Friday, February 08, 2008

Twins KICK Cancer Out and Save Mom's Life!!

Michelle Stepney with Twins, Alice and Harriet
Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

What a story this lady and her husband have to tell their daughters about how they saved their Mom's life while developing in her uterus! What a miracle!

" Like any thrilled mother to be, Michelle Stepney cherished
the first kicks she could feel from her unborn babies.

But her lively twin girls were doing more than simply making their presence felt.

Each little kick was saving their mother's life."

The twins have just celebrated their first birthday and are thriving.

Mrs Stepney, an accountant, had a scan in December which showed

she was still free from cancer.

She has been nominated for a Woman of Courage award by

Cancer Research UK Race for Life

and will be honoured at a ceremony in London on February 12.

Scott Stepney, Twins' Dad
Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

"I've had wonderful support from my husband and I couldn't have got through it without him," she said. "I feel so lucky.

And one day I will tell my daughters how they saved their mummy's life."

For the rest of this fantastic story, go here...

And God bless!!

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Islamic law "unavoidable," says Archbishop of Canterbury

Islamic law "unavoidable," says Archbishop of Canterbury

London, Feb. 7, 2008 (

London, Feb. 07 ( - The Archbishop of Canterbury has raised eyebrows in England by telling the BBC that the introduction of Islamic shari'a law is "unavoidable" in Great Britain.

Archbishop Rowan Williams told a "World at One" radio broadcast that for the sake of peaceful coexistence in a diverse society, British lawmakers should come to some "accommodation with some aspects of Muslim law, as we already do with aspects of other kinds of religious law."

The top prelate in the Church of England explained that many Muslims living in Great Britain today are uneasy with the country's legal system and deeply devoted to their Islamic faith. For these people, he said, the adoption of some form of shari'a law could allow for a compromise between "the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty."

Dr. Williams pointed out the the country's legal system already recognizes "the internal law of religious communities" in other areas, such as in recognizing the claims of conscientious objectors. A similar approach could be applied to Islamic law regarding issues such as marriage and divorce, he said.

The Anglican archbishop made it clear that he thought Muslims living in Great Britain should have access to the secular courts to appeal decisions based on shari'a law and to ensure their legal rights.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Prayer for my cousin's husband... infection after heart surgery.

On Jan 22, my cousin wrote to me :

Yesterday Tom had 4 by passes.
He is doing well and should be home this weekend. 
He did not have a heart attack. He felt sluggish and had pain the past few weeks
so he went to the doctor and he put him in the hospital.
Take care!
Give your mom a hug for me!

Today, I got another email from her:

Tom is back in the hospital with a staph infection.
He was doing so well until last Sunday night.
Please keep him in your prayers.

I asked her if it is MRSA...

The doctor told him he had a mean infection. I suppose it could be MRSA.
They do not yet know the source of the infection.
He has an excellent Infectious Disease doctor.
We are hoping all will be well, thanks to all the prayers we are receiving and the intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes.
Thanks for all the prayers you gather for him.

Please keep Tom in prayer for a complete recovery, and my cousin, as well. Thanks!

God bless!

Baby Khloe' needs prayers today!

Please pray for this family.

God bless!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: S
Date: Feb 6, 2008 12:43 PM

Just got this from my homeschool group. Thanks for praying for this little baby!
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2008 11:22 AM

Hi All,

I just spoke with Kiley. The doctors have found another concern and are ordering more tests for Khloe'. Please pray that the new images are clear and answer the questions that the doctors have. We are praying for positive results!

Khloe' may have surgery tomorrow. The possibility of a 2nd surgery is very real. Continue to pray for the strength of her parents. They have had a rough couple of days.

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Introducing MOTHERHOOD INTERRUPTED by Jane Brennan, MS

I am very pleased to announce the website and first book of my dear friend, Janie Brennan. I have known her for a long time, since I came online and joined a forum called CatholicLiteII where I 'met' her and many other now very dear friends.

Janie has gone though a lot of healing over those years, and has also worked on her MS. She has authored an article for Catholic Exchange awhile back, and has done a lot of hard work in this area. She is a blessing, and will BE a blessing to any woman in the same situation.

I have been 'sitting on' this website since she asked some of us to take a look at it, anxiously awaiting the day that she gave me the go-ahead to publicize it here.

Today is the day.

The book is ready. The website is ready. Janie is ready.

And I am proud to honor her by letting all of you know about her work.

May God Bless you abundantly, Janie!

To order the book you can go to

This is the press release.

Thanks Janie

Can there be Healing and Hope after Abortion?

New book reveals how abortion has drastically affected the lives of women

Centennial, CO – (Wednesday, February 6) – Having a baby is a joyous moment for most mothers-to-be. For others, however, it represents a great change – a responsibility that they are not yet prepared to take. Though abortion is a choice women are free to make, the emotional burden after this action is often heavier to bear. In Motherhood Interrupted, author Jane Brennan former member of NOW; Planned Parenthood volunteer and post-abortive woman herself, shares stories of healing and hope after abortion that will bring to light the struggle women go through before and after making this choice.

