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FW: New Book Coming: "Taken Into Custody" Stephen Baskerville

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I recently signed a contract with a current affairs publisher for a book tentatively entitled Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family.  This will be a major exposé on all facets of the divorce/custody machine -- including child custody, constitutional rights, child support, domestic violence, child abuse, feminism, government fatherhood/marriage programs, and more.  It will document the politics behind the machinery -- the conflicts of interest, the corruption, the money, the extremist ideology -- and demonstrate why this is more than simple "gender bias" against fathers. 

Taken Into Custody will be the most comprehensive and forthright exposé yet published by a major publishing house of the depredations of the divorce industry. I say this conscious that I am standing on the shoulders of others:  Sanford Braver’s Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths, Warren Farrell’s Father and Child Reunion (among his other books), Jeffery Leving’s Fathers’ Rights, Jed Abraham's From Courtship to Courtroom, Robert Seidenberg’s The Father’s Emergency Guide to Divorce-Custody Battle, Richard Doyle’s Save the Males, Judy Parejko’s Stolen Vows, and others.  Without these pioneering efforts, I would never have been able to write this book. Yet these writers were either pressured by their publishers to tone down their language or forced to self-publish. This is the first book from a major publisher that has been permitted to speak the unvarnished truth about the divorce machinery: its destruction of families, its violations of the Constitution, its disregard for due process of law, its voracious appetite for children, parents, and families. This is no tirade however but a thoroughly documented study of the most repressive government machine ever created in the United States.

For examples of the kind of forthright account you can expect in this book, look at the published articles at

Taken Into Custody is scheduled for publication in July for $24.95, but you can order it now for a special pre-publication price of $16.47 at Amazon. 


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Stephen Baskerville



Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fatherhood, Marriage, and the Family



Stephen Baskerville, PhD
American Coalition for Fathers & Children
1718 M Street, NW,
Suite 187
Washington, DC  20036
800-978-DADS (3237)


For more than 70 articles and studies in mainstream publications on the abuses of the divorce industry, see



Blogs4LIfe, Live Video Feeds and an Expanded Program

Spreading the word. Wish I could be there in person. Perhaps next year.
God bless!

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Dear Pro-Life Friends,

It's time to make final plans for Blogs4life, the second annual conference of pro-life bloggers. The event is hosted by the Family Research Council on Monday, Jan. 22, prior to and after the March for Life in Washington DC and will be show live, over the internet.

The conference program has expanded and is filled with noted pro-life leaders including:

  • Tony Perkins (President, Family Research Council)
  • Ramesh Ponnuru (National Review Online Senior Editor)
  • David Prentice (Senior Fellow, Family Research Council)
  • Peter Samuelson (President, Americans United for Life)
  • Joe Scheidler (Founder, Pro-Life Action League) – tentative
  • Paul Schenk (National Pro-Life Action Center)
  • Bobby Schindler (Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation)
  • Jill Stanek (WorldNetDaily Columnist, Pro-life Speaker)

The morning session will feature Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA)!

The afternoon session includes a panel discussion, moderated by the FRC's Charmaine Yoest, on the New Media. During this time you can expect to interact with a lively group of pro-life bloggers, videocast experts, media consultants and movie makers. Click here for the complete schedule.

Blogs4Life is an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations to network with pro-life bloggers and develop an understanding of how weblog technology can be used to strategically promote life and transform ideas into action as we move toward a post-Roe America.

You can show up at the door for all or part of the conference but we would be most grateful if you register before the event so that the FRC can make adequate accommodations for food and beverages.

For more information see: Facts , Details , Directions and Schedule .

Finally, please consider promoting the conference over the weekend by forwarding this email to your pro-life friends.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Beyond Roe--something to think about

WI Catholic has sent you an article from The Washington Times.

WI Catholic's comments: This is a perspective many do not think about. But I think it is one we NEED to begin to look at more.

God bless!
By Gary Bauer
Jailand Adams will never make a New Year's resolution. On Dec. 5, Jailand's mother was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly placing her 3-month-old son in a clothes dryer and turning it on. The boy died after receiving third degree burns and suffering blunt force trauma.

Paris Talley met a similar fate last year when, according to forensic experts, she died after experiencing high-heat internal injuries and hyperthermia. After investigating for over a year, authorities charged Paris's mother with aggravated murder. Her weapon: a microwave oven.

