Thursday, May 10, 2007

UPDATE: Dylan's home!

A reminder to continue to pray for three year old Dylan, who had at first been diagnosed with asthma, only to have a later diagnosis of a HUGE tumor with a cancerous diagnosis, and very slim chance of surviving surgery for its removal... did well, crashed and coded... in ICU... and now... HOME!

He still has a road to follow, so pray for his parents and siblings as well... And thank you all for the prayers to this point!

God bless!

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From: E
Date: May 10, 2007 7:15 PM

Just thought I would update you all... Dylan was sent home from the hospital.  He had a rough week last week, and the Dr.'s felt he could do his best recovery from it all, at home.  He will return on Monday to do the bone marrow testing and prepare for chemo.  Not sure how intense that will be yet, but the little guy seems to be doing well and regaining some of his strength.  Thank you, again, so much for your prayers! 

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Google Directions

OK, you HAVE to take the time to do this one!

God bless!!

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Date: May 10, 2007 6:42 PM

Follow these steps (in order of course)

1. go to

2. click on maps

3. click on get directions (top right)

4. type in from "new york" to "london, england" and click on "get directions"

5. scroll down in the directions to number 24

6. laugh and then re-post this ASAP so other people can enjoy

Final installments of Father Tom Euteneuer's series of video teachings on contraception

I may have missed sending updates on this.  But the site below takes you to the videos.

God bless!

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From: John Mallon
Date: May 10, 2007 5:42 PM

Dear Catholic Bloggers,

I was away on a family mission at the end of April and am getting caught up. For those of you posting Father Tom Euteneuer's video series on contraception the links to paste into your Blogs may be found here:

Father Tom is en route to Poland for the International congress of families. Please keep him and this important meeting in your prayers

Many thanks,
God bless,

John Mallon

Three Ex-Terrorists at UC Irvine - The Biggest Show Yet -Coming Up

I missed this one last night.  God bless!!

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Date: May 9, 2007 8:00 PM


The Three Ex Terrorists are coming to UC Irvine with our largest planned event ever.

Date: May 30th 2007
Time: 7.30 pm
Place:UC Irvine Bren Event Center.

On Campus sponsors are The College Republicans

We have rented an auditorium which holds 5000 people. We have acquired the services of two PR specialists and we plan to fill the auditorium with your help, as well as around 2000 students who we estimate will attend.

The month of May is a traditional Anti Zionist festival on the UCI campus, but this year WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE PARTY.

On Monday next the 14th of May 1200 posters with our insignia of "the three ninjas" will be go up everywhere on campus. You will not be able to walk five yards without - the three ninjas now peace activists looking at you with their beady eyes. We have printed 30,000 handouts and hundreds more notice board posters.

All our friends who live in the Southern California area - I need to you to contact your Pastors, Rabbis and friends and advise them to attend the event to support Walid, Zak and Kamal who are speaking to warn and save our great nation as well as speak for Israel.

Admission is free but I am suggesting at least a $5.00 donation which you can pay at the door when attending. These events cost in the tens of thousands to set up and any help in this regard is appreciated.

We are taking reservations for the event which guarantees entry. Email us at for reservations giving your name(s), phone number and zip code.

If anyone would like to post a poster in their church/synagogue or at work place in Orange County, please email us at . We will email you a pdf which you can print out and then post on your notice board.

Lets get to work and make a huge statement to put the Islamo fascists in their place, and we all know where that is!

Your attendance and getting out support is just as important as what our speakers do.

The truth is being delivered loud and clear. Be part of it.


Keith Davies

Monday, May 07, 2007

Wash. Post story about open adoption

Very long, but very good article.

God Bless!!

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From: nancyvalko
Date: May 7, 2007 7:16 AM

Comment: My oldest daughter went through an open adoption. It was quite an experience and I can see how it could be a disaster. However, it has been wonderful for her and Meghan, my 8 year old granddaughter.
   Releasing a child for adoption (we never use the term "giving up") is a very painful but heroic decision. Open adoption is not set in stone and it naturally evolves over time. We are blessed that Megan's parents are two of the most faith-filled, generous people I know and that Meghan knows that her birth mother loved her enough to pick such wonderful parents.
Nancy V.
Open (Secret)
For generations of adoptions, the birth mother was an anonymous woman who relinquished her infant and then receded into the shadows. That is so not Hava Leichtman.

By Liza Mundy
Sunday, May 6, 2007; W18

SLIGHTLY MORE THAN FOUR YEARS AGO, on November 15, 2002, a 26-year-old woman named Hava Leichtman sat in a Michigan courtroom, still enervated, and sore, from giving birth. Ten days earlier, she had delivered a baby: her first child, a boy. She loved him deeply and immediately, and named him Jackson Jeffrey. In front of her now, a magistrate was asking whether she truly and willingly wished to relinquish Jackson Jeffrey Leichtman for adoption by a Fairfax County couple named Larry and Ann Goldfarb.

Hava, at first, could say nothing. She was crying too hard, and shaking. Beside her sat the baby's birth father, a man with whom she had an on-again, off-again relationship; although he had taken care of Hava during the pregnancy, the birth father had made it clear he did not envision a future with Hava and a child. Behind her, rubbing her back, sat her mother, Gail Katz, who had stood by Hava through struggles with mental illness that included an eating disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and a bipolar disorder that causes bouts of severe depression. It was her mother, Hava feared, who would bear the brunt of child care if she decided to keep the baby. Drifting in and out of college classes, unable some days to even get out of bed, Hava believed that she wasn't equipped to raise a child as a single mother.

Hava nodded. The magistrate told her that nodding wasn't enough. She had to say yes or no.

Go here for the rest of the article.....