Friday, June 24, 2005

Fr Daniel Mode now in Afghanistan

I was doing some searching yesterday, looking for a particular site about Fr Vincent Capodanno, known as The Grunt Padre (author Fr Daniel L Mode) by his Marines. Fr Vince was a Maryknoll priest, and a Navy Chaplain, serving his second tour of duty in Vietnam. On Sept 4, 1967, he was injured three separate times, each worse than the time before. He was on the front lines, again, ministering to his fallen, injured 'grunts'. Each of the first two times, he refused to be medvaced out. He said he needed to stay with his men. The third injury, (remember, three Purple Hearts and you get sent home... ) he ran to a fallen soldier, with his back to the enemy, and as he was ministering to the fallen man, Fr Vince was shot over 20 times in the back, spine, neck, and head. He died, and instead of going home, he went HOME. He is a Medal of Honor winner, also.

His grunts have not forgotten him, nor has Fr Mode.

Fr had heard about him in seminary, and eventually wrote the book that he named The Grunt Padre. Fr Mode has been my sister's pastor out in Alexandria, VA at Queen of Apostles, and I have spoken often of the beauty and reverence of his Masses. Fr is a very nice guy, very much in love with God and His Church. He is now learning by his own experience what he learned through research on Fr Vince.

While looking for that one page, I found another that said Fr Mode had been called up to active duty as a Navy Chaplain, and is serving in Afghanistan!! I had not remembered my sister telling me this, so I called her.

My sister told me yesterday that he had resigned as pastor, because he could be gone as long as two years. She also mentioned that he has a website in order to let everyone know how he is doing. She could not remember where it was, so she said we could both look for it. I did. For several hours, off and on, I searched. Learned a lot about the places that he spoke about Fr Vince, including live on Catholic Answers etc. Finally, I thought.... check the parish website!!! DUH!

Fr Mode has a website here:
(on the first page, he is on the left as we look at the picture)

and his email address is on one of the pages, as well as his mailing address.
Note: Fr Mode's website was discontinued, but you can find some things about him at Catholic
On his blog, however, he had written of the following:

He also tells of being called to the side of a dying soldier on the first or second day he was there, for the last forty five min of this man's life, of having his blood on Fr's boots, of not wearing those boots again until he joined the others that Steven served with. He tells of how it felt to not be one of the 'band of brothers', and yet to have to be with them, to share the time HE had spent with their fallen brother, how he knew he could not just barge in, but needed to wait, to be asked in. He tells of how he knew that he could NOT wash nor wear those boots until he WAS with them, and the memorial ceremony that they had after he had said Mass. He speaks of ministering and being ministered to by Steven's brothers in the next couple of days, even learning that he has to wait on God's time even in the war zones....

Fr has a neat sense of humor, and many pictures to share, also. I am proud to have his autograph on my copy of his book.

There are pictures at the parish website of his going away party, which is described here.

Please pray for him, for his safety, for wisdom of how to serve, and for those he will be serving.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Since when do we have to OBEY the UN?

I watched part of The View with Rosie O'Donnell and Sean Hannity, and I have to say, her statements make me angry as an American.

Rosie commented (and you can hear it all here)

Rosie: "We invaded a sovereign nation in defiance of the UN!
"Sean, is this true or not? We invaded a sovereign nation in defiance of the UN".
Sean commented that Rosie had in the past called Bush a war criminal, and Rosie then yelled
"HE IS! He should be tried at the Hague!".... "Listen, the leader of any nation that defies the UN and invades a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9/11 should be tried..."

You can hear the entire segment at the site above.

We are a Sovereign Nation, and we are NOT under the rule of the United Nations! We are NOT submissive to the UN. This is the point many are missing when they begin to ask her what about Bill Clinton's not even GOING to the UN about his actions in Europe during his Presidency. I heard about Michael New on the radio when it first began, in 1995, and have been following this story off and on ever since. I agreed with him THEN, I agree with him yet.

I am not in any way one of those 'conspiracy' people, but I am alert to things that just are not right. Our Constitution is at stake here, and our OWN sovereignty as a nation, if people like Rosie think that we are to submit to the UN, in any way, including the charters ...

We have a system of checks and balances here, and MUCH of this is to go through the Legislative part of our Government before any of it gets acted on, including charters (treaties). And at NO time should a member of a foreign government be commanding our troops. Our troops swore an oath to allegiance to OUR nation, not to the world, or the UN.

ESPECIALLY when you watch the Oil For Food investigation, and see how bribes, etc were protecting Saddam Hussein.... and those nations that opposed us were involved.

I don't care which side of the war in Iraq you may fall on... our nation is at stake when people make ridiculous statements like the above that Rosie has made many times.

AMA targets Catholic, pro-life pharmacists

AMA targets Catholic, pro-life pharmacists

Chicago, Jun. 23

The American Medical Association is backing a proposal that would force pharmacists to dispense abortifacients such as the "morning-after" abortion pill and birth control pill or to refer the woman to another pharmacist to have the prescriptions filled.

A resolution passed Monday by the AMA's House of Delegates states that pharmacists who oppose abortifacients on moral grounds should provide an "immediate referral to an appropriate alternative dispensing pharmacy without interference," according to a Chicago Tribune report.

"Our position is on behalf of the patient," claimed AMA board member Dr. Peter Carmel. "The AMA strongly believes patients have to have access to their medications. It's the obligation on behalf of the pharmacist ... to tell them where to go."

