Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just Among Nations

One of the historians who has a rich knowledge of Pope Pius XII's work in WWII has written more in another article, in which she shows clearly that Pius XII did much more than some who disparage his memory claim he did is Sr. Margherita Marchione. Sister has debated some of them, pointing out their errors in both speech and in print.

She had asked for help from fellow Catholics in Oct, 2004 through another article at CatholicExchange, which included open letters to the editor giving needed information to counter several of those books that were being published and widely proclaimed by the main stream media.

"An Open Letter to Catholics on Pius XII",

Dear Fellow Catholics:

Pope Pius XII has been the victim of irresponsible charges by the media and certain scholars. Although he is treated scandalously, few Catholics have come to his defense. The world should be honoring and praising Pius XII today, not maligning him.

Now, she is asking that Pius XII be recognized as "Just Among Nations", and "two testimonials are needed from people of Jewish extraction who can testify that they knew Jews (or heard about Jews) who were saved by the pope. Their testimony must be notarized."

Though there have been several who have written books that claim he did little or nothing, Sister writes:

"Blessedly, though, three Jewish historians —
from England, Israel and the USA —
have come forward to refute this distorted portrayal of world history:
Martin Gilbert, Michael Tagliacozzo, and David Dalin.

She has more to say on this topic at CatholicExchange, and ends her article with this request:

It is for these reasons — and I have barely touched on the historical documentation — that I will make my appeal to Yad Vashem to honor Pope Pius XII with the title "Just Among the Nations." I am using the vehicle of this article to publish my need for the two testimonials from people of Jewish extraction who can testify that they knew Jews (or heard about Jews) who were saved by the pope. Please mail your notarized testimonial to Sr. Margherita Marchione, 455 Western Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960, or send it by FAX 973-539-9327. Thank you for every effort made to clear the name and honor the memory of a truly great Catholic hero of the 20th century — Pope Pius XII.


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