Friday, November 19, 2004

Pope to Beatify German Anti-Nazi Bishop

I hope that I am forgiven for posting just a bit from the
website on the T4 program here to draw attention to the right hand
column which has one section speaking on this man....

"Bishop of Munster, Clemens August Count von Galen, protested the
T-4 killings in a sermon August 13, 1941. Thousands of copies were
printed and circulated. Galen was not punished because Hitler did not
want to clash openly with the Catholic Church." more ....and I am
hoping that their hyperlink will work here.

He and Bishops Vasa , Burke and others and JPII are my heroes
on this topic. They have really told it like it is.

Terri Schiavo is NOT dying, and she deserves to live until the Lord Himself
calls her home. And she deserves to be treated with dignity, including rehab,
to enable her to be the best she can be and help her to do what ever she CAN do.
She deserves to be taken care of by those who DO love her, not one who
SAYS he does while living, sleeping and having children by another that
he is 'engaged to' while still married!

God bless!

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Acquittal for man who admitted to killing baby

As a health care worker who has spent a large portion of my career
caring for the developmentally disabled, the physically disabled,
the children and adults that much of society deems to have
"no real quality of life", the accident victims some look at and sigh
sadly that they have "no potential, and I would not want to live like that"
.... etc and been blessed by them in learning that human life matters
regardless of 'potential' and that often, they teach UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
above all else... to US,
the ones who judge them to be 'useless', 'non-productive'... etc....

I am reminded of the T4 program of Nazi Germany when I hear of
people like Nancy Cruzan, Terri Schiavo...and now.. this... A father
kills his disabled child and is found not guilty.

God forgive.

God have Mercy.

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