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FW: Prayertoon

(this is SOOO true, especially today, with the MSM slanting the news and propagandizing that is taking place in so many areas—Life, terrorism, and others… I have no idea who to credit for this drawing, but thank you for it! God bless! )

FW: Nurse won't lose license for discussing Schiavo case on TV

This is an important decision, because there would be NO protection for others in the future if people who are trying to protect a patient had no recourse but to either lose their livelihood (lic

ensure and job) or keep our mouths shut. Many disabled need advocates! God bless!

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AP Wire | 08/18/2006 |

Nurse won't lose license for discussing Schiavo case on TV

Associated Press
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - A registered nurse who discussed Terri Schiavo's condition on television last year won't lose her license, a Florida Board of Nursing panel ruled. The Panel of Probable Cause, a two-member board, dismissed a complaint Thursday against Carla Sauer-Iyer, 42, of Plant City.

She had raised concerns in a CNN interview about the brain-damaged woman's welfare at the Largo convalescent center where she treated Schiavo in the 1990s and in two legal depositions. The March 2005 interview came during the last rounds of legal battles before Schiavo died after her feeding tube was removed.

A lawyer representing the Department of Health said rules requiring nurses not to disclose patient information also require them to report "apparent neglect and abuse" of patients. "The obligation to protect the patient must prevail," said Assistant General Counsel Kathryn Price told the panel and recommended it reverse its previous vote which found probable cause to act against the nurse.

In May, the Health Department filed an administrative complaint against Sauer-Iyer for disclosing confidential information about Schiavo, who doctors said was in a persistent vegetative state. The Health Department changed its position after Gov. Jeb Bush's office sided with Sauer-Iyer.

She became an ally of Bob and Mary Schindler, Schiavo's parents. They battled their daughter's husband, Michael Schiavo, over the removal of the feeding tube.

Michael Schiavo said the nursing panel was merely responding to pressure from the governor. "When the governor, who commanded the Department of Health, tells his people to get this case dismissed, it's going to be dismissed," he said.

Sauer-Iyer said justice was served. "I would do it again under personal risk," she said.

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Cheryl Ford, RN ( is not affiliated with any other group and works to protect the rights of the disabled community

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Market mentality eats into relationships, threatens families, says Indian cardinal

Check out this Catholic Online Headline
Sent from: WI Catholic
Excellent and thought provoking article on marriage that I came across today.

Market mentality eats into relationships, threatens families, says Indian cardinal

Thursday, August 17, 2006


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Tim Boggs with Cavuto

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Your World w/ Neil Cavuto — Today, 4pm / 1am ET

An Army reservist serving in Iraq blasts the New York Times — What did he say in his incendiary letter, and why won't the Old Gray Lady publish it? Tune in to find out why this "combat blogger" claims the newspaper is contributing to the deaths of his fellow soldiers.

Read Sgt. Boggs' Letter to The Times

Sgt TJ Boggs,  God bless! Thank you for serving!

FW: Husband Takes Schiavo Fight Back to Politicians -


Husband Takes Schiavo Fight Back to Politicians - AOL News

Cheryl Ford, RN ( is not affiliated
with any other group and works to protect the rights of the disabled community

FW: Michael Schiavo..unpolished speaker- New York Times --8/16/06



Husband Takes Schiavo Fight Back to Politicians

Bob Child/Associated Press

Michael Schiavo with Ned Lamont, who won the Democratic primary in Connecticut last week. Mr. Lamont’s opponent, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, had supported federal court intervention in Terri Schiavo’s case. 


Published: August 16, 2006

CLEARWATER, Fla. — The curtains are still drawn tight at Michael Schiavo’s home on a quiet cul-de-sac here, and in some ways he remains as private and unknowable as when his wife Terri was the focus of a fervent national debate last year about life and death.

With the 2006 Election Guide, you can analyze over 500 races for the Senate, House and governor seats and paint the political map yourself. Go to Guide »

Also in the Guide

Steve Lewis/Loveland Reporter-Herald, via Associated Press

Mr. Schiavo leaving the office of Representative Marilyn Musgrave, Republican of Colorado, after giving her a letter on July 12.

Yet Mr. Schiavo, who won a scorching legal battle to remove his brain-damaged wife’s feeding tube, also remains furious at lawmakers in Tallahassee and Washington who intervened in the case. Hence the creation last winter of TerriPAC, a federal political action committee aimed against politicians who tried to stop Ms. Schiavo’s death, and the debut of Mr. Schiavo, a newly remarried, self-described normal guy, as a political weapon in this year’s midterm elections.

He is an unpolished speaker, sometimes abandoning sentences midstream or grasping for the right words. He did not vote or follow the news until recently, he says, and had never heard of a PAC until strangers suggested he start one late last year.

