Saturday, May 19, 2007

ALERT!! Grandchild Incoming!!

My son and his bride sent an announcement to the family a week ago, a few days after they got the positive test strip results... The 'card' part of the ecard said they are entering Parenthood!

So, there will be a baby counter on my site now til number five is actually born.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD, little one! Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

God bless!


mom ,

We are pleased to tell you all that we are expecting a new addition to our family! We aren't sure yet, but we think Santa will be delivering our bundle of joy instead of the stork.

Love , Kevin Katie & baby

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Years ago, I promised my daughters that if the time ever came that they wanted to meet their birthparents, I would do all I could do to find them. When my oldest was 26 yrs old, that day came. It did not take long, and I was put in touch with Mary Weidling, a birthmother who had searched and found her own Angel when my girls were little, without the aid that we have today. Mary made a promise to her infant daughter on the day that they parted to find her someday, and kept it. She has since then, helped many others to reunite. We are only one family she has helped. But we are one family who will NEVER forget her, even though we do not keep in touch as often as we could. Mary had mentioned her book a few times in the years I have known her. She has finally finished it, and now has the book in hand. In fact, my copy came today! It isn't a very long book, but it is a very honest look at adoption from the birthmother's perspective.

It is a perspective that everyone in the Adoption Triad can learn from. Mary has taught me a lot in the time I have 'known' her, including calming the few moments of fear/trepidation that I had once the reality of reunion hit. It did not last very long, but it still needed to be dealt with.....
She had been there. She gave me words of wisdom to hold onto.

"A comes before B not only in the alphabet, but also in Adoption" "If a Mom can love more than one child, why can't a child love more than one Mom?" "Their Bmothers gave them LIFE, and you gave them the skills to LIVE that life."
She gave us the Legacy of An Adopted Child when she handed us the current names and addresses of each bmother. I had already given them another, in their baby books, years before. Now, Mary can share her story with others. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may benefit from her story! Her book, In Search of an Angel. It is available here.

100 word excerpt. about book

Mary finds herself at age fifteen; pregnant and unmarried. Dealing with feelings of abandonment by both the birth father and her parents, she is sent to a city far away. She lives in an unwed mothers home while awaiting the birth of her child. The times dictated adoption to avoid shame and stigma to the child and the mother though it is against her wishes. Some nineteen years later, she searches and finds her child. As a result of the search, she found closure and healing. Follow along on her journey called search.

Mary has also given me permission to print an excerpt from the book itself:

The 1960's were the years of the Flower Power Generation. The Conflict in Vietnam was escalating and the United States was involved. Students were protesting our involvement. The youth of our Nation was revolting against this conflict, society, and their parents.

I was facing the biggest crisis of my life and the world, with all its events, ceased to exist as my world came crashing down around me. I was sixteen, pregnant, and unmarried! Marriage wasn't an option because of our age and immaturity. Therefore, my parents opposed my desire to keep and raise my child. They wanted to avoid the shame and pain that was sure to follow. I was left to deal with feelings of abandonment by the birthfather and my parents. The love and support that I needed during this time in my life was not given to me.

I was sent to a far away city to live in an Unwed Mothers Home to await the birth of my baby. I was separated from not only my family but from every person I had ever known and thrown into a home with strangers. Life in the home was a struggle, not only daily living but when giving birth alone.

Against my wishes, my child would be placed for adoption. It was a decision that would separate me from my child and haunt me for years to come. It would change my life forever.

I will never forget the day I walked down the hall to meet my daughter. It was a moment to say hello and goodbye. This should have been a happy day but sadness was in the air. My heart was overwhelmed with an indescribable pain I'd never felt before. I wasn't sure of my feelings as I approached the door and stood outside, briefly listening to her muffled cries; but knew I had to see her.

I entered the room where my baby was lying on a dressing table. She was clad in a diaper and her legs were kicking slightly. I walked over to her in amazement as I looked down at that tiny piece of me. "I wish mom could see you now," I thought, as I touched her through my tears. I began to count fingers and toes and she was just as perfect as the nurse had said. My throat was tight and I was shaking in fear. The words slowly came to my lips as I spoke lovingly to my daughter.

I re-affirmed my promise to her at that moment as I held her to me. I vowed to search for her some day, someway as I whispered, "I love you." She began to cry and her tears mingled with mine, cementing the bond of a mother and child. I tried to control my emotions as her image blurred through my tears. I dressed her in the clothes I bought for her. I picked her up again and hugged her close to me. I felt gentle hands prying her from me. I struggled to hold on and yet not hurt her, but it wasn't meant to be. Her face blurred through my tears as she was taken from me and they left the room with her. I was left standing alone shaking in uncontrollable sobs.

I realized I'd just lost the final battle and wondered if this new feeling inside me was hate and if it would ever go away. Could I deal with it or would it destroy me?

I put her in God's hands that day knowing that even if He were angry with me, He would protect and watch over her, because she was his littlest angel. Knowing I could name her, I picked up the pencil and wrote her name; Angel, and handed the slip of paper back to the clerk.

