Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pope considers receiving Episcopalians and Anglicans into Church

Oh, when I read this, I was thinking it may be time to begin really 'Looking Up'... perhaps not just yet, but what good news THIS is!

God bless!

Pope considers receiving Episcopalians and Anglicans into Church

Vatican City, November 23 (CNA).-Today the Pope discussed how to deal with the requests of increasing numbers of Episcopalians and Anglicans who want to join the Roman Catholic Church.

According to Times Online, the Holy Father, who is making the reunification of Christendom a goal of his pontificate, met with cardinals from around the world to consider requests from three US Episcopal bishops and a group of traditionalist Anglicans to be received into the Church.

The meeting in Rome comes on the eve of the consistory to create 23 new cardinals.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Archbishop DiNardo's twin sister reflects

Archbishop DiNardo's twin sister reflects on brother's elevation

Houston, November 22 (CNA).-Family members of Archbishop of Houston-Galveston Daniel DiNardo on Monday traveled to Rome for his elevation to the cardinalate.

Peg Riesmeyer, Cardinal-designate DiNardo's twin sister, was born just nine minutes before her brother.  Before leaving for Rome she reflected on the family's reaction to the news.

"No way could I have anticipated this particular blessing on him and on our family, so it's extraordinary. We're thrilled," she said.

Mrs. Riesmeyer said Cardinal-designate DiNardo was drawn to the priestly life at an early age.  As a child he even pretended to say Mass daily at a homemade altar.  "We always knew that he was going to be a priest and I wasn't even as surprised when he became a bishop because I always thought he had the qualities to be a good bishop."

She said, "You always think there's something wrong when you get a phone call at 5 in the morning, but Dan called and first thing he said was 'This is not bad. Don't worry.' And then told us that he had been named a cardinal and it was just a stunning moment."
Mrs. Riesmeyer considered how their parents, now deceased, would have reacted to the news their son had been elevated to the cardinalate.

"That to me is one of the biggest thrills is how happy they would be. They were elated when he became a bishop, that their son received those honors, so I can imagine that they are just rejoicing in heaven that this happened to their son," she said.

About 1.3 million Catholics live in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.  Cardinal-designate DiNardo will become Texas' first cardinal after his official elevation on Saturday.

NewsFlash--Terri's Family Want Media to Report Accurately about Her and Stop False Statements

This is a VERY important news story to read. VERY important, especially if YOU are one who THINKS that Terri Schiavo was "Brain Dead".

She wasn't. Never came close to being 'brain dead', either.

She WAS disabled due to a brain injury. There is evidence that the PVS diagnosis ascribed to her was also a gross error.

She did not deserve to be starved/dehydrated to death.

You can read this same news release on many sites.
God bless!

Stephanopoulos Asked to Correct Reporting of Terri Schiavo's Medical Condition

Contact: Bobby Schindler, The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation, 727-490-7603,

videos of Terri

Misinformation continues to spread about Terri Schiavo's death

Tampa, November 22 (CNA).-This past Monday on the show "This Week", George Stephanopoulos, in an interview with Senator Fred Thompson, commented that Terri Schiavo's autopsy proved she was "brain dead." The New York Times also reported on this interview, repeating that the autopsy proved Terri was "brain dead."

This is patently false and Terri's family is requesting that the media immediately stop using this offensive and inaccurate expression to describe her condition.

Terri's brother, Bobby Schindler, explained that, "Brain death is an authentic diagnosis, not some catch phrase that should be loosely used based upon a 'summary of widespread response' or opinions that have been written about my sister. … He emphasized that "not one doctor ever diagnosed Terri as being 'brain-dead.' This includes those who wrote her autopsy report. All of this information is easily available and accessible."

Schindler also pointed out another inaccuracy in the reporting of his sister's death, "[r]arely, if ever, mentioned in media reports are the more than 40 doctors' affidavits submitted to the court that either contradicted that Terri was in a so-called PVS or stated that she could have been helped with proper rehabilitation."

