Saturday, December 25, 2004


From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best and most Blessed Christmas of all.

God bless you, and keep you, and give you peace. (paraphrased from Numbers6:24-26)

Friday, December 24, 2004

Indoctrination and Proselytizing

Some people have been challenging the very name of God in anything.

Whether prayer in school, in our pledge, or even simply praying before a meal in the primary grades, they do not want to be 'indoctrinated' or 'proselytized'.

They fight the Nativity Scenes, and this year seems to be the worst one I have heard so far, as they fight to remove Jesus from the Season in any way that they can.

But I have not heard ANYTHING on main stream media about the recent case of blatant indoctrination that took place Dec 16, 2004. Though the school in Ohio has issued a disclaimer,
it does not alter the fact that if these same children decided to sing O Silent Night or possibly even Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (it has Christmas Eve mentioned, you know?)... or to draw posters of a Nativity scene, they would be stopped almost immediately. And THAT in itself is a brand of indoctrination.

When are we going to wake up, Oh Sleeping Giant? When we have to meet in underground catacombs again to worship the One born whose Birthday we CELEBRATE on Christmas Day???

Merry Christmas, Everyone! And Happy Birthday, Jesus... I am going to sing O Holy Night. You may want to sing with me....or not.

Oh holy night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of the dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appear'd and the soul felt its worth
The thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angel voices
Oh night divine
Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine
Oh night divine
The thrill of hope
the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angel voices
Oh night divine
Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine
Oh night divine

PETA against cloning...and IAMS pet food

Tonight I was watching Fox News on Cable TV. There was a woman on, and I was not sure whether I wanted to hug her or turn the channel so I would not have to listen.

You have heard of the cloned kitty that some woman paid $50,000 for after her older beloved cat died?

So has PETA, and they are against the cloning of any animals. Why? Because there are so many homeless cats dying on the streets and in the breeding farms, already living in the homeless animal shelters and PETA's spaying/neutering centers, that the woman on Fox feels the $$$ would have been better spent on adopting a kitty from one of the animal shelters and using the rest to spay/neuter and feed all the ones already alive. That goes for the breeders and the pet stores, too... we should not buy any animals from any of them for several reasons including so many put to death because they have no home, or treated terribly, over bred, then killed in the breeding farms and the pet stores....

They also are not happy with IAMS pet food, apparently.

While the woman who paid all that money to clone her dead kitty has the right to spend her money any way she wants to, I have to agree with the PETA spokeswoman that far....

However, then we part company.

I cannot agree with much of what they believe, but wonder how they feel about EMBRYOnic Stell Cell Research?

I also:

Wonder about their thoughts of the ethical treatment/mutilation/killing of our pre-born babies?

Wonder how they feel about Partial Birth Abortion?

Wonder how they feel about selling embryonic parts for experimentation?

Wonder what they think about selective abortions of human beings?

Wonder what they think about abortions for those children with deformities or something like Down's Syndrome?

And I wonder if ANY of them are pro-HUMAN LIFE?

Human beings are made in the image and likeness of God....

SAVE the Human babies....


Thursday, December 23, 2004

And a Little (Half pound) Child Shall Lead Them....

Many people have fallen for the politically correct terms of 'products of conception', and wide-spread usage of medical terms for a pre-born child that were never used prior to the 'legalization of abortion'. Terms like 'embryo' and 'fetus' were used only in science courses when I was in school and nursing school, and even several years beyond. Until, that is, they began to try to depersonalize that child in the womb, that baby that would be born after nine months of growing and changing to become a born child who would continue growing and changing from infant to toddler to preteen, to teen, to young adult, middle aged adult, and elderly adult until the day that pre-born child dies, even if 114 years old. Humans are always changing. Don't believe it? Look at photos of yourself from as recently as five years ago! Compare to ten, twenty, thirty, or more years ago, way back to infancy. Look the same in any of them? No? You have grown and changed, you see, just as do those BABIES in the womb. And you are (and were) no more of a 'parasite' than you are today.

As medical science gets better, we find more and more proof that those babies-in-the womb are truly human beings from the moment of conception. The latest?

A tiny girl, one of two tiny girls, born over three months early, weighing 8.6 ounces at birth, smaller than a human hand, and her sister, who weighed just over one pound!

They were due Christmas Day, and born Sept, 19, 2004. They were 25weeks, 6 days' gestation, out of forty weeks usual. She weighed JUST OVER A HALF POUND!!!

Many babies are aborted at that weight, at that stage of development. This child goes home.... right about the time she should have been born.... something to think about.

A precious miracle begins at CONCEPTION and continues.... until NATURAL DEATH.
Life is precious. Protect it always.

God bless

Monday, December 20, 2004

"What God Had Joined".... for Catholic Radio

I am helping to announce something I have waited for and prayed about for a long time. The attorney speaking here is speaking Truth about the forced, unilateral divorce system that we have had, and need to end. He has even said something I have said for MANY years, even before we ended up in the courts. There is no such thing as being SINGLE again..... I do not know if the hyperlinks will work here, but try them, or use the urls after each.

