Friday, November 20, 2009

Archbishop Chaput: A reality check from the discipleship front

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Rally for Rifqa, Columbus, Ohio, November 16 - Jihad Watch

I have been worried about this young girl. I pray that nothing happens to her, but if something does, I wonder how those who ordered her back will feel? Too late, then...

Lord, have Mercy!

Rally for Rifqa, Columbus, Ohio, November 16 - Jihad Watch

Union Bullies Boy Scout for Dastardly Good Deed*307/boy-scout.jpg

Union Bullies Boy Scout for Dastardly Good Deed
17-year-old's 250 hours of community service angers Allentown union

Kevin Anderson deserves respect and gratitude, not this kind of treatment! He donated his hard work and 250 hours of his time to make an improvement, as well as to earn the Eagle Scout badge.

"I decided to do my part in completing this part of the trail. In that way, others could enjoy walking along the river, without having to walk on the busy road," Anderson said in an e-mail, says The Morning Call.

Instead, he is hearing:

But once the city’s municipal union caught wind of this do-gooder breath of fresh air, it put up a stink at Tuesday’s city council meeting. Nick Balzano, president of the local Service Employees International Unions said its considering filing a grievance against the city for allowing such good, free-of-charge, work to happen.

"We'll be looking into the Cub Scout or Boy Scout who did the trails," Balzano told the council, reports The Morning Call.

I am strongly inclined to agree with the Mayor... in fact, I can't find a single word that I disagree with!

"We would hope that the well-intentioned efforts of an Eagle Scout candidate would not be challenged by the union," said Mayor Ed Pawlowski in an e-mail Friday. "This young man is performing a great service to the community. His efforts should be recognized as such."

Kevin Anderson, you have my heartiest congratulations! Keep on with what you are doing, and never give in to those who would try to stop you from serving others!

God bless!

Ronald Reagan: A Time for Choosing

So many things he says could easily be said today.....