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Matt DuBay and the National Center for Men--Lawsuit filed.

Matt Dubay claims that his former
girlfriend told him she was unable to get pregnant.

Long ago, when a girl became pregnant out of wedlock, she often did not really have much 'choice' in what was going to be done. Parents often sent her out of town, or to an unwed mother's home and told her not to return with the baby, or she would not have a home to return to, etc. Often, it was the 'embarrassment' that the family would have because of an 'illegitimate child'.

Back then, sometimes the father was told about the pregnancy and chose to 'desert' the mother. Sometimes, the father was told and wanted to marry the mother (and at times, they did), but the mother refused, or the parents said no to underage children getting married. Boy continued school, girl was sent away.

Sometimes, too, the birth father was never told about the baby, for reasons that I never understood.

When adoption was 'chosen' for the baby by the mother (OR by her parents--"don't come back with the kid, because you won't have a home to come back to if you do" ... one of the many scenarios back then...) the father was not involved in any way. His name did not appear on birth certificates even when the baby was kept, much less when placed for adoption. Those who WANTED to help raise or to keep their child quickly learned that the State said nope, a father is not capable of raising a child, and refused to allow it.

Enter a few men who fought the battle in court. Some lost. But then, some began to win.

The rules began to change slowly. First, child support began to be court-ordered for unwed mothers who chose to KEEP their babies in the early seventies. A very close friend of mine got a whopping $25 per month (told that if they had been married and divorced, she would have been getting MUCH more than that, in 1971, closer to $100 per month... we realized she was being 'punished' for his having left her the night she told him she was pregnant...)

The father's rights began to get a little bit of respect when they had to have their own rights terminated before a child could be placed for adoption. Some refused to sign the termination papers, and fought the Judges who wanted to simply terminate them regardless. Some won, and raised their child. Many lost for awhile.

As more began to win, some birth mothers, at first seriously thinking of placing the child for adoption then began to refuse to let the birthfather have the child by also refusing to terminate parental rights. "He is NOT going to have the baby!"

About the same time, Roe v Wade was going through the court system. Then Doe and others. And abortion became legal across the country. The argument was that women had a 'right' to do whatever they wanted to do with 'their bodies', and the man had no right to tell them what to do about it. This became a very clear message to everyone with ensuing court challenges over the years.

Some men 'forced' their girl friends/wives to get an abortion with threats, etc (much as some had been 'forced' by parental threats of no home to return to if they kept the baby...). Some told the woman that they would support any decision made... Some did not want any abortion and begged the mother not to have one, begged to be allowed to raise their child.

Seldom did they get the choice to do so. They had no choice.

So, we had the woman making the decision to have sex, finding herself pregnant, making the decision about going through with the pregnancy or not. If she chose abortion, the father had no rights. If she chose to go through with it, she then had the choice of keeping the child or placing it for adoption...

If she chose adoption, the birthfather also finally had a choice to allow that adoption or to raise the child. So we ended up with cases like Baby Richard in some instances, where birth mother lied about the baby to the birthfather... The adoptive parents never stood a chance to keep their son, because the birth father had never been told, and had never terminated his rights to his son. They fought a fight that could not be won. Both sides hurt that little boy tremendously.
If she chose to keep the child, the father was taken to court voluntarily or involuntarily to be court-ordered to pay child support until the child was 18/out of high school.

Again, he had no choice in the matter, even if he was willing to place the child for adoption.

(I want to be clear here... a child needs to be supported by both parents financially and in all ways, whether raised by birth parents or adoptive parents... )

Women may have, with all the arguments used over the years... technically 'screwed' themselves.

One main argument that has been used, including to help get Roe through the court system was her 'right' to her body, her 'right' to decide to parent or not to parent the child... to have the child or not have the child....

Enter Matt DuBay from Saginaw MI, who claims that he TOLD the mother of his child before they had sex that he did NOT want a child. He says she told HIM that she could not get pregnant. She did. She kept the baby. He is court-ordered now to pay $500/month child support.

Enter the National Center for Men who prepared and filed a lawsuit in Michigan's US District Court on his behalf.

