responsibility for events that occurred Wednesday evening, and he will continue to cooperate fully in any investigation.

I have the rare and special honor of being able to serve with my son in the Congress, and I have enormous respect for the work Patrick has done. The people of the 1st District of Rhode Island have a tireless champion for the issues they care about, and today I hope they join me in feeling pride and respect for a courageous man who has admitted to a problem and taken bold action to correct it.

Robert Vasoli -- May He Rest in Peace

This man, along with the late Fr Clarence Hettinger will be sorely missed by many who stand firmly for their valid marriages.

May he rest in peace.

May God raise up others to take their places, soon.

Sociology professor Robert Vasoli dies

By: Michael O. Garvey
Date: May 4, 2006

Robert H. Vasoli, associate professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Notre Dame, died Monday (May 1).

Born July 24, 1925, in Philadelphia, he attended schools there before serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He was graduated from LaSalle College in 1952 and arrived at Notre Dame the same year as a graduate student. He earned masters and doctoral degrees from Notre Dame in 1953 and 1964, respectively, and was a member of the University’s sociology faculty from 1957 until his retirement in 1990. A scholarly specialist in criminology, he also taught courses at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, N.Y., Indiana University Northwest, and Valparaiso University.

Vasoli is survived by two daughters, Maria Christina and Theresa Anne, both of Portland, Ore.; two sons, Anthony Robert of Chicago and Vincent Matthew (Maile) of Rochester, Minn.; a grandson, Rocco Antonio Matsui of Rochester, Minn.; one sister, Joyce M. (William) Wallis of Doylestown, Pa., and two brothers, Edward J. (Paulette) of Lower Gwynedd, Pa., and Raymond T. of Norristown, Pa.

A member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, of IBEW Local Union No. 98 and of the Golden Boys Golf Club of South Bend, he also was the author of “What God Has Joined Together,” a leading reference book on marriage annulments in the Catholic Church in America.

A funeral Mass will be celebrated at 9:30 a.m. Friday (May 5) in Notre Dame’s Basilica of the Sacred Heart, followed by burial in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Another must read by Wesley J Smith

Terrence Berres of The Provincial Emails has brought my attention to another one of
Wesley J Smith's articles in The Weekly Standard, called "We Never Say No" .

Rita Marker and Wesley Smith have long been studying euthanasia and speaking about it, as well as other pro-life issues. Some of their work can be found here, at International Task Force. When there, read everything that they have on advanced directives. (Don't sign a Living Will... use theirs OR the Will to Live from National Right to Life).

And don't miss their article entitled "Words, Words, Words"....

Thanks, Terry!

God bless!

"Right Turns" Review by tMichaelB

Ray from MN also sent me to tMichaelB's blog for his review of Michael Medved's book, Right Turns.

I have liked Michael Medved for a very long time, having heard him speak of his Faith, his life and other topics on various TV programs over the years.

I really liked this part of what Tom wrote at his blog. Knowing the damage and hurt that comes when a father does not take his family role, consider this just a small challenge from this WI Catholic mother to follow in the footsteps of St Joseph the Worker, Spouse of Mary, who never failed to be a real Father to Jesus. It is a need of every child.

God bless!!

Medved’s story impacted me because I know how powerful a father’s reaction can be to a young man’s dreams about marriage. When I was engaged to Susan, I told my parents we planned to travel together to Hawaii, where I happened to be traveling on business. I did not expect my parents to care. My parents graciously did not make a scene upon my announcement, as there were other family members present. But the next day I got a phone call from my dad. He expressed his displeasure with me. He urged me not to travel with Susan. He said it would be bad for Susan and for me. And he said it would set a bad example for my siblings. I was shocked. But in the end, I agreed. I couldn’t disappoint my dad.

