Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Open Letter about TWICE ADOPTED

Dear Michael Reagan,

Am nearly finished reading your book, and have to tell the world
about it, from your words about your birth mother and your Mom,
your words about your Dad and the hurt you felt as the child of divorce,
to your words of advice about raising children, to your account of what
ended your anger and brought healing ...your second adoption.
I have heard you speak on many of these topics on your radio show,
but your words in the book will touch many.

You are aware of the need for reform of the forced unilateral divorce
because of the background your family had, and your feelings as a child
about it. MANY children of divorce will relate to what you have to say,
but even more important, perhaps many parents will stop and think
again what they are doing, regardless of what so many 'experts' have
to say on the subject.

The love you have realized of both who gave you life
and one who gave you values to live that life is also profound. Many
will be blessed by seeing themselves in one role or the other,
sometimes in both.

The healing between you and your Dad over the years is also
something that will bless many. The need children have of both
parents is something so many forget and strongly need to be reminded of.

The self-blame of so many children that carries over into adulthood,
whether it is because of adoption, divorce, sexual exploitation/pornography
is also needed to be understood.

This book can touch many lives, as it has hit me in several different ways alone.

Thank you. You are your father's son, and... your Father's son.

God bless!

Catholic Marriage Petition

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and then forward this message on to others.
Thank you!
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+ Catholic Marriage Petition +
To the Bishops of the United States
Defend the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony Against No-Fault Divorce

Dear Bishops,

We come to you as Catholics from all walks of life. We are very
grateful for your recent efforts in defending marriage as
"a union between one man and one woman." But, we humbly
plead with you, as our Shepherds, to defend marriage from
No-Fault "Forced" Divorce, which has taken an enormous toll on marriage.

Three thousand divorces are granted every day in this country,
and of these, up to eighty percent are forced upon one of the spouses.
Most people believe that No-Fault Divorce means "by mutual consent"
- but in the greater majority of cases it means one spouse forces a
divorce against the will of the other spouse.

Most wedding vows are exchanged within a religious ceremony,
in which the bride and groom promise to be married according
to the rules of their church. But, when problems arise and one
spouse files for divorce, civil authorities take control over their lives,
the lives of their children, and all of their financial assets.

The Church never relinquished authority over Her marriages.
Instead, civil authorities seized control when state governments
enacted No-Fault Divorce laws.In his encyclical entitled, Arcanum,
Pope Leo XIII asserts, "Neither . . . can it be shown . . . that power
over the marriages of Christians has ever lawfully been handed over
to the rulers of the State." Further, ". . . in Christian marriage
the contract is inseparable from the sacrament."More recently,
Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II reminds us that, "Marriage is
indissoluble." He also urges, "Among initiatives should be those
that aim at obtaining the public recognition of indissoluble marriage
in the civil juridical order."

We send you this URGENT APPEAL to begin an initiative, as
Our Holy Father urges us to do. The sacrament of Holy Matrimony
is being openly desecrated on a daily basis by civil authorities.
Please reclaim authority over Catholic marriage and stop this desecration.

"An Urgent Plea" - letter to the bishops can be found at: