Saturday, July 29, 2006

All they are saying.... is Give Jihad a Chance....

HT again to sami:

There are actually two others offered.

Pray for Israel

Video - Give Jihad a Chance

The second above is Michelle Malkin and Bryan Preston singing on Hot Air!

Go down the comments section, and you can see the post Michelle has that contains the words to their new 'hit song'.

God bless, and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

Lebanon Myths and Facts

When one listens to much of the MSM, one gets a very different picture about what is happening over in the Middle East, proving that it is very important to have more sources to read than just what we hear on certain channels and programs.

While this link has other Myths, this example is an excellent one to begin....

HT to Sami

Myth: Israel deliberately attacked a United Nations post, killing four UN personnel.

Fact: That UN post, in the words of the Canadian peacekeeper who was killed there, was being used by Hezbollah as cover. As retired Canadian Major General Lewis Mackenzie, interviewed on CBC radio, explained:

"We received emails from [the Canadian peacekeeper who was killed at the UN post] a few days ago, and he was describing the fact that he was taking fire within, in one case, three meters of his position for tactical necessity, not being targeted. Now that's veiled speech in the military. What he was telling us was Hezbollah soldiers were all over his position and the IDF were targeting them. And that's a favorite trick by people who don't have representation in the UN. They use the UN as shields knowing that they can't be punished for it."

Furthermore, Hezbollah has attacked UNIFIL observers repeatedly this week. From the UN's own press releases:

In the last 24 hours... Hezbollah fired from the vicinity of four UN positions at Marwahin, Alma Ash Shab, Brashit, and At Tiri. (27 July 2006)
One unarmed UN military observer, a member of the Observer Group Lebanon (OGL), was seriously wounded by small arms fire in the patrol base in the Marun Al Ras area yesterday afternoon. According to preliminary reports, the fire originated from the Hezbollah side during an exchange with the IDF. He was evacuated by the UN to the Israeli side, from where he was taken by an IDF ambulance helicopter to a hospital in Haifa. He was operated on, and his condition is now reported as stable. (24 July 2006)

Note that the UN observer was injured badly enough to be evacuated to an Israeli hospital -- where they saved his life. Kofi Annan's reaction? Not a word of condemnation against Hezbollah, and not a word of gratitude for Israel's rescue of the UN observer.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

BREAKING NEWS - Kamal Saleem former Lebanese terrorist joins Shoebat Foundation

This email came just four minutes ago:

BREAKING NEWS - Kamal Saleem former Lebanese terrorist joins Shoebat Foundation


Kamal Saleem has joined the Walid Shoebat Foundation and is eager to speak to the world about the threat of Islamic terror and advocate for Israel.

Kamal Saleem was born in Lebanon to a prominant Muslim clerical family, and out of sympathy to the Palestinian cause joined the PLO Fatah movement as a child. Later on he joined the PFLP. While being an active terrorist from the age of eleven years old Kamal was involved in rioting and open gun battles with the IDF on the Lebanese-Israeli border.

While in America Kamal partcipated in islamic missions work to convert young Americans to Islam, in order to then have them recruited for Jihad in America.

In 1985 Kamal went through a spiritual journey and converted to Christianity and has already spread his message of reconciliation to many Christians. Now he believes he needs to speak to a wider audiance and fulfill G-ds blessing on the Jewish people and Israel.

It is our honor and duty to promote Kamal in the media, because of his background can join us in the current fight for the rights of Israel to defend itself against the evil of Hezbollah terrorists and the media who holds Israel to a different standard.


Keith Davies

Director of Shoebat Foundation

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Psalm 83

The enemy is not the people of Lebanon, but the Islamofacists who still follow the teachings of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, friend and accomplice of Hitler and Nazi fanaticism. The enemy is not Israel, but those who follow Arafat's teachings, and others of the same ilk, who teach their children that Israel does not exist, who has vowed to not only defeat Israel, but to drive all of Israel into the sea. The enemy is those who hate the Jewish people, but also hate the Christian, who murder without hesitancy, and decapitate captives. They are not of one nation, but are in many, with persecution of both Jews and Christians.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Psalm 122:6

Pray for the people of Lebanon

May God have mercy on all.