The media also fails to report the medical records confirming that Terri at one time was beginning to speak, or the videos of Terri interacting with her family and her surroundings, all of which prove that she was very much alive, and very much responsive. Schindler added, "This has been a major problem with the mainstream media - not just that they are writing that Terri was brain dead, but how they continue to inaccurately and irresponsibly report blatant falsehoods regarding my sister's condition."

Schiavo's autopsy itself proved that, prior to her death, she was never dying, was physically healthy and would have lived a long life had she not been dehydrated over a period of two weeks. The autopsy was also unable to determine whether or not Terri was actually in a persistent vegetative state, as her estranged husband, Michael Schiavo, and his attorney claimed in their quest to have her killed.

Suzanne Vitadamo, Terri's sister, adds, "If the media took the time to research Terri's case, perhaps they would understand that she was simply a woman living with a disability, just like the 50 million persons living with a disability in our country today, and was in need of only love and compassion. The media's continuing quest to somehow justify her death is offensive to her memory and even more offensive to the tens of thousands of people who live with cognitive disabilities similar to Terri's."

"Terri was a daughter, a sister and a friend who was loved by many who feel the pain of her loss every single day. She was guilty only of having a brain injury and being dependent on others for her care. Sadly, in today's culture, this was not enough to save her from being killed," said Vitadamo. "My sister fell victim to an ever-growing and dangerous 'quality of life' standard used to decide whether one should live or die."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Walid Shoebat to Speak at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

I would love to make this, but don't think that I can. But any who can, please do!!

God bless!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Nov 20, 2007 8:50 PM


Walid will speak at University of Milwaukee on Tuesday Dec 4th at 7.30pm in the Wisconsin Room.

For people who are not students email us at with your name and tel number to register as University has indicated registered guests as well as UWM ID holders will only be allowed to attend.

We expect the college to cause possible further obstacles (which means they are scared), so all people who live within 100 miles we ask for your attendance and support to show what Freedom means.

The events coordinator has already accused us of being "Rabel Rousers." Amazing since there has never been any rabel rousing at any of our previous events. We are being now being "profiled" by colleges, how ironic that the ones that are against profiling Arabs pick on us. They are such hypocrites.

We take the profiling as a badge honor. The attention we muster means our message is getting through. Also another quote from the events coordinator after we only put up 20 posters and gave out 400 leaflets - "This will be the biggest event the college has had in years" Wow! they are heaping us with praise and prestige.

Lets Roll and give them the show they are so nervous about!

Pray for a successful event


Keith Davies

Prayer Needed for Family

This is a series of three emails from a woman who wants to convert from Muslim to Catholic, but has not yet been able to,
and has to be very cautious about attending Church, etc. Her name and "child of mine's" are not important.
God knows them. But please do pray for them.

God bless!

Please pray for a child of mine. she wants to come back with her
daughter, but her father has said that to him, she does not exist. I
will stick by her and face everything. Please pray for the softening
of my spouse's heart.
please, she is a good person, who needs love and understanding.
please put her on any prayer list. write to me for her name
(Note from WICatholic... I will not provide this, please do not ask)

oh, by the way, had I lived in some countries, this child of mine
would be in danger of being 'honor killed'.

please pray
Thank you , this is truly a stressful time. I appreciate it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The 'Uniform Divorce' Project- the inside story of 'no-fault' divorce in the U.S.

A lot of very hard work exposing the history of no fault divorce has been done, and has been put on k on a website called

The 'Uniform Divorce' Project- the inside story of 'no-fault' divorce in the U.S.

One of the more important pages to read may easily be the one that leads you to follow through, and check out the rest of the history and information contained on this website. Most people have NO idea that one person has complete control of any divorce proceeding. One person alone can destroy a family for any reason. Only that person can stop the proceedings.

All bold-face below is done by me for emphasis:

I strongly urge everyone to visit this website and study the documents that are there, for a better understanding of what it is, where it came from, and why it is NOT a blessing!

God bless!

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