Monday, June 12, 2006

Updates from Greta on Catherine and baby Peter

This is the email from Greta Van Susteren's blog from today, and it has good news on Mom, and tentatively good news on Baby Peter. More tonight on her program. Previously, I wrote here and here about the liver transplant that Catherine Herridge and her five month old son were going to have done, (Mother to Son donation).

This is only part of today's blog, GretaWire. There are also many emails to read, if you so desire, as well as further information about the hospital, etc at her website.

God bless!

Tonight, we'll update you on Catherine Herridge and her son Peter. Catherine is now out of the ICU... and on schedule. She is in pain but she told me it is manageable pain.

Now that Catherine is out of the ICU, I can speak to her often and keep you up to date. We are sending a producer and video crew to her today to get her on camera so that you can also hear and see her. Her voice is very strong and her spirit likewise very strong. As you might imagine, we are all inspired by this story so it is with great pleasure that we report this story to you tonight.

If we were to air an update at the moment I am writing this, it would be great news. But, as you might guess, circumstances could change quickly... Peter is not yet "out of the woods." Peter is still in his ICU and likely to be there for a few more days. He is still on a ventilator, but this is not out of the ordinary.

Catherine has now seen Peter a few times (and held his tiny hand.) She told me that he is now almost pink (he was yellow due to the bad, very bad liver.) Needless to say, she is thrilled that she could save her sick (now well?) son with a portion of her liver. It has been so difficult the last five months watching her son — he was sure to die in a very short time, but now there is lots of hope and good reason to hope. The signs are good: we all have reason to be optimistic, but cautiously so.

Catherine's husband JD and 19-month-old son Jaime are also with Catherine and Peter in Pittsburgh. From what I can piece together, Jaime has been a good sport, but this has not been easy on him. He is only 19 months old and is not in his home, but a strange environment with a sick little baby brother and a mother who is likewise hospitalized. JD, Catherine's husband, is doing a great job of juggling it all: He is taking care of 19-month-old Jaime and running between two hospitals — one with Catherine and one with Peter.


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