These articles on Fox News and on CNN go into more detail about the arguments that are part of the lawsuit that has been filed. On the O'Reilly Factor last night, the attorney explained the case and his views. Go here, click on the link to view more videos on the right of the page, then find the O'Reilly Factor on the left side of that screen, and click on the picture below:

Unwanted Babies
Should men be forced to financially support babies they do not want?

It will be very interesting to see what happens. It will also be interesting to know if others will join Matt DuBay in his fight.... unfortunately... he may win.

And if he does.... again a child will lose.

I also have found a man, Rob B of FileItUnder.Com, who says it better than I can.

Better than O'Reilly did last night.

Everything I thought when I heard about this.

It is also my thought when I hear a woman say SHE does not want to be a mother right now, and it is her right to choose to do with her body (forgetting the body of the baby who is the only one not given any choice in the matter...).

Basically he says, If you can't raise a child, if you cannot afford a child at this time, make the wise CHOICE to not do what it takes to MAKE the child. But he says it better, minus the language. (Warning, language here)

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David Warren article: "Modesty"

David Warren has an interesting essay online that poses an interesting question:

Am I perhaps a little odd in finding modestly-dressed women attractive? It is hard to tell how odd, for men seldom discuss such things among ourselves. In moments, I’ve suspected this is our best-kept secret -- that we don’t actually like women to be dressed or to behave as tarts. (Not just the clothing, but the vocabulary and demeanour.) Still, few of us would say this aloud, especially in a public forum. For it cannot possibly be “politically correct”.

Diogenes brought this to greater attention in HIS essay, here.

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More on Ilan...

Smooth Stone has another post on Ilan with a NYTimes article. Smooth quoted a young French-Arab man who said that he knew that 'they' had someone 'down there', but denied knowing that 'they' were torturing him.

The article also says that 19 people have already been arrested, including the head honcho, a man named Fofana. An arogant (pardon) bastard who had the audacity to call Ilan's father, girlfriend and others to threaten them after he learned that his name and picture were in the papers after arrests began to take place... thinking he was 'safe' over on the Ivory Coast. He even sat 'smiling and relaxed' in an interview from the police station in Abidjan that was broadcast in France...

Even more distressing and chilling was the end of the article ....quote:

Standing in the doorway in Bagneux near where Mr. Halimi was held, the young French-Arab man smiled when asked about Mr. Fofana. "He was nice, everybody liked him," he said. "If the police bring him back here, the guys in the neighborhood will liberate him."

Wafa Sultan Interview on Israel National Radio

Keith Davies sent out an alert before the interview, which I have changed slightly in the first paragraph, to bring it up to date and make it more accurate

Wafa Sultan, who many would have heard about from "her brave and courageous outspoken interview on Al Jazeerah", made her debut ( English speaking ) radio interview on on March 7th at 10.30 pm EST on the Tovia Singer Show. It is not yet archived on their website.

The rest of Keith Davies' email said:

For anyone who has not seen her interview on Al Jazeerah please view the link below.

We hope to bring you more significant news concerning our Foundation's work very soon.

Truth and justice for Israel and Western civilization is just around the corner.


Keith Davies
Director Shoebat Foundation

An Icon

Janjan from With Issue has a really nice post on her blog that gives a wonderful story of an Icon from Russia donated to a Florida Catholic Church by a couple who saw the love of the parishoners for the artwork.

Follow her hyperlinks to get a more full story than what she has written. It is heart-warming....

I do have to personally say one thing about some of the articles. Catholics do not 'pray TO' any artwork, but 'to' the person that it reminds me of. Even the 'pray to' of that statement is often misconstrued by many.

