Monday, June 19, 2006

Gianna Jessen Has Another Fan

Gianna Jessen has another fan out there!

While some check their 'stats' to find out how much traffic is coming to their blogs, I check it to find OTHER blogs to read, and occasionally find some real Gems. Today, when I got home from work, there was a search for Gianna that found my blog. I wondered what other sites may have shown up, and was pleasantly surprised to find "Catholic Thinker", writing about having seen Gianna on the previous Friday evening. It is very much worth your time reading.

Gianna has been a 'part of my life' since we 'met' her in Wausau, WI when she was still a young teen, just beginning to charm the world with her smile, honesty, and strong testimony about surviving a saline abortion in 1977. I find myself smiling everytime I hear her name, or think of her.

I hope that someday YOU also get a chance to meet and hear her singing, speaking about her early life. But as you hear her and see her, remember that Gianna also runs... with cerebral palsy... Marathons!

God bless!

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