Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Am Watching You....Parent

Long ago, as my inlaws separated, then divorced, I watched a crushed young man try to reconcile his up-bringing with what was happening to his family. He angrily said that everything he had been taught by his father (his parents, actually) was a lie, and he withdrew himself even further from the Church, and backed off more from his contact with his father and family.

Years later, this crushed young man did to his own much younger family, the same thing his own father had done before him. I once told him to listen to the song "The Cat's in the Cradle" when I saw how he was now treating HIS son...

Today, I have seen a video that I wish had been around long ago, so that I could have given it to him to watch. I want to remind you ALL that this is not just a boy speaking to his father, but ALL CHILDREN speaking to both parents.

The thoughts in this are Truth. The words used are NOT the words of a child as young as the one speaking. Words like 'Ethics', 'Integrity' are just not the terms that a child that age would use. That, to me, takes away from this in a way, but because it is geared to an adult, the message still comes through -- boldly -- for those who will listen and take heed.

IF you have failed your child(ren) and NOT lived by walking the talk, then it is time to go to them and make amends. If you have not kept your promises, to them (AND TO THEIR OTHER PARENT), then it is time to go and make amends. Now, before another day goes by.

IF you have broken your promises (vows) by the very poor example of adultery, battery, alcoholism/drug/gambling/sex addictions, then it is not only time to make amends, it is also time to repent, and reconcile; to seek help, and to teach your children chastity, sobriety, loyalty, faithfulness, committment, ethics and right morality....

If you have been tempted, but have not yet plunged into adultery or divorce, battery, etc, then don't do it.... for your children ARE watching you. Just as the crushed young man followed in his father's footsteps, yours may follow you...or IF they have learned well that what you have done is not the way to go... they may succeed even without your example.

It is far easier on them if they can learn RIGHT from their parents, than to unlearn wrong.

From a much earlier post:

God bless!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The 'REAL' Santa Claus

I am trying to find out how long the REAL Santa Claus has been coming to the Fox River Mall in Grand Chute, WI. I know he has been there since my own children were little, and I often wondered how 'our' Mall got him. There just is no other REAL Santa, you see...