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I Am America


I have the hope and feeling that the tide is turning also, unless we go back to sleep!

God bless!

Dennis Prager Q & A At University of Denver

Oh, do I ever agree with him~ This is an important message! Very important. Pass it on...

I was going to write a few of his comments/quote him, but the entire video is important.

estan1965 | May 24, 2010

Dennis Prager Q & A At University of Denver. To see what Dennis means when he says The American Trinity", go to and click on "The American Trinity" for a 5 minute video explanation by Dennis. Also, there is another 37 minute speech by Dennis Prager about America's exceptionalism and uniqueness at near the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Lord, Have Mercy!

God bless!

The Left's 2-front war on America by David Kupelian

David Kupelian:

As I document in "How Evil Works," bad guys of all varieties get what they want by two basic techniques:

    1. Seduction: getting what you want by being nice while lying through your teeth; and

    2. Intimidation: getting what you want through cruelty, bullying and force.

One or the other (or both) of these modes are responsible for most of the predatory and abusive relationships we encounter not only in our personal lives, but also on the national and world stage.

An interesting viewpoint:

The Left's 2-front war on America

The erosion of religious freedom By George Weigel

The erosion of religious freedom

By George Weigel

Connoisseurs of political kamikaze runs will long debate what finished off Martha Coakley in the recent Massachusetts election to fill the seat Edward M. Kennedy held for 47 years.

The baseball fan in me likes to think it was Coakley’s bizarre charge that Curt (“Bloody Sock”) Schilling was a Yankees fan—a gaffe in Red Sox Nation commensurate with claiming that the late Senator Kennedy had been a George W. Bush fan. Yet there was another clumsy Coakleyism that ought to have enraged a considerable part of the Bay State electorate. Pressed by an interviewer on what Catholic physicians, nurses and other health-care workers should do when they cannot in conscience provide certain services or conduct certain procedures, Coakley replied, “You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.”

A month earlier, speaking at Georgetown University, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton offered a similarly diminished view of religious freedom when she declined to use that term, substituting “freedom to worship” in a catalogue of fundamental human rights that included a striking innovation. Asserting that people must be free to “choose laws and leaders, to share and access information, to speak, criticize and debate,” the secretary of state then averred that people “must be free … to love in the way they choose.” For those with ears to hear in Gaston Hall that day, the promotion of the so-called LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/ transgendered) agenda had just been declared a human rights priority of the United States, in the same sentence in which the secretary of state had offered an anorexic description of religious freedom that even the Saudis could accept (so long as the worshipping was done behind closed doors in a U.S. embassy).

One has to wonder if there is a connection here.

Finish reading his column:


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Planned Parenthood Founder: Large Families Should Kill Infants

UNBELIEVABLE... I thought I knew a lot about her, but I had not ever read nor heard this ...

Shocking, but true.

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger wrote the following in a book titled, “Woman and the new race“:

The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.

Note that she is not talking about abortion here but rather talking about BORN children. I am sure that some people reading this post are thinking that this statement is a fabrication or a distortion. If that is you, I would direct you to this scan of the page from her book where the statement is found:

You also can read the whole book online from Google books here.

I wonder, honestly, which of my siblings my parents should have 'done in'... Me? The oldest, born female?? The youngest? Born Female??
Or any of the other 8?

Would they be better off with the four males? If one female... which of the six would they have kept?? Would five children be considered a 'Large Family'?? So, one female, one male? Which of the ten??

Evil. Sheer evil. And people HONOR others in her name.


Read the rest of
Planned Parenthood Founder: Large Families Should Kill Infants

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Chihuahua Hero Saves 4-Year-Old Boy From Two Pit Bulls

I cannot imagine the terror in this house~ and that brave little dog. I've never thought of a chihuahua as a brave animal... just a barker, usually. What a treasure this family lost. Thank God the kids were safe... There is a photo of the valiant dog with the article.

Chihuahua Hero Saves 4-Year-Old Boy From Two Pit Bulls

Christian Missionaries Arrested at Dearborn

Contacted for a comment, Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, stated:

"These Christian missionaries were exercising their Constitutional rights to free speech and the free exercise of religion, but apparently the Constitution carries little weight in Dearborn, where the Muslim population seems to dominate the political apparatus. It's apparent that these arrests were a retaliatory action over the embarrassing video of the strong arm tactics used last year by Festival Security Guards. This time, the first thing police officers did before making the arrests was to confiscate the video cameras in order to prevent a recording of what was actually happening."

Find the entire article:

Christian Missionaries Arrested at Dearborn-by

Google to compensate gay and lesbian employees

Google to compensate gay and lesbian employees - San Jose Mercury News

Using benefits such as paying in lieu of....?

Lord have Mercy.

Tea Party Jesus: a sad attempt at humor

Disingenuous to say the least. I agree with this writer's observations, and also find it to be very poor taste, to say the least. Also... the 'author' isn't even identified other than by an email address to

Lord, have Mercy.....

