Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Harold Cassidy Interview: SD Abortion Task Force

Relevant Radio has a program called The Right Questions with Sheila Liaugminas.

Sheila recently had a guest, Harold Cassidy of South Dakota. She has played parts of the interview over a several day period. Because of the shifts I work, I have never been able to hear most of that interview. I hear part on my WAY to work, and the rebroadcast on my way HOME from work.

Tonight, however, I happened to catch the fact that you can hear it via streaming audio from their website. Each time in the past that I wanted to hear a guest at a time when the program was not on, I was disappointed that they did NOT have a way to listen!

So, I am thrilled to tell you that this is one you do NOT want to miss! If for some reason the links don't work below, you can go here to get them. There are also two articles listed below, one a pdf file that is the South Dakota Abortion Task Force Report and the other an article reporting on it called: Report of the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion: A Closer Look.

In the article, this is one woman's comments made at the Task Force Hearing:

According to the report just released by the task force, during the HB 1166 hearings, one woman testified:

"the policy underlying abortion is a lie. First and foremost, because it denies the essential benefit of motherhood. It tells us that we are not forfeiting anything of value for ourselves. We are told we lost nothing, nothing of value. The truth is that the loss is massive. Massive and life altering. Your House Bill 1166 provides 5 an important and essential message that the pregnant mother does have a great benefit, that her child already exists and that she has this existing relationship with her child, and that she has a great fundamental and constitutional right to that relationship, all of which she is giving up, all of which is lost as a result of the abortion...If I had been given this information, I would never had had an abortion."

This may be the most thrilling information for those of us who are Pro-Life to hear! Take the time and listen. For those who are "personally opposed, but ..." you may think differently after hearing Harold Cassidy and what he has to say that they have learned in South Dakota.

The Challenge to Roe v. Wade in South Dakota

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Harold Cassidy - The Challenge to Roe v. Wade in South Dakota.
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Download mp3 of the interview:
Harold Cassidy Part 1
Harold Cassidy Part 2
Harold Cassidy Part 3
Additional information:
Report of the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion: A Closer Look

South Dakota Abortion Task Force Report (Under Construction)

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