Just as personal family portraits remind us of loved ones, so too do the statues, pictures, icons remind us of a person. We worship the Triune God; we admire and hold in the highest esteem, Mary, His Mother, and we admire and hold in high esteem those who are now part of the Church Triumphant (the Saints in Heaven). When we say 'pray to' in relationship to them, we mean 'talk to' or 'ask', just as we would mean if we asked you to intercede with us for someone who is ill or in need of prayer for any reason.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lest We Forget.... The Murder of Ilan Halimil

Janjan asks, "Promise me God is keeping score." With Issue has pointed us to a First Things article by Guy Millière on the Death of Ilan Halimil in France simply because he was Jewish. Since Ilan was found, dying, more information has been learned by French reporters. And if one simply looks, there is ample more evidence. GM has other examples in his article, too, besides these two.

So, how do we answer Janjan?

This young Parisian Jew was kidnapped by a gang of thugs on January 21st and held captive for three weeks. On February 13th, early in the morning, he was found on the edge of a railway station, naked and handcuffed, his body covered with burn marks from acid and cigarettes. He had been savagely tortured and stabbed in the neck. He was not dead yet when discovered, but he died a few minutes later.

Since he was found, more information has been learned, and this information includes the fact that the French police knew of the anti-Semitic nature of this kidnapping. But the details of what happened that journalists have been uncovering have ramifications that should horrify anyone.

Two years before Ilan was tortured and murdered, another young Jewish man, Sebastien Sellam, was murdered in a horrendous way by his childhood friend. That friend then went to his home and said "Maman, I murdered my Jew". He never stood trial for the murder, apparently. According to Guy Millière's article and others, "he was sent to jail, then to an insane asylum. He has been declared cured and will be out in April."

Officially it was not deemed anti-Semitism either, and was also ignored or denied by many. Even a 30 yr veteran of the police dep't, himself Jewish, gave the murderer an 'out'...

Representatives of the Jewish community did not attend Sebastien's large funeral. They believed that the murder had been a settling of accounts between two childhood friends, one of whom happened to be a Jew and the other a Muslim. "It was clear to us that there was no nationalistic or anti-Semitic background here," explained one community leader.

Sammy Gozlan, a retired Jewish police inspector, visited the neighborhood to get a closer perspective on the incident. Despite his 30 years' on the Paris police force and his reputation as one of the city's most experienced detectives, he had difficulty arriving at an unambiguous conclusion. "I say that if Sebastien had not been Jewish, he would not have been murdered," he revealed over a meal at the Israel-France kosher restaurant on Boulevard Foch in Paris. "But on the other hand, it was also clear to me that these were two friends, one successful and the other a drug user. The drug user murdered his successful friend out of insane jealousy. Neighbors told me that Adel had become a religious Muslim. That certainly added to his hatred for Sebastien. In this sense, he killed two birds with one stone. He murdered the friend of whom he was jealous, and he got rid of a Jew who symbolized the great failure of his life. After investigating the case, I could not conclude whether the motive was anti-Semitism or insane jealousy. It could have been both."

So, how do we answer Janjan? Because you see, I am convinced that it isn't just the Jewish people this time. When you listen to Iran, and to other Islamofascists talk, you hear (and have heard for a long time)... that we, here in the US are also among the hated Infidels. And in many nations around the world, you find Christians being treated as Infidels.... So how do we answer Janjan and others when the obvious is again being ignored and explained away... so that it will just... go... away...

First they came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me, but by that time, no one was left to speak up.

--Pastor Martin Niemöller, Nazi Germany

Jesus Decoded from USCCB

News Release from the USCCB (thank you, Fredi) :

U.S. Bishops’ Catholic Communication Campaign Plans ‘Jesus De-Coded’ Web Site and Documentary

WASHINGTON (March 7, 2006)—The U.S. Bishops’ Catholic Communication Campaign will offer key resources to provide accurate information on the life of Jesus and the origins of Christianity prior to the release of the movie based on Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code. Resources include a Web site and documentary slated to air on NBC-TV stations. Also being produced is a 16-page booklet on The Authentic Jesus.

On March 9, the CCC will launch an Internet Web site,, to provide accurate information on Jesus, Catholic teaching, and various topics explored in The Da Vinci Code. The Web site will explain Catholic beliefs and include articles from theologians, media commentators, art experts and others that provide background and also rebut the speculation and inaccuracies about Christ and the origins of Christianity. Contributing to the Web site is the prelature of Opus Dei.

