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4 Mar 2006 Though this one was written after most or all of the others here, it is placed on top due to the nature of some who traverse the internet searches looking for Adoptive topics to spread anger, bitterness, and to disparage adoptive parents. This serves as a warning that those kinds of comments will NOT be allowed here, and WILL be deleted.

There also may be some other posts in my archives that I have missed putting here.

God bless!

Open Letter about TWICE ADOPTED
12 Aug 2004

"We loved you too late" "I'll hold you in heaven."

22 Jan 2005

Happy Birthmother's Day, Karen and Liz, and all...

6 May 2005
It's Called CONTROL~~It's Called POWER
3 June 2005

Happy Anniversary!

27 Jun 2005

"Can I Live?" WOW

1 July 2005

"Papa, Do You Love Me?"

9 Aug 2005
For the Sins of the Father.....
26 Sept 2005
Thirty years ago.... this month, two mothers were born....
2 Oct 2005

National Adoption Month

7 Nov 2005

National Adoption Month Part 2

7 Nov 2005

National Adoption Month Part 3 An Adoptive Mother

7 Nov 2005


7 Nov 2005


7 Nov 2005

Words From An Adoptive Mother's Heart:

7 Nov 2005
Legacy of an Adopted Child
7 Nov 2005
And finally..... for now, anyway!
7 Nov 2005

November 19--National Adoption Day

16 Nov 2005

Steven Curtis Chapman on TV promoting adoption

14 Dec 2005

Crimen: Impediment to Marriage

24 Jan 2006

An Adoption Acrostic

5 Mar 2006
Happy Birthmother's Day, again, Karen and Liz!
13 May 2006


Blogger Catholic Fire said...

You and I share the same wedding anniversary date - June 27th; however, there is a 21 year difference.

However,the first time I was married, the wedding took place the same year as yours.

How weird is that!

Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 2:51:00 AM CDT  
Blogger WICatholic said...

God, the Church, and I are the only ones (besides my children) who recognize ours any more.

But I think it is a great date, and am glad that we share it.


Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 12:56:00 PM CDT  

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