Saturday, October 30, 2004

Memorable comercials

I have watched many commercials over the years,
and few really stick in my memory until something 'triggers' them.

I remember one commercial with a giggling child and a litter
of puppies crawling and rolling all over with him, another that
taught my little girl even before she had turned two the meaning
of 'anticipation' as the song played while some ketchup slowly,
ever so slowly made its way out of the bottle, and another with
unadventurous siblings saying "Let Mikie try it!"

But there are
two commercials that I will NEVER forget no matter
how old I get.

One is of Ashley Faulkner being hugged by President Bush after
he found out that her mother had died on 9/11, and the second
is the latest ultrasound commercial that shows the baby as though
SLEEPING, in color and moving, while the parents watch in awe
with "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" in the background.
Miracle of life from the first moment of conception, nothing more
clearly shows that fact as that commercial.

You can learn more about both of them at the following sites:
The ad is clearly described here:
See GE Commercial for its new 3D-4D Ultrasound:
GE commercial in windows media player format fast

GE commercial in windows media player format slow

GE commercial in Real player format fast

GE commercial in Real player format slow

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Watch and Pray, then Action

An appropriate way to begin, I think.

Praying, fasting for the election of all offices,
but especially for the Presidency of the USA.

God bless America, give us Wisdom, oh Lord.