The Pharmacists for Life International (PFLI) web site describes their view of the abortifacient "morning-after" pill: "Any medically educated person should be given to understand that this regimen works primarily by preventing the implantation of an already fertilized egg. This is not contraception."

"A pharmacist by virtue of properly understood conscience cannot be licitly compelled to cooperate in such a fashion with what he knows will result in a chemical abortion and, hence, a dead baby," the PFLI said. "Such activity is called material cooperation. Further, it is not an inconvenience to refuse to refer such a client since the pharmacist is doing the woman and her preborn child a favor in terms of physical and spiritual health."

"Material cooperation with such an evil can never be licit even if it may be lawful, as it is in today's society," the pharmacists' group continued. "In fact, pharmacists aware of the evil nature of such a scenario would have a duty as a pharmacist and a person not to cooperate in such an evil even under pain of serious adverse ramifications."

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A final cruelty

Terri Schiavo became DISABLED on Feb 25, 1990. She did NOT depart this earth.

She DIED and DEPARTED this earth on March 31, 2005, at the request of her husband and the order of a judge, after two weeks of dehydration/starvation.

He kept 'his promise'? What about the one to forsake all others ... all the days of their lives...? OH, I get it, he thinks she died on the day she collapsed...

He is wrong.

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I have often said that the killing of Terri Schiavo was what the Nazi's did in their T4 program, but many have no idea what that was. In the title of this note, and incorporated here in a hyperlink are two separate places where I have found Susan Benedict's written work about the program.

If you already understand what I have been saying, then reading this may just give you a little more information. If, however, you think that this is just my imagination, then I dare you to read it slowly and compare the words used then with the phrases used by Felos and many others, especially those who say that Terri and other disabled 'would not want to live this way'... 'what kind of life do they have'.... 'it was merciful to let her go'.... 'it was time to end her suffering'.... she died LONG ago, and it was time for her body to be released'...etc etc etc. Read the article slowly.

Slowly? Why slowly? So that you can stop the programed reaction and absorb the truth of what is happening.

God bless.

OH, by the way, this program started because a parent of a disabled child ... well, go read it for yourself..... It all starts here:

Susan Benedict, CRNA, DSN, FAAN Copyright, Susan Benedict
Background own comments inserted in this color...

Before the time of the genocide of millions known as the Holocaust, the German government established "euthanasia" programs for handicapped German children and adults. Nurses were participants in both. In reality, these programs had little to do with the contemporary understanding of the word "euthanasia". In actuality, the programs were the involuntary killing of handicapped children and adults that were sanctioned by the government and society.

HHHmmm, since 1990, Nancy Cruzan, we now have court sanctioned killing of handicapped adults here in the US... and it went even further and became more blatant with the killing of Terri Schiavo, based on hearsay evidence and in violation of many Florida laws for the treatment of disabled people....

The origins of planned euthanasia were in place earlier than the Nazi era. "The idea of ending 'lives not worth living' did not begin with the Nazis, but had been discussed in the legal and medical literatures since the end of the First World War", with supportive articles appearing in both European and American literature (Proctor, 1992, p. 24). In 1920, Dr. Alfred Hoche, a physician, and Karl Binding published a pamphlet entitled "The Sanctioning of the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Living". The emphasis of the book was on the reduction of suffering of the acutely ill and their families (Nadav, 1994, p. 45). Later, in 1935, Hitler told the Reich physician leader, Dr. Gerhard Wagner, that he would implement euthanasia once war began (US Military Tribunal, Transcripts of the Proceedings in Case 1, p. 2482, Testimony of Karl Brandt).

"Terri has suffered long enough....same with Nancy, Christine, etc "

The German people were exposed to the idea of euthanasia through posters, movies, and books supporting the destruction of "lives not worth living". A 1936 book entitled Sendung und Gewissen (Mission and Conscience) was published in Germany by an ophthamologist and was widely read. This novel told the story of a young wife with multiple sclerosis who was euthanized by her physician-husband. This novel was important in preparing the ground for the euthanasia programs (Proctor, 1988, p. 183). It was made into a movie "Ich Klage an!" ("I Accuse") and was widely shown during these years. Two other popular movies of the time also dealt with euthanasia, Life Unworth Life (1934-1935) and Presence without Life (1940-1941) (Amir, 1977, p. 97). "Opfer der Vergangenheit (Victims of the Past, 1937) was produced under Hitler's direct order and shown by law in all 5,300 German theaters" (Michalczyk, 1994, p. 65). These films argued that keeping seriously ill people alive was against the basic principles of nature (Michalczyk, 1994, p. 65).

Posters were displayed throughout German showing a healthy German supporting on his shoulders the weight of handicapped individuals with the saying "You Are Sharing the Load! A Genetically Ill Individual Costs Approximately 50,000 Reichsmarks by the Age of Sixty" (Gross, 1935, p. 335). Even high school textbooks contained mathematical problems using the cost of caring for the mentally ill as examples (Dorner, 1935). The elderly and the ill, too, were considered by some to be burdens: "It must be made clear to anyone suffering from an incurable disease that the useless dissipation of costly medications drawn from the public store cannot be justified" and " made no sense for persons 'on the threshold of old age' to receive services such as orthopedic therapy or dental bridgework; such services were to be reserved for healthier elements of the population" (Proctor, 1988, p. 183). It is important to see these attitudes as the context for nursing at that time.

NOW, go read the rest of the article. THANK you to Susan Benedict, RN.

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