HT to N. I. Annakindt

Psalm 83

(use above hyperlink to view a multimedia version of Psalm 83 )

0: A Song.

A Psalm of Asaph.

1: O God, do not keep silence; do not hold thy peace or be still, O God!
2: For lo, thy enemies are in tumult; those who hate thee have raised their heads.
3: They lay crafty plans against thy people; they consult together against thy protected ones.
4: They say, "Come, let us wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more!"
5: Yea, they conspire with one accord; against thee they make a covenant --
6: the tents of Edom and the Ish'maelites, Moab and the Hagrites,
7: Gebal and Ammon and Am'alek, Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre;
8: Assyria also has joined them; they are the strong arm of the children of Lot. [Selah]
9: Do to them as thou didst to Mid'ian, as to Sis'era and Jabin at the river Kishon,
10: who were destroyed at En-dor, who became dung for the ground.
11: Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb, all their princes like Zebah and Zalmun'na,
12: who said, "Let us take possession for ourselves of the pastures of God."
13: O my God, make them like whirling dust, like chaff before the wind.
14: As fire consumes the forest, as the flame sets the mountains ablaze,
15: so do thou pursue them with thy tempest and terrify them with thy hurricane!
16: Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek thy name, O LORD.
17: Let them be put to shame and dismayed for ever; let them perish in disgrace.
18: Let them know that thou alone, whose name is the LORD, art the Most High over all the earth.

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Walid Shoebat Foundation launches Media iniative

Another email from Walid Shoebat's foundation...


Walid Shoebat Foundation launches Media iniative this week.

Walid Shoebat and Zak Anani will be appearing on Radio and TV over this week. We have already through our PR agent arranged 25 interviews on Radio and TV

Walid will appear for the first time on CNN. The segment is set for between 2.45 pm and 4 pm on Wednesday July 26th. This will be the first appearance of Walid on this channel. We have finally broken through on to CNN network.

Zak Anani was on Fox News last week and if any one missed it here it is

After Zak appeared on TV he received dozens of life threatening phone calls which required him to change his number under advisement of the authorities. This is the third time he had to change his number. Also because of false accusations by Islamic thugs his children were taken from him then restored after a year, last week. All the accusations were proven totally false but the story does not stop. As a result of his appearance on TV last week, the court decided to take back one of his daughters because, "By Zak speaking out for Israel and against terror he is ENDANGERING his children's welfare"

This is outrageous and what message does this say to our free society? That the courts in Canada would put into foster care a child of the victimized parent of intimidation, because of Islamic hatemongers. Surely, if the court was so fearful of harm to his child then the protection of Zak and his family by the law enforcement officers at the expense of the tax payer is a prequisite for a free society and not to imprison and separate the innocent because of evil Islamists. This is political correctness and appeasement gone mad.

Zak has not nor will he be intimitated, and will be doing dozens of media interviews over the next couple of weeks despite the intimidation. We need some financial support for Zak to pay for a lawyer so he can keep his kids. He is risking his life to speak for civilization and for the people of Israel, we owe him some help to fight and keep his children from the powers of foolish courts who purport to represent "freedom" and "Justice"

Please email us at if you wish to help Zak in his time of need.


Keith Davies

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dawn Eden has Book Coming Out in December...

Dawn Eden has a book coming out in a few months, had an interview with Tim Drake, and made front page news in The Irish Times.... busy lady!

She also has an email from her Aunt Sarah, an Orthodox Jew from Jerusalem, Israel,
A View From Israel (another post) and a delightful story of meeting the composer of the music used for when JPII celebrated Mass in 1995 in Central Park who was helping the Sisters of Life move a large air conditioner to the Chapel (after one of them said she was going to find a 'Joseph'
to help out).

Her Aunt Sarah, by the way, has many valid points about the events of the past weeks in Israel/Lebanon, which I had not thought of until I read her email.

God bless!