Defeated, I returned home to my life where it had been abruptly left. Failing to make a smooth transition back into school and with my old friends, I made another fateful decision and enter into a marriage of convenience. A subsequent new family consumes me for many years.

When my son died in an auto accident at age 12, the shock of losing him brought back the feelings of when I lost my first-born. The pain was the same, though one was lost to life and one was lost to death.

The morning of my son's funeral, I went out to feed his rabbits. A mother had given birth to her babies but she rejected them. They were lying on the wire mesh where she dragged them from the nest. They were making little crying sounds. I touched them in their naked form, as tears ran down my cheeks, thinking that life can sometimes be so cruel. It revived my promise of long ago to my first-born.

Following the turmoil of a divorce two years later, I was finally free to think about me. I was so wounded from life that I needed to heal. For me to find the healing I sought, meant for me to commence the journey to search, not only my first child, but to find closure and healing. Follow my journey as I successfully struggle through this healing process called search riding the emotional roller coaster of life.

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Baby Elliott

Every once in awhile, someone sends an email that says simply... get out your Kleenex box, and keep them handy.

Every once in awhile, some ask what value individuals have with certain disabilities...

Every once in awhile, God allows us to see the importance of EVERY person conceived, no matter how long that person may live, no matter how disabled they may be, no matter how much we may judge them to have a life of little value. For everyonce in awhile, God shows us just a tiny fraction of HIS unconditional love for US, by allowing US to love someone else unconditionally...

Such a moment has been shared by this video of "99 Balloons".

Have your Kleenex box handy.

God bless!

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Walid to Speak in West Central New Jersey

NOTE: The first one is tonight, Saturday and tomorrow, Sunday, May 19 and May 20th.

God bless!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: May 18, 2007 8:20 PM


Walid will be speaking in New Jersey at Gloucester County Community Church tomorrow night at 6.30 pm, Sunday Morning Services and again Sunday Evening.

For full details go to the church's website

For all our supporters in Southern California

All those who live in Irvine and surrounding towns I need you to spread the word and get people to attend the big event on May 30th at UC Irvine. Tell your pastors, Rabbi and get them to announce the event this week end and next in the Churches and Synagogues. If you need a pdf of the poster email us at

Students and Faculty are free but We have had to charge $8.00 for non UC Irvine ID holders. This is because the hall rental and security was very expensive.

For full details go to

We already have about 2000 people lined up to attend but we need 3000 more to fill the place.

I promise it will be a night to remember.

As Winston Churchill said " This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the of the end but it is perhaps the end of the beginning"

I reference this to the battle for truth on our University Campuses and in the media.

The Truth is being delivered, be part of it.

Keith Davies
Director of The Walid Shoebat Foundation

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Montel show air date (Jessie Foster family)

Jessie Foster is still missing. Awhile back, her mother had sent an email about Montel doing a program about her, but there was no date for the show to air.

Glendene has now alerted us.... Pray that they can find her soon.

God bless!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Glendene
Date: May 17, 2007 1:43 PM

Hi everyone.  I just got the date for the Montel show to air Jessie's story. 
It will be on next week, Thursday, May 24 (3 days before Jessie's 23 birthday). 
Check your local listings for the channel and time for your area.  Get your VCR's ready!!

Take care, love to all,


The O'Reilly Factor -- Guest Lila Rose

This came in the mail just a little while ago. Should be an interesting interview! I do not know the source of the article below, because this is exactly the way that the email came in.....

God bless!

UCLA Student Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Child Sex Cover-up To Appear On O'Reilly Factor Tonight

Los Angeles, CA - May 17, 2007 - Lila Rose, the UCLA student whose undercover video exposed a Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles office covering up for an apparent statutory rape is scheduled to appear on The O'Reilly Factor cable news program this evening.

PPLA has threatened to sue Rose unless she takes the video, make secretly during a visit to their North Vermont Avenue office, off of the popular video-sharing site, (my emphasis)

"Lila Rose is a hero for her courage in exposing the child sex protection racket that so common today at our nation's abortion clinics.  Secrecy always works to the benefit of the rapists and abortionists, while the truth works to protect the innocent.  We hope her exposé will help shut down the Planned Parenthood sex centers that give cover for predators at the expense of the safety and well-being of little girls," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Click here to view the video.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Dylan update... it's not good...

Please continue to pray for this family and especially for Dylan.

God bless!

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From: E
Date: May 14, 2007 11:02 PM

Leann just called me.  The Doc's down south had called last week, to postpone Dylan's admittance until tomorrow, stating that they didn't have everything ready yet.  Okay for the family.  They wanted to have a family get together party for his birthday over the weekend, anyway...  so!  late this after noon the parents get another call from the Doc down south.  Dylan has been diagnosed with some very RARE form of bone cancer.  Depending on how extensive it is, it is usually terminal...
Mandy and Geoff were told that when they come they will have a week to plan for the next year...  Chemo, and probably radiation, as well...  I will know more tomorrow, after they see the Dr. and I am updated again...  Please continue to storm heaven...  I really thought that things were going to be on the up-swing...  <sigh>  poor baby...
Thanks, E

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