Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cartoons Poke Fun at Pro-Abortion Opposition to Tim Tebow Pro-Life Commercial

Cartoons Poke Fun at Pro-Abortion Opposition to Tim Tebow Pro-Life Commercial

The ads weren't quite what is described, but both were sweet, and encouraged viewers to go to the Focus on the Family website for the rest of the story. But the cartoons tell the story, very well!

God bless!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Continuous Chest Compression CPR - Mayo Clinic Presentation

CPR has changed. It is important for everyone to know this.

Mayo Clinic Presentation of Continuous Chest Compression CPR - Cardiocerebral Resuscitation
Cardiocerebral resuscitation (CCR) is a new approach to patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest that has been shown to improve rates of neurologically intact survival by 250%--300% over the approach advocated by the 2000 American Heart Association guidelines. And EMS systems can realize these improvements without having to buy a single new gadget or device.

A Baby's Prayer

The only problem I have with this video is that 'her blood flows through my heart' is not true.

Mother's blood and baby's blood are separate, and even different blood types.

But other than that, it is a nice video....

God bless.....

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pope asks Roman Rota to encourage couples to stay married, avoid annulments

Benedict XVI has met with the judges and lawyers from the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, the Vatican tribunal that decides marriage annulments. The pope has asked to encourage couples to stay married and seek reconciliation.

The pope has also recalled the judgments of invalidity must respect the truth and justice of the facts and that they shouldnt summit to societal pressure.

In particular, he said that all marriages are valid until proven otherwise. And that marital difficulties are not reasons to seek an annulment.

Apart from the grounds of marriage annulments, the Rota is the highest court of appeal for the Holy See. It is also responsible for judging the Church directly under the pope, like bishops and superiors of religious orders.

Pius XII Much-maligned pontiff

Much-maligned pontiff - Haaretz - Israel News

This is one I would have missed entirely had it not been for a Canadian friend, Jaye (thanks, Jaye!)...

From the article:

During the war, the pope was far from silent: In numerous speeches and encyclicals, he championed human rights for all people and called on the belligerent nations to respect the rights of all civilians and prisoners of war. Unlike many of the pope's latter-day detractors, the Nazis understood him very well. After studying Pius XII's 1942 Christmas message, the Reich Central Security Office concluded: "In a manner never known before the pope has repudiated the National Socialist New European Order ... Here he is virtually accusing the German people of injustice toward the Jews and makes himself the mouthpiece of the Jewish war criminals." (Pick up any book that criticizes Pius XII, and you won't find any mention of this important report.)


The campaign against Pope Pius XII is doomed to failure because his detractors cannot sustain their main charges against him - that he was silent, pro-Nazi, and did little or nothing to help the Jews - with evidence. Perhaps only in a backward world such as ours would the one man who did more than any other wartime leader to help Jews and other Nazi victims, receive the greatest condemnation

The author is currently working on a book about Pius XII. I will be watching for it...

God bless!

Lloyd Marcus Lists Ten Keys to Live By

Lloyd Marcus: Top Ten Keys To Black Liberation & Success In America.

He has listed ten good points, that are good for anyone to live by!

Unrelated, but he also sings pretty!

God bless!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Abortion Is NOT Legal!

Abortion Is NOT Legal!

An interesting perspective that I have never read any place, though this article was originally published nearly eleven years ago!!

Let me know what you think.......

God bless! Pope: Children have the right to grow up in a united family Pope: Children have the right to grow up in a united family

Dear Holy Father... tell this to your Tribunals in the US who REQUIRE Divorce Papers in order to investigate Nullity in any marriage!
Tell this to your priests and others who counsel one partner to divorce and petition for Nullity...

And make the changes that are needed to help save marriages.

1Cor 7:10-11

God bless!!

Fr Z: Not content to kill their bodies, Planned Parenthood wants to kill their souls too.

What Does The Prayer Really Say?»Blog Archive » Not content to kill their bodies, Planned Parenthood wants to kill their souls too.

Disgusting news. Not at all surprising.

Lord, have Mercy!

Jill Stanek - Duggars rent Planned Parenthood landmark

Jill Stanek - Duggars rent Planned Parenthood landmark

What irony......

RealClearPolitics - Populist Constitutionalism & the Tea Parties

RealClearPolitics - Populist Constitutionalism & the Tea Parties

So what makes the tea parties different? I have attended several local tea party gatherings (and addressed a couple of them). There is one document that is ubiquitous at these events: the Constitution for the United States of America.[iii] People hand out copies of the Constitution like hors d'oeuvres that are served at ... a de rigueur tea party.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

ZENIT - Pontiff Calls for Complete Fidelity to Magisterium

ZENIT - Pontiff Calls for Complete Fidelity to Magisterium

Article in part:

He mentioned in particular Scotland's support for euthanasia, developments in medical ethics and some practices advocated in the field of embryology, stating that these are a "cause for great concern."

"If the Church's teaching is compromised, even slightly, in one such area, then it becomes hard to defend the fullness of Catholic doctrine in an integral manner," the Holy Father said.

"Pastors of the Church, therefore, must continually call the faithful to complete fidelity to the Church's magisterium,"
he said, "while at the same time upholding and defending the Church's right to live freely in society according to her beliefs."

Benedict XVI pointed out that "the Church offers the world a positive and inspiring vision of human life, the beauty of marriage and the joy of parenthood."

He urged the bishops: "Be sure to present this teaching in such a way that it is recognized for the message of hope that it is.

"All too often the Church's doctrine is perceived as a series of prohibitions and retrograde positions, whereas the
reality, as we know, is that it is creative and life-giving, and it is directed towards the fullest possible realization of the great potential for good and for happiness that God has implanted within every one of us."

Pro-Choice Groups Handle the Truth About the Tebow Ad?

After watching some of the interviews about this ad, I have to say that I don't think most of them can.... IMHO.

I also have to say that I agree with Kevin McCullough in his op-ed:

It’s been just about two weeks since many in the press learned about Focus on the Family’s plan to air an ad during the Super Bowl featuring Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam. In the much discussed commercial Pam Tebow discusses a mother’s choice. The fear and loathing coming from the pro-choice community over this ad has been intense. It’s especially intense given that none of the people coming forward to decry it have actually seen it! As we count down to Sunday’s big game the pro-choice community is resorting to lies, distortions, and behavior bordering on insanity as it musters more and more desperate arguments to prevent CBS from airing the ad.

As an adopted son, adoptive father, and man who has lost two children through miscarriage I'm well beyond steamed by the dishonest and outlandish assumptions being made by NOW, the Center for Reproductive Rights, various feminist attorneys, a former presidential campaign director and others. The reaction by these groups to an ad they have not seen speaks volumes, but first let's deal with the facts.
As an adoptive mother and a birth mother, I can honestly say that I feel the same way! The fact that they have NOT EVEN SEEN the ad, yet are so opposed to its airing speaks volumes to this mother of three!

Kevin McCullough goes on to list the opinions and his rebuttal to each, and then issues a challenging question:

But what if Estrich, NOW, Allred, the Center for Reproductive Rights and others were asked to agree to change the current laws so that abortion was legal to save the life of the mother or in the case of rape or incest but otherwise outlawed, would they support such a change?

Most likely not.

Why do I say that? How do I know?

I knew the answer. Do you? Read the entire article @..... - Why Can't Pro-Choice Groups Handle the Truth About the Tebow Ad?