Monday, June 19, 2006

Walid Shoebat, Ibrahim Abdullah, Zachariah Anani

This email came today, announcing that the Three Ex Terrorists will be speaking tomorrow.
For more information about them, see Walid Shoebat's website.

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Tomorrow night the Three Ex Terrorist event happens at 7.30 pm

Seaport Museum, Penns Landing Philadelphia, right next to Hyatt Hotel.

We have a few tickets left. Call 1-877-832-7200 for tickets which are only $20. The whole event is being recorded for major documentary production.

Major Media outlets covering the event are

Fox News Philly
CBS TV Inside Edition (National)
National Public Radio
The Associated Press TV
Reuters News service
Voice of America
World Net Daily
1210 Big Talker largest Philly Radio station
XM Satelite National talk show.
Many others too and more coming on board.

The Truth is being heard NOW!!




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