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Fwd: Could Jessie Foster be Jane Doe?

This article also includes a comparison picture of Jessie Foster and the composite of 'Jane Doe'. Again, please keep this family in prayer.

God bless!

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Date: Jan 23, 2008 12:55 PM

Jessie Foster Update

The parents of Jessie Foster, missing daughter, are having DNA testing done to compare with the body of a young female found in TX. Please keep this family in prayer.

God bless!

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From: Glendene Grant
Date: 2008/1/25

Fr. Euteneuer: The March for Life and the Religion of Abortion

The absurdity of 'blessing' an abortuary, and calling the place 'sacred ground' is something that I was going to write about today, but Fr E has said it better than I could...

The only way that ground is Sacred is through the shed blood of the martyrs of abortion, those tiny innocents that are being killed there. It is NOT sacred because of the 'privacy' or 'right' to kill them, however.

See below in John's email for the link to the rest of the story... and God bless!

Not to be outdone by the godless media, the Planned Parenthood in Schenectady, NY also staged its own drama of the absurd. They dedicated a new 18,000 square foot killing center that day and had three members of the abortion "clergy" come out and "bless" it! What I have always said about abortion as a demonic religion was on graphic display in NY as we were marching for life in DC. Two "ministers" came to do the blessing from a "reformed" church—their view of "reform" is obviously different than ours. The (male) reverend used the occasion to proudly announce a new doctrine to the three dozen devotees of sacred abortion: the right to privacy is endowed by God, he said. Now, we cannot even find the "right to privacy" in the US Constitution and yet this fellow makes a new religious right out of whole cloth. Don't ask the demonic religion for a good grounding in history or logic. The other abortion clergyman was a rabbi who blew the shofar as a way to show support for reproductive rights. Our friend Rabbi Yehuda Levin who blows the shofar most years at the March for Life will have a field day with that one.

The most absurd aspect of the blessing ceremony, however, was when the Rev. Larry Phillips of Schenectady's Emmanuel-Friedens Church led the congregation outside to lay hands on the brick and mortar and to declare that the killing center was "sacred ground." Ugh. The hierarchy (Planned Parenthood), the acolytes (clinic workers), the congregation (supporters) and the ministers were all at the abortion temple that day worshipping the god of abortion. And the demons were so pleased.

St. Paul reminds us in Ephesians 6 that our battle is not against flesh and blood. It is against the principalities and powers of this world of darkness. The darkness is spreading, but the Light of Christ shines forth in all those wonderful kids and their parents that showed the world that life will win in the end.

"The light shines on in darkness, a darkness that did not overcome it." (Jn 1:5)

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From: John Mallon
Date: Jan 25, 2008 3:48 PM

Dear Friends,

Here are Father Tom's reflections on the March for Life 2008:

Please Blog and spread around!

Also: my recent interview with Peter Kreeft is now online at

God bless,

More Gardasil Deaths

How many have heard this over any mainstream media?

The death of two young women who received the cervical cancer vaccination is causing some in the U.K. to question a strategy that calls for hundreds of thousands of schoolgirls to receive the shot next fall, the Daily Mail reports.

Or for that matter, even this:

It follows the deaths of three young women aged 12, 19 and 22 who were reported to have died in the U.S. days after Gardasil was administered, with 1,700 patients suffering "adverse reactions".

More on the story here and here.

And of course, another story is that The Pill can also protect women from Cancer... while they can die of strokes, clots, etc. Right... just keep pumping us full of artificial junk, and telling us it is good for us, and we have a 'right' to control our bodies, and a 'right' to sex without consequences... and some of us, unfortunately will continue to buy it.

God bless!

Fwd: Feigned "starvation" by Smooth Stone

Smooth also sent the rest of his post with this, but you can use the url he supplied to read the rest of it at his site, and perhaps also browse his archives while you are there. I did check out the site he is speaking about, as well, but will probably not return there.

God bless, Stone!

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Please forward to everyone on your mailing list and feel free to link and post to your own blogs:

An open letter to the palestinian thieves, butchers, and mass murderers who are visiting Smooth Stone from

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred Thompson Leaves Presidential Race

"Today, I have withdrawn my candidacy for president of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefitted from our having made this effort," Thompson said in a statement.

One by one, those that I could vote for are leaving the race to those I ... don't want to, can't, or won't... vote for.

More here.

Telling his supporters to “stand strong,” he said, “We will always be bound by a close bond, because we have traveled a very special road together for a very special purpose. You know, it’s never been about me. It’s never even been about you. It’s been about our country and the future of our country … And because of your efforts and because of our working together, our party is being required to look itself in the mirror, decide where it’s going, decide who it is.”

I am reminded of the story of Jacob and Esau. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of pottage. Then a dishonest Jacob and his mother plotted to gain the blessing of Isaac, the father of Esau and Jacob.

What are we losing by denying the platform of the Republican Party for economic and domestic stability (by possibly voting in those who have not kept their promises even to their own wife(ves) several times), etc?

I am not sure that we will have the same blessing that Jacob got from God, though. I am thinking that we may end up with a bit of Judgement... Jacob was not killing pre-born babies, or the disabled...

Just thinking out loud.

God Bless!


Sunday, January 20, 2008


Political Buzzword of the year. No matter what... change. Just don't tell us what is MEANT by that.
Don't give any clues as to what it is that you think is really going to be done. Just "Change".


HT to Fox News and a smile of admiration to Hugh Matkin for this really good compilation of the candidates of.... 'change'....

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