That was a turning point in my life. My dad took a stand when it would have been so easy to look the other way. I was, after all, an adult. But Dad made his point, and it impressed me. Medved’s father also took a stand. And it made a lasting impression on him. My story, which I describe in my memoir, “Emerging Son,” and Medved’s story, described in “Right Turns,” shows the impact a father can have on a son –- especially when the son is a young man. A father’s responsibilities don’t stop when his children become 18. Medved’s father apparently understood that, and so did my dad. In my own case, I am very glad that he did; in the case of Michael Medved, a father’s loyalty to his faith shaped the life of a young man who went on to a very interesting, influential life described in this thoroughly enjoyable book.

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Four Chinese Bishops Excommunicated

Pope Excommunicates Four Chinese Bishops

The Vatican on Thursday excommunicated two bishops ordained by China’s state-controlled church without the pope’s consent, escalating tensions as the two sides explore preliminary moves toward improving ties.

The Vatican also excommunicated the two bishops who ordained them, saying church law mandates excommunication for bishops involved in ordinations without Vatican approval. MSNBC

Ray from MN posted this news. It was completely new to me! I had not as yet heard this anyplace else, but also have not been able to spend as much time reviewing all of my news sources online the past couple of weeks. This is one story that I hope will have some follow-up.

He also has an earlier link to two pieces by Fr Zuhlsdorf on the topic that can be found in hyperlinks here.

And I wonder if we may hear more of this in the future for other problems worldwide...?

Terri Schiavo: A Life That Mattered and Still Matters

“Our family’s made a lot of mistakes,” write Bob and Mary Schindler, “but the one thing we don’t do is lie.” Most of you will recognize Bob and Mary as the parents of Terri Schindler-Schiavo. Terri is the Florida woman whose husband starved her to death with the permission of the Florida judiciary.

Pete Vere, JCL reviews the book by the Schindler family, "A Life That Matters: The Legacy of Terri Schiavo", after having read it. While watching his daughter play, he finds himself wondering "What if this were my daughter?"....

It is a question many have asked over the years of watching this family's struggle to keep their disabled family member alive. Terri was not dying when she was starved and dehydrated to death, nor was she on any machines to 'prolong her life'.

“Bob and I believe that God put Terri on earth to serve as a beacon,” Mary explains near the beginning of the book, “that she was taken from us so that others who suffer Terri’s plight will not be taken from those who love them.” I recommend this book to anyone concerned with the growing push to legalize euthanasia.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Let's Just Run Away

OH, and one more thing....

Why does he have to go to the Mayo Clinic for treatment? What is wrong with a LOCAL recovery program, run by his neighborhood counselors, in LOCAL AA and NA meetings with a LOCAL sponsor (one in Rhode Island and one in the DC area) who can keep him HONEST in his recovery???

Why do the rich, the 'professionals', the 'special people' feel the need to run across the country to get this help, so that they end up with NO support group when they get back home, with NO accountability to anyone?

Baloney that those programs are truly any better than ones in your own back yard.

AND, whether you are a millworker, a president of a company, a Physician, a Dentist, an Attorney, a Congressman or a Senator, a Mom, a Dad, a Grandpa/Grandma, a teenager, an elderly person... or a street bum... an addict is an addict.

Those running the treatment programs are often also recovering people who can not only help, but call participants on the 'BS' that 'excuses' themselves and tries to prove why "I am different" from any other addict that exists.

Accountability is one of the ONLY surefire ways to gain real sobriety. HONESTY is a huge factor in recovery! That, under the guidance of a Higher Power (God as we understand Him) whom a great majority of 12 Steppers choose to call Jesus Christ of Nazareth, especially those Old Timers who helped to start the original groups.

Venerable Matt Talbot, pray for him.

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A drug is a drug is a drug.

Repeat that:


Got that yet?

Anyone addicted to ONE drug, will have problems with ANY drug that has the potential to addict. Hence, one addicted to Vicodin (Lortab, hydrocodone, etc) needs to stay away from any ALCOHOL, PERCOCET, Valium, etc... A DRUG IS A DRUG IS A DRUG.

Anyone going through any form of drug treatment is TOLD this. They don't always believe it, and they don't always follow the advice to stay away from any controlled drug, and from any form of alcohol.