Each child from the moment of conception has the right to live. Yet abortion ends this life before it has even barely begun. Witness as sixteen women come together to offer their personal experiences on how abortion affected their lives. These revealing stories underscore the impact of abortion on the individual, relationships and families. These courageous women overcome their shame and guilt to witness to the devastating aftermath of their choice. Through their stories, readers will understand that abortion is not the answer for women or society.

Motherhood Interrupted allows empowered and unified voices of experience to speak dismissed truth into the darkest moments of child loss through choice. Forgiveness from the guilt of sin has birthed a new day of victory in secluded grief. A "must read" for individual and corporate living beyond America's secret sorrow, abortion” says Joyce Zounis, featured in the internationally released documentary, I Was Wrong. Motherhood Interrupted is a journey through acceptance, forgiveness and healing arriving at mercy and hope.

About the Author

Jane Brennan, MS, has experienced abortion personally. A former member of NOW and Planned Parenthood volunteer, Jane has devoted her private counseling practice to offering post-abortive women a safe place to reconcile unresolved grief and loss. In 2005 Brennan received the Pro-Vitae award from the Archdiocese of Denver. Jane is committed to providing women hope and help for the journey. She resides in Colorado with her husband Kyle and four daughters.

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Ven Matt Talbot

"Three things I cannot escape:
the eye of God, the voice of conscience, the stroke of death.
In company, guard your tongue.
In your family, guard your temper.
When alone guard your thoughts."

~~Venerable Matt Talbot

Today being Ash Wednesday, this will be my prayer for Lent. I often fail in all areas.

Matt Talbot, pray for me.

Matt Talbot, pray for one who is not present.

Matt Talbot, pray for my family.

God bless!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Update on Mommy Becky

This came late last night, but I just found it a bit ago. It is a good sign that she is breathing on her own. Please keep praying!

God bless!

Michele wrote:

I thought the clot was near her heart but it was in/near her lungs and she had stopped breathing. She has been on a respirator. Last night, they took her off the respirator and she is breathing on her own. They said this is a good sign. Baby Emma continues to make several visits daily. Daddy takes her is at feeding time so she is putting up a bit of a fuss so Becky can hear her. And then he feeds her there while talking to both of them.
Prayers are working... Thank you. .. Keep them up

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Other blogs about Lauren Marie Richardson

Defend Life

This one is especially good, as she also brings in Nazi Germany's treatment of the non-productive eater. Following her links, she had also extensively written more on Haleigh where she also brought in JPII's words (both as I have done on my own blog in the past)

Matthew Balan of NewsBusters

Bayly Blog

Lauren Marie Richardson--Dad, Mom fight over starving brain-damaged daughter

I meant to send this out a couple of days ago, but could not find the video nor the transcript until today. Lauren's father was on Hannity and Colmes. There is also now an injunction against him regarding the video that they had made of her.

Lauren Marie Richardson Website Life For Lauren

Watch the interview with Lauren's father on FOX News "Hannity and Colmes,"
February 1st
, 2008
Click here

Alan Colmes starts this with a wrong premise right off the bat! She is NOT brain dead. If that were true, she would NEED a respirator to ventilate her. She is BRAIN DAMAGED. She is DISABLED. She is NOT DYING. Food and Water are NOT 'life support' in the way a ventilator or dialysis is. Food and water, even via a feeding tube is a necessity.

Transcript is here:,2933,328085,00.html

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nancy Valko, RN
Date: Feb 2, 2008 3:20 PM

This is a WorldNetDaily printer-friendly version of the article which follows.
To view this item online, visit

Friday, February 1, 2008

Dad, mom fight over starving brain-damaged daughter
'She's committed no crime and doesn't deserve to have this death imposed on her'
Posted: February 1, 2008
9:02 p.m. Eastern

© 2008

A Delaware father is fighting his ex-wife, the medical establishment and the court system for the life of his 23-year-old daughter, left brain-damaged by a 2006 drug overdose, in a case with striking parallels to the 2005 death of Terri Schiavo in Florida.

"She's committed no crime and doesn't deserve to have this death imposed on her," Randy Richardson told the Wilmington, Del., News Journal of his daughter, Lauren Marie Richardson.

She was injured by a drug overdose in 2006 and has never recovered fully from the brain damage she suffered, he said. Court records reveal she was pregnant at the time and was kept on feeding tubes and a breathing machine in Christiana Hospital until her baby girl was born in February 2007.

(Story continues )

Monday, February 04, 2008

Meet my Friend In Her New Blog!

Em is a talented woman with a refreshing sense of humor, married, mother, homeschooler. She has entertained some of us for a long time with cute stories, as well as shared her view of life. There have been many times that we, her friends, have encouraged her to write (as in book).

