Sunday, June 10, 2007

Murder in Wisconsin

Please keep this in prayer!

The two yr old has been upgraded to serious condition. Six people, including infant twins, are dead. Some saying that police had said Murder Suicide, but... that isn't officially released as yet.

Delavan, WI is also home to Wisconsin's School for the Hearing Impaired, where one of our relatives attended High School.

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I Believe in Miracles ... I Really Do

Had a WONDERFUL lunch today!

Gatorade and beef broth, after an appetizer of four Dulcolax Tabs. Now on my dessert... Go Lightly, a wonderfully lemon lime flavored salty water solution. NOT, though it IS better than the cherry flavored stuff I had last week Thursday

More of the same for supper, AND for a bedtime snack, AND anytime between.....
I have, if I need it, eleven more 32 oz sized Gatorades of various flavors, and four Chicken broths, two beef broths (recommend Swanson... delicious!) And a few cans of chicken broth, too. Also have soda, water in the fridge, and tea... coffee sans cream... yuck....

I am looking at the bright side of this. (Is there one?)

I am wondering how long I will be awake tonight... sigh.

I don't think that my 'throne' is all that comfortable, but I will find out soon enough, huh?

More than you wanted to know, I am sure! Sorry about that. I am trying to take my mind off of this by attempting humor..... sigh.

Fr Solanus Casey, pray for me.

JPII, Padre Pio, and St Faustina had words that are becoming my prayer....

Interesting tidbit: Oldest daughter called and said that a certain "family member" called and asked how I am doing (related according to the Civil Law to my children's father). She will be praying, and has had others pray for me. Smile.... and has told my children's father... who has also called them since last week asking about me.

God really DOES have a terrific sense of humor, doesn't He? It is part of why I love Him.... I pray for them for years, now she returns the favor. SWWEEET, as my son says! BIG GRIN! God is so Good!

Perhaps more later. Perhaps not.

"Jesus, I trust in You!"

God bless!

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FREEDOM EDEN : Paris Hilton: 26-Year-Old Child

WI Catholic has sent you a link to a blog:

JUST what I would have said if I had taken the time, had the time to do so! Even in nearly the same way. Reality therapy is NOT easy, but it does help some to grow up.

Post: Paris Hilton: 26-Year-Old Child

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I Believe in Miracles

Tonight, when I go to bed, I am beginning a journey I am not at all certain I want to travel.

Tonight I had my 'last meal' before the 'big day'. I ordered a small pizza not long before the pizza place closed. I ate most of it. I am full for now... tomorrow, I will wish I could finish the rest! LOL. (Thank you to the poor guy from Butch's who had to deliver it a little after closing time.... sorry, I should have called sooner!)

Clear liquid diet all day tomorrow. Anything you can see through. NO cream, no yogurt, no ice cream, no red or purple jello. Broth, yes, but no noodles in it, or veggies. Soda, yes. Milk no. Tea yes, even with sugar, but no milk or cream in it, either (I drink tea black, though... not even sure I can put lemon juice in it though, as IT is not really 'clear', either...)

Worst of all, when I wake up, I cannot have my coffee the way I like it, with a LOT of cream in it! Dad always said... "Why don't you have a little coffee with your cream?" ARGH, tomorrow, if I don't drink it the way HE did, and my MOM does (black), then I cannot drink it at all....

Juices, yes.

Then I begin the 'prep' again at noon... four Dulcolax tabs... and as if THEY are not enough, I get to drink that 'Go Lightly' stuff again... WOW... but this time, I only HAVE to drink half of it... THAT part is from three pm to six pm. I plan on reading a LOT in a certain room in my apartment tomorrow... won't get out of there too much! (You get the picture-- strong laxatives).

At seven and eleven pm, I get to take two different kinds of antibiotics, total of eight tablets each time, four of each kind. FUN... have not as yet decided what I will take them with. Juice, black coffee, tea, water, gatorade.... lots of choices, including broth. OHHH, fun! CHOICES! LOL

THIS time, I was given the clue of drinking Gatorade or another similar drink to replace electrolytes and ward off that headache I got last time! Good, as it was on sale and I got 12 bottles (32 ounces) .........I have about seven containers of broth, both chicken and beef, plus a few cans of chicken broth in the cupboard. I didn't want to make jello, so do not have any of that here. I have enough clear liquids to share... want some?

After midnight tomorrow, NOTHING by mouth, not even CHEWING GUM, even if sugarless!! ARGH!

My son will pick me up on Monday, and take me to the hospital for the one pm check-in. Surgery is scheduled for two thirty pm, and is a three to four hour surgery. I'll be there four days, Dr said.

MY FORTIETH CLASS REUNION IS ON FRIDAY NIGHT, folks!! I AM GOING! WE also have the Alumi Rally on Saturday, and I am my mother's Date... SHE is out sixty five years, and as honor classes, we BOTH get out class pictures taken! The timing of this sure does stink!

I had to cancel my vacation plans to fly to DC to visit my sister, too, because it is only ten days after my surgery.... DRAT!

I really do not like this one bit, but then... He probably did not like being scourged, crowned with thorns, or crucified, either. I can offer up my inconvenience, my fear, my pain when it comes after the surgery... just as He did it for us... for me....

I have people praying for me in Thailand, in England, in Australia, all over the US (hopefully my faithful Alaska readers will stop by and see this, also...)

No biopsy results back, so we don't know what comes after the surgery just yet.

I believe in miracles.

I have three people that inspire me with words that they have 'taught' me... JPII, Padre Pio, St Faustina.


Each time fear raises its ugly head, those are the words I say, prayerfully.

Please pray with me, and for me, as I begin this journey.

Will see you after my surgery........

God bless!

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My Fifth Grandchild's Progress Continues...

The countdowns in the side panel are for me to be able to keep track of my youngest grandchild's growth, but there is also a funny one like it here...

That announcement, I just realized tonight, was made on their first wedding anniversary!

The same ticker comes in 'serious' or in 'humorous'... The first one above is the humorous one, and this one is the one in my sidebar ...


Little one, I cannot wait to REALLY see and hold you!

God bless!


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