Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Canon Lawyer Discusses Crimen

After Death Do We Part

by Pete Vere, JCL


Like many people, I was disturbed by news of Michael Schiavo’s recent wedding to his fiancée Jody Centonze. As Gudrun Schultz reported on Life Site News, "Michael Schiavo, who had his disabled wife Terri killed last March by refusing her food and water, was re-married last Saturday in the Roman Catholic Church of Espiritu Santo in Florida. Schiavo married Jodi Centonze. He had two children with her during the years he worked towards achieving Terri’s death."

See the rest of the article................

Pete Vere has written more on the subject of Crimen, and raises again the question of scandal in the Diocese of St Petersburg, Florida, Espiritu Santo Catholic Church actions regarding the attempted Marriage of Michael Schiavo and Jodi Centonze recently, after Edward Peters had introduced the topic.

Pete Vere also includes the address of Francis Cardinal Arinze at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments for anyone who is concerned and wishes to request an investigation into the possible scandal and impediment of Crimen.

Francis Cardinal Arinze, Prefect
Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments
Palazzo delle Congregazioni
Piazza Pio XII, 10

The article is has a very good explanation of exactly what is involved in removing the Impediment, and his reasons for believing that this has not been done. He also does not just implicate Michael alone.

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Gianna Jessen, In Her Own Words (2000)

Just read this again a bit ago... It speaks louder each time I see it. Partial birth abortion came about because of those like Gianna Jessen. Her own words can be found here. And there is a book about her that I had not known about until I found this site.

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The Library of Congress > THOMAS Home > Congressional Record > Search Results

GIANNA JENSEN, A SURVIVOR OF ABORTION (House of Representatives - October 08, 1991)

[Page: H7561]

(Mr. SMITH of New Jersey asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker, on Friday I hosted a Capitol Hill press conference, and our special guest, Gianna Jensen, a spunky 14-year-old girl who survived a salt-poisoning abortion, is now going public with her story.

The medical records which I have seen show that as an unborn baby of about 24 weeks' gestation, Gianna was injected with high-concentrated saline solution with the intent to kill her. Of course, under Roe versus Wade, such violence against children is perfectly legal. Unborn children have no rights. Although the poisonous salt solution worked on Gianna's fragile body for 5 hours, she nevertheless survived. She was injured and today bears some of the scars and a mild case of cerebral palsy. But she is alive, she is well and full of life.

Mr. Speaker, how do the proabortionists react to a survivor like Gianna?

Mr. Speaker, they respond by devising more efficient means of killing.

In the Washington Times, on Saturday, their story about Gianna, Susan Shermer of the National Abortion Federation, said, `The way most abortions are performed today, most physicians make sure there is fetal demise.'

`Ensuring fetal demise,' what an antiseptic, euphemistic way of saying, `Make sure that the baby is dead.'

Mr. Speaker, it is a national scandal that each day over 4,000 babies are killed by chemical abortion or by dismemberment. Every child killed, every child killed by abortion and those who will die today are exactly like Gianna Jensen. This Congress should rise to their defense.

[Page: H7562]

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wedding Plans, Mother of Groom, continued....

Ok, So I gave up. I will not be trying on any more store bought dresses for my son's wedding!!

But I want to thank you for the prayers.

I spoke to my seamstress friend from Michigan who had made my oldest daughter's BEAUTIFUL Silk wedding dress. She gave me the professional website to see if one listed was near me. I found a lady on there from my area!! But she has a bad back, and I was not comfortable with waiting for her back to be better, so I told her I would hang onto her name, but I also kept looking.

My sister in law (M's brother's wife) knew someone, but she also has a problem, had recent surgery on her neck!! Told me to go to a place called Alban's ... well known for making much of the wardrobe for the Miss Wisconsin Pageant...

Went to work, and somehow got talking about looking for a place, and Alban's came up.
A woman there said "Hang on, I have a paper from them..!" She told me to ask for Meg B---s and to tell Meg that she had recommended her.

Ok, we called, made an appointment... Got there JUST on time, and as we were talking and describing, looking at pattern books, picking pieces of one outfit and bits of others, the woman was sketching on a pad.

I had NO idea who the woman I was talking to was, but while we were doing all of this, I told her about Catherine telling me to ask for Meg B---s... she smiled and said... well, you got me!

SOOOO, we then went around the shop looking to see if my daughter could find a color similar to the girls' dresses. She found one that she thought was pretty close to the color "Sea Mist".

Where DO they get the names of those colors???

We began to look at colors that would not clash with it, and found an evergreen *hunter* kind of green that blended well...

That just happens to be a color I LIKE, and one that looks nice on me! It also would be ok with the Mother of the Bride, who has chosen a brown color to wear.

She asked me if I liked lace and/or beads/sequins, and showed me one gorgeous lace material that had the right scalloping, with beads and sequins... it went WELL with the other...

She showed me another edging that also did, but just was not as pretty... so the lace was perfect.

(That after telling her that I am more of a 'plain' type person than beads and sequins....grin )

I said... "Go for it!!"

My daughter said, "Mom... maybe we should go and make SURE it does not clash first...??"

(When did she get to be so practical???)

SO... we cut swatches from some of their leftovers of the two materials, and told Meg that as soon as we had checked at the Bridal Shop, we'd call back and either ok it--- or tell her we'd be back to find a different color...


So, I am going to have a two piece outfit made.

It will have an "A"line style skirt and a short sleeve top that is a little longer than most in the stores are, with scalloped edges on sleeves and along the bottom (there was JUST enough of the lace to comfortably make almost any style top we choose... !!! ) An organza (?) will be put under the lace sleeve just for a little less of a 'bare' look.... The neckline is a sweetheart style.

It all fell right into place.