We finally suggested a blog, and yesterday, Em told me that she had done it. Today, she is officially launching and making it known publicly.

"Confessions of a Catholic Mom"...

I wish you well, Em! Enjoy your creative outlet!

God bless!!

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Prayer request for Newborn Baby Khloe

I have permission to forward this to my blog for prayer. This little girl has serious surgery facing her very soon. Please keep Baby Khloe in prayer, as well as her family!

God bless!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: S
Date: Feb 2, 2008 2:12 PM

Hey everyone,
One of the mom's in my homeschool group here gave birth to beautiful baby girl last week. Right before hospital d/c, the docs noticed a problem with her heart. She has a severe congenital heart abnormality and a deformity of her pulmonary artery. She will be having surgery next week (I'll let you know when). It seems both conditions can be fixed with surgery (more than one, I believe), but is risky just because of the nature of the operation, etc. Please keep the family in prayer. Thanks.
This is from Kiley's  ( the mom) blog:

First, I must say I know this post will be a shock for many friends and family. The last you heard from us was via email with the announcement of Khloe's birth, which was a wonderful, beautiful event, complication free on January 30, 2008.  She was born at 1:16am, weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces, 19 inches long, beautiful, angelic, pink, healthy; except for the "slight" murmur the MDs heard.

On January 31, 2008, while we were preparing to go home from the hospital the pediatrician on call came in to listen to her heart and give her the discharge consent. Well, that is when our lives were forever changed. He didn't like what he heard, so he ordered testing. Within the hour, she was in intensive care, on oxygen, and being prepared for transport to Texas Children's Hospital in downtown Houston. 

Khloe' has been diagnosed with a severe congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot, where there are four issues wrong in the heart.  To make matters worse, she aslo has an additional defect called Discontinuous Pulmonary Arteries, meaning her pulmonary artery, which would usually leave the right ventricle as one artery then split to the left and right, is "disconnected" on the right side. For now this right side is getting blood through a PDA which usually closes after about 24 hours after birth (when she started to have problems). The PDA is being kept open with a medicine called prostoglandin. However, this medication can not be used long term and does have side affects; it is essentially just buying the time until surgery. With that being said, the Cardiac team reassures us that Khlo'e heart is not weak, in fact they tell us it is very very strong; it is just made different and needs to be repaired in order to work at its optimum.  

As of today, February 1, 2008, Khloe' is stable, breathing on her own, eating, pooping, sleeping, doing everything on her own. She literally looks like an angel in her bed. We were able to have her baptized and she also received Anointing of the Sick, so she is in a most perfect state of grace now. 

She will remain like this in ICU until heart surgery next week. The cardiac team will be meeting Monday morning (February 4) to discuss when the open heart surgery will take place next week and what the plan will be.

This is where all of you come in. Please check our website to see what time and day her surgery will be so that we can storm the heavens with prayer. That is all that is sustaining us right now.  My parents are here indefinately and my brothers will likely come to Houston for the surgery. Ghaleb's mom is due to arrive in Houston on Friday, February 8, and his sister lives here in Houston.

Ghaleb, the boys, and I are doing as well as can be expected. We are trying to focus on getting through this surgery and getting our sweet baby girl home with us. Thank you is just not enough to say to all of you who are praying, calling, offering help and support. Please continue and know that we love and appreciate every one of you and what you mean in our lives.

God bless all of you and God be with Khloe' always.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mommy Becky -- Emergency Prayer Request Feb 1, 2008 Update Feb 3, 2008

Got an email that I intended to post here for prayer, but then got busy and did not do it. I did ask others to pray, but not with the oomph that bloggers can give by spreading the word. Please link to this request so that I know it is reaching others!

Becky is a new mother, from about Jan 29. Her baby is doing fine, but Becky had complications. There are two emails below, the top is the update from today, the bottom is the Emergency Prayer Request that came in on Feb 1. Please pass this on, and I will update as they come in! 

She has a total of four children, three boys and the baby Emma. The two oldest boys have lost their father to a car accident.

God bless!

Feb 3, 2008

Please keep praying.  She is holding her own. The clot has slowed down but not breaking up yet.  They have been bringing the baby in to help stimulate her.  Will let you know more as I hear.
Thanks for praying.  I believe prayer always helps!!!
><> Michele <><

Feb 1, 2008

My ddil's cousin had a baby girl 3 days ago by C-section... Today the mommy (Becky) was taken to the hospital with a blood clot very near her heart.  She is in a coma and they are trying to break it up but its not going well and does not look good for her.
The mom lost her first dh in a car accident.  She had 2 little boys.  Her current dh just adopted her 2 boys.  They've only been married about 3 years and do have another little boy too.
 Please pray for him (Kirran) and the other children (I only know Dominic, and new baby is Emma) as well. 
><> Michele <><

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