Still, Mr. Schiavo flew to Connecticut last month to help Ned Lamont, who defeated Senator Joseph I. Lieberman in the Democratic primary. Mr. Schiavo reminded voters that Mr. Lieberman had supported an emergency bill asking a federal court to consider reinserting Ms. Schiavo’s feeding tube days before she died in March 2005. Ms. Schiavo’s parents, who adamantly opposed her death and rejected Mr. Schiavo’s claim that she would have wished it, had pleaded with Congress and President Bush to intervene.

Mr. Schiavo also hand-delivered a caustic letter to Representative Marilyn Musgrave, Republican of Colorado, who outspokenly opposed Ms. Schiavo’s death, and endorsed her Democratic opponent, Angie Paccione. He attended a bloggers’ convention in Las Vegas in June to raise his profile in the online pundit world, being host of a “privacy roundtable” at the Riviera Hotel.

“He is the human face of government intrusion,” said Ms. Paccione, explaining why she accepted Mr. Schiavo’s offer to appear with her at a news conference July 12. “We need more individual citizens like him to step up and put an end to it. People trust somebody who looks like them, talks like them and has their experience.”

Representative Jim Davis, a Tampa Democrat running to replace Gov. Jeb Bush, a Republican, widely distributed a letter that Mr. Schiavo wrote after endorsing him in June. Mr. Davis was among the most vigorous opponents of intervention in the Schiavo case, criticizing it on the House floor before Congress enacted the now-famous measure that President Bush cut short his vacation to sign.

Mr. Schiavo said his hastily written book, “Terri: the Truth” (Dutton Adult, 2006), was meant to be his final say on the events that dominated his life for 15 years. But Democratic operatives looking toward the November elections saw gold in his lingering anger.

When those operatives encouraged Mr. Schiavo not to disappear from the public eye, the man who had kept his mouth tightly shut throughout his quest to end his wife’s life — once even jumping an eight-foot-high fence behind his house to avoid the news media throng out front — decided he had more to share.

Driving him, he said, were television and newspaper clips from the end of the case, which he did not scrutinize until several months after his wife died.

“I didn’t pay attention to a lot of it in the last couple weeks because I spent my time with Terri,” Mr. Schiavo, 43, said at his preferred meeting place, a T.G.I. Friday’s near his house in a neighborhood misleadingly called Countryside. “But when I saw it all, I thought, this is absolutely out of control.

“I had to remind people that what this government did to me, they can do to you.”

Mr. Schiavo’s PAC has made no direct solicitations, but it has raised more than $26,000 in eight months, mostly in contributions of $100 or less made through its Web site, The committee is nearly broke at the moment, having contributed a total $4,000 to five Democratic candidates in Florida, Colorado and Texas and spent most of the rest on travel, Web site design and production of a video to help with fund-raising down the road.

“We are not a big financially powerful PAC yet,” said Derek Newton, a Democratic consultant in Miami who sold Mr. Schiavo on the PAC and now serves as its director. “We are just looking at what makes sense and how we can do it.”

Like Mr. Schiavo, Mr. Newton, 34, is learning as he goes. At first he did not realize that federal PAC’s must disclose donations only of $200 or more, and filed reams of unnecessary paperwork. Though working with Mr. Schiavo could perhaps raise his own profile, Mr. Newton, who ran a mayoral race in Miami in 2004, said he was motivated only by disgust for the politics of the Schiavo case.

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The book,
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Cheryl Ford, RN ( is not affiliated with any other group and works to protect the rights of the disabled community

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Schiavo Article with Poll Questions


I thought you might be interested in checking out this page:


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Fr Jonathan Morris' interview with Imam

My Conversation with Imam Shoeb
by Father Jonathan Morris
Lessons learned from speaking with the leader of the London mosque where suspects in last week's foiled terror plot worshipped.


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Faithmouse needs prayer and help, if anyone can. He is thinking of ending his cartoon.

Links to posts about this:

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Catherine Herridge and Baby Peter, another update

This came from Greta Van Susteren in today's email. An update on Baby Peter and Catherine Herridge tonight on her Fox News program.


OK, since I try and give you some behind the scenes, here is the plan for today: In just a few hours I get to go to Catherine Herridge's home here in Washington, D.C., and see her family and baby Peter. I am excited about this. This is the first time I have seen Peter since his life-saving surgery (getting part of his mother's liver transplanted into his tiny body) and I am anxious to see him. I have seen pictures of Peter since his surgery (he is now pink and seems to have more than one chin, which is far different than the yellow, very thin pre-transplant baby that I saw in the hospital bed in Pittsburgh!)

Of course I am going to bring you along on this trip (the cameras are coming with us) since you have followed their story so closely since early June when Catherine and Peter were both admitted to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Our plan is to show you our visit with Peter and his family on Thursday night's show. You will see Peter, plus you see how one family's life went from a sense of despair to hope and now to great confidence for a full life for Peter.