Also available in March will be a booklet, The Authentic Jesus, which will address questions raised by The Da Vinci Code and other popular portrayals of Jesus. The booklet, produced by the USCCB Committee on Communications, presents authentic Catholic teaching about Jesus and his divinity, the New Testament, Gnosticism, women and the Church, and other important topics in a convenient question–and–answer format. The Authentic Jesus will be available for individual and bulk sale from USCCB Publishing. Also for sale from USCCB Publishing will be a bulletin insert based on the same material.

Jesus Decoded, a CCC documentary that brings authentic Catholic teaching about Jesus Christ into focus, will be available to NBC-TV stations for broadcast starting the third weekend of May. This first-time airing of the hour-long documentary will highlight clear and accurate information about the person of Jesus, his disciples, and the formation of the books in the canon (or list of books) of the New Testament. Shot on location in Israel, Turkey, and Italy for the CCC by NewGroup Media, Jesus Decoded offers a solid Catholic response to “Da Vinci Code believers,” concentrating especially on the first three centuries of the development of the Church. The program includes interviews with international scholars versed in art, history, and Scripture that help separate Catholic truth from popular fiction. The documentary will be available for purchase on DVD from USCCB Publishing. Further information about the documentary is available at

The Catholic Communication Campaign is an activity of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that develops media programming, public service announcements, and other resources to promote Gospel values. Donations of Catholic parishioners make possible the work of the CCC. For more information, visit our website at: .

USCCB Publishing can be contacted at 1-800-235-8722.

Fr Altier Updated

Mar 5, 2005 6:15 AM
Speaking of Relevant Radio, had an email from someone about Fr Altier being ordered by his Archbishop to no longer be on the Radio and another site. Paul, at Just a Regular Guy, has also been trying to learn why. He has been updating this post continuously as he finds information.

I hope that we learn the truth about it soon, and that Fr Altier can return. Til then, if ever, he will be missed.

Update 3/6 4:15 AM

There are many out there who are trying to learn what and why this has taken place.

A good list can also be found here. You can follow the links for both sites, as well as read the comments sections.

The biggest thing that concerns me is that Fr Altier seems, from all that I have heard and learned from him, as well as bloggers that know him either personally or from being in/near his parish, to be a very faithful priest. Hence, his obedience to his superior does not surprise me in the least. While I find it sad, there have been many in the past who have also had to choose obedience rather than rebellion.

Dissension and strife is not virtuous, while humility, obedience is. God knows the entire story.

We can only pray and wait for the day when he is again allowed to speak/write and teach the Word of God.

(Padre) St. Pio had to do the same. The Venerable Solanus Casey also. These are just two priests. Look what they accomplished for Him. And there are so many others.

Mar 6, 8:20 PM update:

The Provincial Emails has a link to an article on the subject, and had blogged earlier at his site:
Here are my earlier posts on attending Virtus training and on contrasting Virtus myth and Jay Study fact. And here's the archived Fr. Altier site.

Brought up from comments section:

Georgette wrote:
Fr Altier is a wonderfully holy priest loved by his parishioners and listeners and has been going through much persecution from his bishop for being a faithful Catholic priest!

Get the entire story on the censorship of this holy priest here:

and the background on the VIRTUS and "Talk About Touching" programs here:

Mar 7 3:26AM Update:

There is another ongoing and very extensive list here of sites about Fr Altier at Free Republic.

In reading further tonight, I learned that Fr Altier is scheduled to speak for a Marian Eucharistic Conference in North Dakota in October. I am wondering if anyone has heard if this 'silencing' will affect this?

Mar 8, 2006

Has anyone learned the answer to the question above??

Will continue to watch and observe...
bringing this to the top, changing the date.

Harold Cassidy on Relevant Radio re SD Law

South Dakota Law discussion on Relevant Radio with Harold Cassidy is a must listen to and read after the pro-aborts have been putting their slant on it so loudly on the talk shows. Much of what they are saying about it are not true. Sheila and Harold Cassidy have been having a very good series of interviews!

please see my posts here from February15, and a more recent one here, and here.

