Thursday, June 22, 2006

Catherine Herridge Updates Us via Gretawire

I had been wondering how Baby Peter was doing, and finally, today, Greta Van Susteren had another update, only THIS time, it is from Catherine Herridge herself.

Catherine is often on Fox News Channel, but she is also Peter's mother and the donor of the liver that he desparately needed to continue to live. Just in case you had not heard about this before, you can read more from previous postings that I had written.

Continue to keep them in your prayers. God bless!

So, from Gretawire:

Rather than having me report about my colleague Catherine Herridge and her infant son Peter today, I figured it better to let you get it directly from her. So, here is an e-mail that I received from Catherine last night:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
We miss you here in Pittsburgh!
Peter is doing well. As you know, he is a wiggler and wants all his tubes out as soon as possible! But now he is paying the price: His throat is a little swollen from all the rubbing against his airway tube. The doctors have sedated him to reduce the rubbing and the swelling. Once that is done, they hope to take it out so he can breathe on his own.
This is all that stands in the way of Peter leaving the ICU. So overall, this is good news!
Peter's liver (hard to believe that it used to be mine) is doing great. We are thrilled. His color is pink. One doctor saw him today who last saw him before the surgery and said, "Wow, he looks like an entirely different kid!"
Even though he is sedated, we still sit with him from about 6 a.m. through 10 p.m. every day. My mother, father and I take turns, holding Peter's little hand while my husband JD is out with Jamie. I know this helps Peter feel less alone.
Jamie, who is 20 months, is having a good time. He and his father have been to almost every park in Pittsburgh by now. And the parks here are very nice.
We continue to get cards and notes. THANK YOU to everyone who is thinking and praying for us. Peter's surgeon told me they've had a lot of calls from families who saw Greta's show. He said many of them had sick kids, like Peter, and now they have more hope something can be done.
Our family also wants to thank everyone who sent money to the transplant program. They told me they are using it to help families pay for the anti-rejection drugs after the operation. They are very expensive and can cost $1000.00 a month. This is a really big help for them.
Got to run. I'll give Peter a big kiss for everyone!



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