I am tired of the "Victim" garbage that comes with the admission that one is addicted. Sorry, but one is not a victim. One has a choice to take that first pill, that first hit, that first drink, etc...or reaching out to someone in the 12 Step Program.

Patrick Kennedy's excuses may SOUND good, but Ambien is known to be one that can be addictive, habit forming. It is a Schedule IV controlled drug!

Alcohol is a DRUG. There is no alcohol that is less of a problem for those who are caught up in 'problem drinking' or addiction! A can of BEER is equivalent to a glass of wine, to a shot of liquor. Alcohol is alcohol is alcohol. It is a drug. A drug is a drug is a drug!!!

I had intended to write about this already yesterday, when I first heard about Patrick Kennedy's accident and the ensuing 'enabling' by the Capital Police. But my schedule did not allow me to get here to do it.

So today, on my way home from work, I hear bits and pieces of his statement, and then I decided that I would do it tonight, regardless. But then...I got home and heard Senator Kennedy's statement about how proud he is of his son's admitting his problem and going to get help...and I got ANGRY.

That man himself has his OWN problem with alcohol, stemming back almost as far as I can remember, including the night of July 19, 1969.

What is an enabler? I am, by no means, endorsing this website, because I know NOTHING about it other than this page, but strongly encourage those who love an addicted person to go and read the main section of this page!!! I have not checked ANYTHING on the two sidebars, so do not endorse anything other than this section on enabling...

Enabling is Very Often Part of Codependence

Any time you assist/allow another person to continue in their unproductive/unhealthy/addictive behavior, whether actively or passively, you are enabling!

Silence condones.

So even when you say nothing (such as ‘minding your own business’), you are enabling the behavior to continue.
Sometimes you say nothing out of fear — fear of reprisal, fear of the other person hating/hurting/not liking you; or fear of butting in where you don’t think you belong. Perhaps even fear of being hit... or worse!


Why Do You Enable?

You more than likely enable out of your own low self-esteem. You haven’t gained the ability to say no, without fear of losing the love or caring of that other person. People who learn ‘tough love’ have to learn that their former behaviors have been enabling, and that to continue in them would constitute allowing the other person’s pattern of behavior to continue... and to worsen!

And now we have once again witnessed this enabling behavior. WHO??? And, you want to know how??

The Capital Police, who did NOT carry out the standards used on anyone else
(those of us not claiming to be a member of the US Gov't who 'is late for a vote'... )
by doing road tests usually done when drunk or impaired driving is suspected...and then gave him a ride HOME, instead of wherever they normally take impaired drivers.

Not to mention his father, other attorneys, staff, etc (whoever was involved in 'helping' him to make the decision to go back into treatment for his 'pain medication addiction'...??? Ambien is NOT a pain pill, people!) That is a 'trick' offered by most who are in trouble with a vehicle after DWI's... (Hurry up, get an assessment, get treatment, etc because it will look good on the record for the Judge if you do it voluntarily!! )

Oh, another enabler? That MD (or MD's) who prescribed those drugs to someone who has already admitted to addiction (as he did not so long ago!!)

Patrick Kennedy is just another addict. He is NOT special, does NOT deserve special treatment, accolades, or praise. He needs a DARN GOOD SPONSOR and the 12 Step Program where people are not impressed by his Daddy's last name, by his 'capital job' OR his Daddy's, by money, by anything reported on by the MSM.

He needs an Old Timer in the AA Program, who will tell it like it is, call a spade a spade, and make him LOOK AT HIMSELF, and help him to turn his life over to his Higher Power.

He needs those around him to let him face the full Consequences of his own behavior. (Same goes for ol Teddy boy... and the rest of the Kennedy clan) It is called "Reality Therapy", and sometimes, it is the ONLY WAY that they honestly begin recovery, finally.

Even scarier?

He claims he has NO recollection of getting up, getting into his car, driving, the accident, or the rest of what happened. BUT, he could remember what to say as soon as he got out of the car!

Alcoholics call this lack of remembering what you did a BLACKOUT... Bad sign. Red flag.

Get help, and stop making excuses, Patrick Kennedy.

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