And then, pass the message on. The announcement is below, prepared for radio stations, including breaks.

God bless!

What God Had Joined

(Sound Recording for Radio Broadcast)

Chuck Abraham hosts an attorney and two divorce defendants as they discuss the problems inherent in the no-fault divorce routine in theUnited States. This routine is a gross offense against nature and isimmoral. It is time for American Catholics to have their own Church teaching enforced regarding separation and divorce. Guests with Chuck are Mr. Kevin Senich (an Ohio civil attorney), Greg LeMieux (a defendant in an Alabama no-fault divorce), and Bai Macfarlane (a defendant in a pending divorce in Ohio). In Macfarlane's case she's filed a motion in her civil court arguing that they must transfer jurisdiction of the case to Catholic ecclesiastic authorities and order arbitration. The couple had agreed, prior to marriage, to obligate themselves to follow the Church's procedure regarding marriage. The program is just under one hour.

Download file
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Killing Terri Schiavo/Saving Terri’s Life

For a long time, I have been concerned about the disabled that many deem 'not worthy' of continuing life due to a misplaced 'compassion' that says "I would not want to live like that!"
Long ago, in my youth, a young woman about my age was found comatose, and for a long time was on 'life support'. This meant a respirator/ventilator.

Mar31, 1976
New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that coma patient Karen Anne Quinlan could be disconnected from her respirator. (Quinlan, who remained comatose, died in 1985.)
(Karen was born Mar 29, 1954, collapsed and was comatose since April 17, 1975)

As a young nurse working in a hospital, I understood what was meant by 'life support' and 'extraordinary means'. Her parents were simply asking to have nature take its course, instead of keeping her on the machine that assisted her breathing forever. In order to do this, they had to go to court, because at that time, people began to realize that a ventilator could keep someone's heart beating and lungs working long after the person would have naturally died had these machines not been invented. It began a series of decisions that have gone further from the objective her parents had at that time to where NOW, basic food and water can be considered 'extraordinary measures' in many people's minds, depending upon how that food and water gets into the body.

Karen Anne's parents did not want to kill their daughter, they simply wanted nature to be able to take its normal course. Food and water was NEVER considered to be part of that case. Karen, in fact, lived about nine years after the decision was made, and was also tube-fed, if I remember correctly. She was weaned off of the respirator, not abruptly taken off of the machine. She continued to breathe on her own with no distress, and lived without the machines for the rest of her life, until God called her Home.

But this is when terminology truly began changing. As a student nurse in 1971-72, and as a Nursing Assistant before that, I was taught that 'quality of life' meant that we allowed the person to do for themselves what they could do, and then, did what they could NOT do for themselves to IMPROVE their quality of life. Suddenly, it became a judgement of why that person no longer had any value, why that person would not want to live, why WE thought that person should die.... "WHAT KIND OF QUALITY OF LIFE DO THEY HAVE, ANYWAY???" One can hear the judgement in the question.

"Death with dignity" as a student/new graduate meant that we cared for that person, cleaned, washed, turned, lotioned, changed them as needed, offered food and fluids as they could tolerate and kept them comfortable including Spiritual help if needed until that person's last breath. Today, it means ... kill them or give them something to kill themselves.

We went on, and in time, we have had more court decisions, going down the proverbial 'slippery slope' from Nancy Cruzan to the present case of Terri Schindler Schiavo. The only 'life support' that either of these two women and others like them who have died as a result of those court decisions was a simple tube that gave them nourishment. They were NOT on respirator/ventilators and did not need IV fluids, etc. Just food and water, delivered in a different way than with a spoon or fork.

They are children of God, just as you or I are, with a right to live until He determines it is time to die, naturally. Terri is disabled, not dying. Terri is no different than the young "developmentally/cognitively disabled" children that I often care for, some tube fed, some fed by spoon, some by hand over hand method. Are we to also kill them?

Terri laughs. She recognizes her parents and siblings and priest. Many of my patients do little more than smile and coo, even at 15. But they are alive. And they teach US to love unconditionally. There is not one person born who is not known by God, and He has a purpose for every person whether WE know in our infinite 'wisdom' what that purpose is.... or whether we cannot even begin to understand. He does. No one is an accident. As long as there is life, there is hope.

Good articles to read...

Schiavo, Reeve, and the "right" to die

Killing Terri Schiavo By Rev. Robert Johansen

Saving Terri’s Life My Journey With The Schindlers By Father Robert J. Johansen

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Patron Saint for Terri Schiavo?

Cardinal Clemens August von Galen, the "Lion of Muenster"
spoke out boldly against the Nazi regime, and especially the
extermination of the handicapped of the T4 program.
Who would know better what Terri Schindler Schiavo is going
through, and who would intercede for her more strongly than
he, the opponent of one of the most evil men in history?

He can intercede for the court system, and also for the conversion
of Michael, Judge Greer, Attorney Felos, and all the rest.

Who better than someone who has already SEEN the evil of
killing those who do not meet what some consider to be
'Normal'? Cardinal von Galen, pray for Terri!

God bless~

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