I have a first fitting for the muslin top that will allow her to fit it to me, and make it the length we want, before she actually cuts into the lace and other material... on Feb 16.

AND, she said that there is NOTHING to worry about as for the timing of the wedding, ... there is PLENTY of time ...

And YES, she also DOES make 'professional' women's suits.... something I have wanted to do for years! And yes, she can make a few skirts/slacks to go with the jacket or jackets for a 'wardrobe' ...

COOL, huh?

AND... MEG is, I believe, possibly married to a relative of Mom's!!

Thanks for the prayers....God is good.

But, I had to pass up a 13 week LPN travel position in Hawaii .... thought that Kev and Katie would just not appreciate me being gone until like two days before the wedding... sigh... can't have everything, huh?...


( I didn't even apply for it. I was a good mom.... lol. )

Now I have missed Alaska for my grandson, and Hawaii for my son....
Someday my ship will come in...

Now, if my son could just find the song....

Update June 27, 2006 The Wedding

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King has passed away

Family members announced that Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King had died Jan 30, 2006. Details had not yet been released. She was 78.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Jacksonville Conference

You know how it goes when you really wanted to be someplace but couldn't go, and then you begin to hear about it?

And it went as well or better than you had KNOWN it would be?

Would the word envious fit? Jealous? Yes! ARGH!..............

That is the position I am in now, as I begin to hear about the Light to the Gentiles Conference in Jacksonville, Florida this past weekend. "500++" attendees, just as I had felt that there would be....

More to follow as it comes in from some of the speakers and the attendees. Eventually, tapes or CD's of the talks may be available, and updated websites will give more information.

Meanwhile, start saving!

NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM has just been changed to THIS YEAR in Jerusalem!

** The Holy Land Light to the Gentiles Conference is December 15-16 THIS YEAR preceded by a pilgrimage tour from December 8th through December 14th. Spiritual Director is Father Peter Sabbath. Participants include Dr., Paul Schenck, Father David Jaeger, Father Mitch Pacwa, and Roy Schoeman. Total cost is $2,099. A brochure is available from Consolidated Tours 1-800-554-4556.

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Debate/Discussion on Alito Vote is Over

They vote for or against him tomorrow morning, 11:00 AM ET.

Even Kohl voted aye! Heard that one with my own ears!

Did not catch the total votes for cloture or against.

So tomorrow we know for certain. Today, I have no doubt he will be approved, probably by the same vote totals that they had today.

God bless!

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Vote for Cloture in Senate Now On-going.....

They are now voting on cloture for Samuel Alito's up or down vote tomorrow. They need 60 in order to go ahead with the vote.

All 55 Republicans will vote for cloture, plus the Seven Democrats of the Fourteen are expected to vote this way. There may be others, but all they need is 60.

If they reach 60, Alito's up or down vote will be held tomorrow at 11:00 ET, and all that will be needed then is a simple majority, and he will be confirmed as a US Supreme Court Justice.

Kennedy and Kerry may not have enough to get the filibuster...

"Baby" Samuel Armas Update

No one could ever forget the photo taken by Michael Clancy of Baby Samuel reaching out of his mother's uterus and holding the finger of the doctor doing surgery on him for Spina Bifida, could they? The photo has circled the globe since it was published.

(Permission from Michael Clancy given Feb 4, 2006 to use the photo) The story in PDF format is here.

An update on him was published awhile back, which appeared on Free Republic and showed him with his mother. And now, another update can be found here.

He is now six years old, and Samuel has another brother, Zachary, who had the same defect.

Other sites about Samuel:

The "Hand of Hope"

Baby Samuel's Mother Recounts the "Joy of Knowing This Child"

Struggling Photographer Chooses Principle Over Money

The Wonder of Life in the Womb

1/6/2001 - Agape News - "Happy Birthday, Samuel!"

There are others out there that I have seen, but don't have time to look for.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

To Dance With My Son On His Wedding Day....

Update June 27, 2006 The Wedding
Further updated July 18, 2006

  • I Danced With My Son On His Wedding Day... ( with pictures)

  • We have been discussing center pieces ( I am buying them, they are planning them) and songs to dance to at his wedding in May.

    I have always liked Rod Stewart's 'Forever Young' whenever I have thought of him, but that is not an easy one to dance to.

    So I asked some friends to think about it, and one came up with Reba's song, "You're Gonna Be", which made me cry. The weight was wrong, but the words were right.

    So tonight, he says, this one? And he sends me to a page with a group and lyrics I have never heard... Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband singing "Dream Big" but it just does not do much for me. They do for him, as he says that this is what I taught him.

    Ok, so we have one misty eyed song, and one not... when he adds another to the mix. I searched for it, found it, and again... tears form.

    "THE MAN YOU'VE BECOME" (3:14) A mother's song for her son (Molly Pasutti)
    (Listen to the MP3 / See Lyrics)

    But listed right below THAT one is another....

    "IN YOUR EYES" (3:42) A son's tribute to his mother (David Chamberlin)
    (Listen to the MP3 / See Lyrics) now we have three that bring tears to my eyes, one that does not, but that he likes...

    I told him that it has been so long since I have slow-danced that I will need practice anyway, and will probably step on his toes...

    He said that would be ok.

    So, any preferences? He laughed when I said I was putting this on the blog....


    June 15, 2006

    I have been being visited by many searching for "songs for my son for his wedding", etc from Google and yahoo. This is the one that comes up the most often in the searches. BUT, no one sticks around to find out what happened, or what song we finally chose!! lol SO, I am adding this note with others to check out. Our song was finally given to us by BG from Contratimes. And it is none of those that WE had found. To learn which one my son chose for his dance with his mother, you can read more "Full Wedding Coverage" ..... heck, you may even see some photos.... lol!

    God bless!!

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