Friday, June 16, 2006

Defending Pius XII

Sr. Margherita Marchione has written another article on Pius XII, one among MANY books and articles that she has written over the years.

Brendan Roberts, from New Zealand also defends Pius XII at CatholicExchange, with the names and quotes from those who KNEW THE TRUTH about him.

And Mary Kochan begins her request for Catholics to learn to defend the Truth about him this way:

Take all the evil things that detractors and critics say about Pius XII
and the role of the Catholic Church in WWII. Add to them every complaint justified, exaggerated or fabricated that was or remains part
of the most wild-eyed fundamentalist aspect of
Protestant Reformation and Restoration polemics seasoned with
Da Vinci-style conspiracy theories and wrap them all up in a neat bundle
of resentment and disdain. What do you have?

You have what I used to think about the Catholic Church:
the Whore of Babylon, the leader of the World Empire of False Religion, voracious for power and money, corrupt in nature and the most virulent enemy of human freedom, progress and salvation on earth, hand-in-glove
with every dictator and friend of Hitler.

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