The Right Questions
with Sheila Liaugminas

The Challenge to Roe v. Wade in South Dakota

The content of the following audio files is the property of Relevant Radio®. Rebroadcast of any part of this audio is prohibited without written permission or acknowledgement of the source.
Harold Cassidy - The Challenge to Roe v. Wade in South Dakota.
Listen (requires Windows Media Player)
Download mp3 of the interview:
Harold Cassidy Part 1
Harold Cassidy Part 2
Harold Cassidy Part 3

Additional information:
Report of the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion: A Closer Look

South Dakota Abortion Task Force Report (Under Construction)

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Haleigh Poutre Eating, Responding

Haleigh is eating soft foods, using hand signals to communicate, and improving.

So why do we not hear more about this on MSM? I am awaiting the results of the probe into this situation, which has now also been delayed. It seems to me that someone in DSS needs to also answer questions as to why she was not helped before it got to this point....

Keep going, Haleigh! We are praying, and rooting for you! God bless!

Note: After writing and publishing this, I went just a little further, and found that Dawn Eden had also written about Haleigh, with this article.

Dana Reeve Has Passed Away Last Night

Dana Reeve Dies of Lung Cancer

Associated Press

SHORT HILLS, N.J. — Dana Reeve, who led the Christopher Reeve Foundation, named for her late actor-husband, has died of lung cancer, the foundation said.

She was 44 years old. May she rest in peace.

Latest News on Deanna and Baby!

Just got an update from Marti on her dil and baby. I told her we'd keep praying! Thank God that
Matthew is doing well. And don't forget to pray for Daddy, Stephen (Blood sugar problems),

From Marti:

--baby coming home Wed. Deanna maybe Fri--hoping all her severe headaches, clots and infection start to show impovement--she is soo weak!--keep praying and thanks so much--In JMJ, Marti

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Bishop Vasa Does It Again!

Thanks to Dad29 for bringing this article to my attention!

I first heard of Bishop Vasa in a group I was in from those who were going to have him as their new Bishop, asking if anyone knew anything about him other than the fact that he was coming from Lincoln, Nebraska. Speculation then was that he would be a 'good' Bishop. He has far passed that viewpoint in my humble opinion, and went straight to the top of my list where there are a few ties for my favorites when he spoke out so very plainly for Terri Schindler Schiavo.

We have all been told 'not to judge lest ye be judged' by people who continually take this verse out of context and turn it into something it is not in order to justify 'tolerance'. It is usually used to 'put us in place' when we speak out against sin of one sort or another.

We also often then hear the famous 'What Would Jesus Do?' with the ensuing explanation that Jesus would just accept and love...etc. Yes, Jesus would love. But Jesus also corrected Sin.

And His followers did not CONTINUE in the sin of their choice when He confronted them, and forgave them. Jesus spoke Truth. Always.

Bishop Vasa says:

We live in an age which places a very strong emphasis on tolerance, mutuality, and acceptance. I have heard repeatedly over the years that “Jesus never judged, condemned or excluded anyone.” I wonder if Peter would agree as the words of Jesus, “Get behind me you Satan,” rang in his ears. I wonder if the Scribes and the Pharisees would agree as they rankled at being called whitened sepulchers or broods of vipers. I wonder if those who heard Jesus say, “Whoever leads one of these little ones astray, it would be better if he had a millstone tied around his neck and be cast into the sea,” nodded approval and said, “He is so tolerant and accepting.”

He continues:

In our “compromising age” we are loath to name something too strongly. If we do, we are accused of harshness, judgmentalism, perhaps arrogance, certainly intolerance and possibly pharisaism. While it is always necessary to speak the truth with love, the Church also believes and teaches that it is also necessary to speak the truth with strength. It is necessary to defend truth and not be too quick to rationalize, justify or excuse misleading teachings or teachers. There is a point at which passive “tolerance” allows misleading teachings to be spread and propagated, thus confusing or even misleading the faithful about the truths of the Church. There is a very strong word, which still exists in our Church, which most of us are too “gentle” to use. The word is “heresy.”