The headlines have become all too familiar and range from the disturbingly banal: "Life for man who killed baby," to the appallingly callous: "Mom says she didn't mean to throw baby at boyfriend."

Of course, it was not supposed to be this way.

The conventional wisdom has always been that legalized abortion leads to fewer unwanted children, and thus to happier, healthier and more stable families. This view went a long way in helping abortion advocates to justify their support of abortion-on-demand. It also helped sooth the consciences of frightened young women and men and cajole a skeptical public.

Unfortunately, as economist John Kenneth Galbraith once wrote, the enemy of the conventional wisdom is not ideas but the march of events. And when it comes to the relationship between abortion and child abuse, the march of events has proved a formidable enemy indeed. In fact, since the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized all abortions, child abuse has risen, and precipitously so. Consider these statistics:

m Since 1973, reports of child abuse have increased five-fold.

m Today, nearly 1 million children are abused or neglected each year, 80 percent by their parents.

m The Department of Health and Human Services estimated that 1,500 children died from abuse or neglect in 2003, and that the majority of the victims were under the age of four.

While a portion of the increase in child abuse is certainly due to better reporting, experts agree these figures reflect a significant trend toward higher rates of abuse. As Shay Bilchik, president of Child Welfare League of America, told ABC News last year: "It is truly an epidemic. And we've seen the tremendous increase over the last 20 years."

What's more, studies have found a significant link between abortion and child abuse. Researchers at Bowling State University recently discovered that women who had undergone an abortion are 2.4 times more likely to physically abuse their children. So, is it possible that not only does abortion fail to decrease the incidence of child abuse, but that it in fact increases its prevalence? Any empiricist would reflexively respond with the statistical adage: correlation does not imply causation. And it's true. Just because child abuse rates surged when abortion became legal doesn't necessarily mean abortion causes child abuse.

But it's curious that at a time when contraception is widely and cheaply available, and a third of all pregnancies end in abortion, child abuse continues to rise.

While the direct effect of abortion on child abuse may be unclear, one thing can be said conclusively: Abortion has not been the panacea for child abuse that many of its proponents predicted.

In recent years, Americans seem ambivalent about human life. Polls show a significant majority describes itself as "pro-life," and there is awe and respect for life-saving medical breakthroughs such as miraculous surgeries in the womb. At the same time, abortions of children older than those operated upon are vigorously defended by those who advocate fetal death as "pro-choice."

America's ambivalence toward human life is a product of a line of thought that considers all truth subjective. It's a belief that pervades America's institutions — its schools, jurisprudence, politics, etc. — and it has seeped into the popular culture. It's an outlook that declares, without a hint of irony: "Your reality is as valid as my reality." It was perhaps most notably expressed by Justice Kennedy in the Supreme Court's 1992 Casey v. Planned Parenthood abortion decision, which reaffirmed Roe v. Wade. "At the heart of liberty," Kennedy wrote for the majority, "is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of life."

This view is evident in the alarming number of women who have attempted to steal unborn babies from their expectant mothers by cutting the mothers' stomachs open and extracting the babies. In a recent case, the assailant was unable to have children of her own but was telling her family that she was pregnant. For this woman — yet another victim of the culture of death — one life was invaluable, the other of no value.

When abortion was legalized, its advocates promised a country where, to paraphrase the popular slogan, every child is a wanted child. A generation on and it's become abundantly clear: Abortion has merely helped create a world in which fewer children are wanted.

<i>Gary Bauer is president of American Values and chairman of Campaign for Working Families.</i>

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Art Buchwald Dead at age 81

Art Buchwald has passed away at the age of 81. He had once been in hospice, but recovered enough to have left, and to write a book about that time of his life. Some of his better writings were done in his final illness.

May he rest in peace, and may the Lord be with his family in a special way.

God bless!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Prayer request

Please join in prayer for Patti's Mom and her family. This came today.

God bless!

On 1/17/07, Patti
HI Everybody,
   I'm asking for prayers for my mom and my family. My mother has been diagnosed with advanced cirrhosis of the liver. We don't have many details yet, just that it's bad. My father and sister are taking the news very hard, and I feel very helpless to do anything, being so far away. Those of you who know me well, know how very close my family is. Please remember us in your prayers...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Very Appropriate for This Age. Unknown author