Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Yes, Virginia.... there IS

And then, from Virginia comes this from the Diocese of Arlington.

God bless!

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Ohhh, those Packers......

I have 'dreaded' this game all summer. I am not superstitious.
And I refuse to think that this means that the elections's results
will be a Bush loss. I dread what that would mean to our preborn
babies for the next generation.

God have Mercy!

I chose to 'listen' to THIS poll instead:


but we REALLY may have to speak to those tenth graders...grin...


I am really tired of all the constant polling, too, and think that in
many ways it is dangerous and manipulative, and should be stopped.
I have thought this for at least the past 25 to 30 years. I have met
many who could not make up their minds who to cast the vote for
unless they knew who was ahead in the polls. Is that really anyway to decide?

And who ARE the people polled, anyway?

I have NEVER met anyone who answered any of those poll questions,
have you?

God bless!

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I said that to someone at work this morning. I got two amazing responses.

ONE said... "I don't keep track of all those weird holidays." and the other said
"My Church doesn't celebrate that day".
To her, I said, I know. Yet your Church calls all of its 'saved' 'saints'.
The other was out of ear shot before I could formulate any response at all.
Not so strange since I was working in a Lutheran Home, perhaps?

I love the Communion of Saints that we have .... including the Church Triumphant,
those in the Church Suffering, and ... the Church Militant (that's us)

What a wonderful day. And now, so many newbies... St Gianna Molla among them.

God bless you all!

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Another Good One

And then there is Archbishop Chaput.


The King’s Good Servant Some Thoughts at a Crossroad

God bless!

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Important to OVERALL health.....

Did you know that NOT brushing and flossing can endanger
your health??
Periodontal disease is related to strokes, heart attacks,
premature labor/miscarriages and uncontrolled diabetes.
Get thee to a dentist/Hygienist!


Association between periodontal disease and coronary artery disease

Research is racing to help healthcare professionals further understand
how periodontal diseases are linked to cardiovascular disease...

To read the full article, please go to:



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Terri Schindler Schiavo

Sometimes, there are Bishops who say things so clearly,
one wonders how any can mistake what is said.
Such is the case with Bishop Robert F. Vasa of Baker, Oregon
about Terri Schindler Schiavo and others in her situation.

This case is reminiscent to the T4 program of Nazi Germany to me
and to many others. Frightening, as the quest to kill her is so
very strong, in spite of the fact that her husband has been living
with another woman and has two children already by her since
about 1994. His intent to have her dead is so strong it makes one
wonder what is driving him... fear of her recovery?

Fear of her being able to perhaps tell what really happened the
night she collapsed and became brain damaged? There are so many
questions about this case that it makes one wonder what really is
happening here, and why.

Clearly, the simplest thing would be to divorce her and MARRY
the woman he is cohabiting with, and give the children a 'real father'
while allowing Terri to be taken care of by her parents and siblings
who want her. If I were the second woman, I would wonder what is
really going on, and I would not like being in the situation she is in...
unwed mother of two with a man who claims to love me... yet wants
to kill the first wife who is brain damaged.

NOT dying. Cognitively disabled.

God help all of those who are born cognitively disabled, who have accidents
later in life and no longer 'measure up' to someone else's definition of a USEFUL life.

God help those who cannot get the spoon to their own mouths to feed
themselves for any reason.

God help those who live with severe Crohn's disease, etc that survive on
Hyperalimentation or those other myriads who are tube fed!!
Those 'non-productive eaters' as the Nazi regime called them so very long ago.

Terri Schindler Schiavo deserves to live until God Himself calls her
home. She is loved, and she is not dying. I have taken care of MANY
like her over the past 32 years and they have taught ME a lot, whether
an adult or an infant.

Terri LAUGHS. She is NOT dead, nor dying.

She lives, and her parents want her to continue to do so.

I will sign NOTHING as far as advanced directives go without attaching
Bishop Vasa's words, as well as those of the Holy Father's.



The latest news on Terri may be hopeful....


I DARE you to learn more about her!!



God bless!

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