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I Swear They Have Legs....

Doing my laundry tonight and yesterday......tonight I went into the laundry room and almost fell on my .... slipped on one of those used fabric softener cloths.

I have been picking them up and putting them into a wastebasket that has a COVER on it that swings ... I swear that they wait til the lights go off and I exit the room, then gang together and help some 'jump out'!!

Why? Because I always seem to find more scattered here and there in the room, no matter how many times I throw the darn things out!

I can hear them talking.... "Ok, she's gone... lift me up, I'll pull some of you out with me! Time to make the break! But once y'all are out, ye're on yer own! LET'S GO! "

Too bad they are so soft. If they were not, I could at least hear them hitting the floor and be forewarned!

Governor signs South Dakota abortion ban

For more information on this bill, please see my posts here from February15, and a more recent one here, and go to Relevant Radio to listen to Harold Cassidy, as well as to read the Task Force Report. The more you hear him talk about this Law, and how it came about, the more you will be able to counter what the pro-aborts try to tell people about it! Arm yourself with truth from the real sources.

This task force studied the issue well, and did a lot of hard work before the Law was created and passed.

God bless!

Governor signs South Dakota abortion ban

Mar. 06 (

Mar. 06 ( - South Dakota's Governor Mike Rounds has signed a bill banning nearly all abortions in the state.

The new law-- the first statewide abortion ban enacted since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision-- is due to go into effect July 1. However, a legal challenge is inevitable, and opponents are likely to seek a court order postponing implementation of the law until the constitutional challenge is resolved.

Thus the South Dakota law sets the stage for the first direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, a case in which the US Supreme Court effectively overturned all state laws restricting abortion. The challenge would test the new balance of power on the Supreme Court, which now includes two Justices recently named by President George W. Bush.

The South Dakota legislation, based on new scientific evidence showing that human life begins at conception, was approved by solid majorities in both houses of the state legislature. A similar bill is now working its way through the Mississippi legislature.

Radical abortion supporters have evidently begun exacting some retribution for their loss in South Dakota. Leslee Unruh, a pro-life activist who lobbied intensively for the new legislation, reports that she has received threatening phone calls in the middle of the night, eggs have been splattered across her house, coathangers placed in her mailbox, and dead animals left at her husband's office. Unruh reports having received "a ton" of hate mail.

© Copyright 2006 Domus Enterprises. All rights reserved.

Breaking News! Supreme Court Upholds College Military Recruiting Law

Supreme Court Upholds College Military Recruiting Law, which says that Colleges WILL lose federal funding for refusing military recruiters being on their campus! Story should be on Fox News website VERY soon!


Prayers for a homeschooling Mom, Missey Gray and her family

Sometimes, visitors to one's blog bring blessings. I am not and never was a homeschooler due to the family circumstances and my lack of patience and organization. Had I ever attempted to homeschool, we would have had more 'vacation days' and 'field trips' than lessons. AND, we would not have survived.

In order to homeschool, one must know oneself, and one's limitations. I did not have the time nor patience to do a good job not solely because I was forced to be a single mother to three little ones, but also because of my own inadequacies. I know my limits. I would not make a good doctor, but I am a good nurse. I am a good assistant for some things, and some things I can lead well. I could ADD to my children's education on our family trips by taking them to places, stopping at historical markers, etc. But I could not be totally responsible for everything in their education full time.

I think my kids would be the first to agree.

Tonight, looking through my visitors, I went to a site to see who they were, and in scrolling down, came across this sad note, and then went to the original one here. I also went to read Missey's last message, and her husband's message to all. And I pass it on here in case others who knew/know her have NOT seen it for any reason, as well as to ask for prayers for this family, her husband, her five children, her newborn now motherless.

I strongly admire homeschoolers. I often WISHED that I could homeschool, but knew it would not be fair to my children. May the Lord watch over this family in a very special way, and may He give them peace.

Numbers 6:24-26

Sunday, March 05, 2006

An Adoption Acrostic


HT to Exploring Adoption