I know the medical staff at the University of Pittsburgh does this life-saving surgery often, but to me it is extraordinary. Peter would be dead by now — he was that sick with no hope of getting better, but for this surgery and part of his mother's liver. I know from often speaking to Catherine that the University of Pittsburgh Hospital staff (from top to bottom) is truly remarkable: They really care about their patients and save lives every day. It must be enormously fulfilling to walk out of work each day knowing you have made such a difference in the lives of others and, in most instances, actually saved lives.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Man Who Stepped Out of Line

The Man Who Stepped Out of Line

In this post-feminist age where men are still learning remedial masculinity, we have a model of manhood lived heroically which we would do well to emulate. In the early twentieth century Poland gave us that manly priest, John Paul II, but also his hero, Maximilian Kolbe, priest, missionary, spiritual father and martyr of brotherly love. St. Maximilian’s feast day is August 14th, the vigil of his beloved Virgin Mary’s Assumption and the day which commemorates the conquest of virile love over the totalitarian creeds of his generation.

As men, we could all learn a simple lesson from Maximilian Kolbe in a fundamental area of virtue: namely, chastity. Men today don’t connect chastity with manliness because they are indoctrinated by a sexualized society against the sacrifice it requires. But chastity is the proof of a man’s virtue, not its destruction. Whether it is pre-marital chastity to respect women, periodic abstinence in marriage to respect wives, or permanent celibate chastity for God’s kingdom, a man must learn it or live in a state of perpetual adolescence. Indeed, even as a child Kolbe was asked by Our Lady to choose between a white crown of purity and a red crown of martyrdom, and he showed his penchant for magnanimous sacrifice by choosing both! Men will be chaste not just when women demand it of them but when they see it as a heroic way to prove their manhood, and Kolbe’s example stands out for any of us who have eyes to see.

Upon this foundation of chastity St. Maximilian built a veritable kingdom for Christ. This kingdom was not the raw expression of ego that so many men flaunt but a kingdom of love to which he devoted his life and all his vital energies. He was not yet a priest when he formed an organization for the conversion of all Freemasons in the world—no minor project there. He then established the largest monastery of religious men in the world and gave them all the task of bringing souls to Christ. After that he learned Japanese and went there because he saw that the mainly un-christianized Japanese had souls to save too and someone had to do it. He identified himself as that someone. Nor was he known to have ever accepted a benefit or privilege beyond what his men received, even when he was technically entitled to it as their superior. He ate with them, prayed with them, slept on the floor like them and then went to several Nazi prison camps with them. He was first but made himself the last and the servant of all. This was a man’s man.

If the real identifying mark of a man is his ability to forgo his own desires for the good of others, then the sacrifice of one’s life for another surely qualifies as the highest measure of manhood. This saint did not even know the man who lamented about the destitution of his wife and children if he would have died in that concentration camp, but Kolbe stepped out of line right then and there and took his place as if it never occurred to him that he had just agreed to the most horrible death imaginable, death by starvation, or to having his veins shot through with carbolic acid to finish off the devilish deed. His act of selflessness was so spontaneous that it seemed as just another sacrifice in his day, but in reality it was the ultimate sacrifice. "I’m just a priest," he told the Kommandant of the camp. "I’ll go instead of him."

Will today’s men learn from this man about manhood? Woe to us if we do not! In a world where feminist dogmas and intimidations shame men from living the heroism to which all of us are called, Kolbe beckons men to stand up, throw off this present totalitarianism and step out of line for those who need men most.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

2 FOX News Journalists Kidnapped By Palestinian Gunman in Gaza CityGAZA CITY, GAZA — Palestinian gunmen ambushed a car carrying a FOX News crew in Gaz

Monday , August 14, 2006

GAZA CITY, GAZA — Palestinian gunmen ambushed a car carrying a FOX News crew in Gaza City on Monday and kidnapped two of the journalists inside, according to witnesses and FOX

"We can confirm that two of our people were taken against their will in Gaza," FOX News said in a statement.

The men, along with a bodyguard, were parked near the headquarters of the Palestinian security services when two trucks filled with gunmen pulled up and boxed them in, according to the employee. The gunmen took the two out of their sports utility vehicle, which was marked "TV," and drove away, he said.

Major militant groups in Gaza denied having any connection to the abduction, and there was no immediate word of any demands made.

Security officials put police across Gaza on alert to find the gunmen and free the journalists, said Interior Ministry spokesman Khaled Abu Hilal.

"This is not acceptable at all," he said.

Several foreigners have been kidnapped in Gaza in recent months with their abductors demanding jobs from the Palestinian Authority or the release of people being held in Palestinian jails. All those kidnapped have been released within hours without harm.