Disappointing, But Not Unexpected: HuffPo 'Comedy' Celebrates 'Tea Party Jesus' |

Wis. Supreme Court upholds gay marriage ban

Wis. Supreme Court upholds 'gay marriage' ban (

Judge grants ex-Israeli spy US asylum

Judge grants ex-Israeli spy US asylum

Thank goodness!

Cal Thomas: Deporting the Wrong Man

Townhall - Deporting the Wrong Man - Former Justice Department Lawyer Accuses Holder of Dropping New Black Panther Case for Racial Reasons

I am really not looking forward to the November elections. I am really apprehensive about a lot of things that could happen, even unthinkable events.

A former Justice Department attorney who quit his job to protest the Obama administration's handling of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case is accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of dropping the charges for racially motivated reasons.

J. Christian Adams, now an attorney in Virginia and a conservative blogger for Pajamas Media, says he and the other Justice Department lawyers working on the case were ordered to dismiss it.

"I mean we were told, 'Drop the charges against the New Black Panther Party,'" Adams told Fox News, adding that political appointees Loretta King, acting head of the civil rights division, and Steve Rosenbaum, an attorney with the division since 2003, ordered the dismissal.

Asked about the Justice Department's claim that they are career attorneys, not political appointees, Adams said "obviously, that's false."

"Under the vacancy reform act, they were serving in a political capacity," he said. "This is one of the examples of Congress not being told the truth, the American people not being told the truth about this case. It's one of the other examples in this case where the truth simply is becoming another victim of the process."

What happened to the promise that this would be an open and honest administration?

But Adams told Fox News that politics and race was at play in the dismissal.

"There is a pervasive hostility within the civil rights division at the Justice Department toward these sorts of cases," Adams told Fox News' Megyn Kelly.

Adams says the dismissal is a symptom of the Obama administration's reverse racism and that the Justice Department will not pursue voting rights cases against white victims.

"In voting, that will be the case over the next few years, there's no doubt about it," he said.

In an opinion article published in the Washington Times last week, Adams said the dismissal "raises serious questions about the department's enforcement neutrality in upcoming midterm elections and the subsequent 2012 presidential election."

Why are Tea Party members the ones called racist simply because they do not like the policies and spending (and resulting taxes) of this administration....yet things like this happen and are not called 'racist'?

But Adams said in the Times article that the department ordered the attorneys "to ignore the subpoena, lawlessly placing us in an unacceptably legal limbo."

Adams also says that after the dismissal, Justice Department attorneys were instructed not to bring any more cases against racial minorities under the Voting Section.

Adams told Fox News that the New Black Panther case was the "easiest I ever had at the Justice Department.

"It doesn't get any easier than this," he said. "If this doesn't constitute voter intimidation, nothing will."

I truly have to agree. And I fear that there will be MUCH more of it in the future, especially since there are so many people so very upset (and peacefully protesting) with the policies of this administration, and the Legislative Branch of our government...

Lord have Mercy!

Read the full story here: - Former Justice Department Lawyer Accuses Holder of Dropping New Black Panther Case for Racial Reasons

Study: Divorce Spreads Through Social Networks

Why a study would need to be done when anyone can just observe for a few years and see that this is true, I'll never know, but... those of us who KNOW it is true will pay attention while those who justify their own... probably won't. (Some may, but not many). Ah, well...

Study: Divorce Spreads Through Social Networks

Tuesday June 29, 2010

Study: Divorce Spreads Through Social Networks

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

SANTA BARBARA, CA, June 29, 2010 ( - A study published by the Social Science Research Network has found that likelihood of divorce is influenced by the social network in which a person is involved.

James H. Fowler and Rose McDermott of the Department of Political Science at the University of California, and Nicholas A. Christakis of Harvard University, utilized a longitudinal data set from the well-known Framingham-Heart Study to explore how social networks influence divorce.

"Divorce is the dissolution of a social tie, but it is also possible that attitudes about divorce flow across social ties," said Dr. Fowler.

The researchers report that, "We find that divorce can spread between friends, siblings, and coworkers, and there are clusters of divorcees that extend two degrees of separation in the network."

While most people think that divorce is a matter between a couple or within a family, the researchers say that "divorce should be understood as a collective phenomenon that extends far beyond those directly affected."

The report also states that married parents with children are less influenced by divorces within their social network than childless couples, and the more children the couple has, the less the influence.

"Interestingly, we do not find that the presence of children influences the likelihood of divorce, but we do find that each child reduces the susceptibility to being influenced by peers who get divorced," the report says.

"Overall," the report concludes, "the results suggest that attending to the health of one’s friends’ marriages serves to support and enhance the durability of one’s own relationship."

The full text of the report, titled "Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Unless Everyone Else is Doing it Too: Social Network Effects on Divorce in a Longitudinal Sample Followed for 32 Years," is available here.

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One Ball: Dog vs. Deer. [VIDEO]

This is really cute play between a fawn and a dog...both of them even seem to respond to the whistle of the woman taping this!! =D

One Ball: Dog vs. Deer. [VIDEO]