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Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West At The Revolution / American Free...

YES! I do like this man... Draft Allen West 2012!

ONE reason I like Allen West -- Leavenworth 10

ONE reason I like Allen West -- but watching these brings forth so many qualities...Integrity, Loyalty, Leadership, Servant, and more..

Draft Allen West for President 2012!

God bless!

Congressman West: All funding to Palestinian Authority Must Cease

Congressman West: "All funding to Palestinian Authority Must Cease"


April 28, 2011
Contact: Angela Sachitano
Communications Director

Congressman West statement on Unity Government between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas

(Washington)--- Congressman Allen West (FL-22) released this statement today:

"Yesterday's announcement by the Palestinian Authority of the formation of a unity government comprised of Fatah and Hamas is deeply troubling. This united front only adds to the overall unrest and instability in the Middle East and is a first step in the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state.

Any government in which Hamas - a terrorist organization whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel - plays a role, should not receive one dollar from the United States.

This announcement signals that President Abbas has chosen Hamas over peace with Israel, America's strongest ally in the Middle East. Make no mistake, Israel is under attack from an enemy that will stop at nothing until the State of Israel is destroyed, the same enemy that also wants nothing more than to see the United States defeated and diminished.

The United States must remain firm in our commitment to the peace and security of the Jewish State and cease all funding to the Palestinian Authority immediately."


Conning Conservatives - Bogus 527 website

A MUST LISTEN TO about a bogus "527" website to Draft Allen West!!!

Conning Conservatives - The Bilderbergers Next Door - Trump 04/26 by Alexandrea Merrell | Blog Talk Radio

Esther Phillips - What A Difference A Day Makes (1975)

I personally prefer this one, and only wish it was the full song... dancin here!!

What a Difference A Day Makes - Esther Phillips

Ah, yes... and what a gift for my birthday... HUGE SMILE while dancing to the beat...

Glenn Beck Interviews Rep. Allen West (April 28, 2011)


Allen West will be on the Glenn Beck TV program for the full hour on May 9th, 2011 on Fox News. There is a website that posts the program later, after the show is over, if you don't have Cable, and also a FB page that posts them (also on youtube).

If you are one of his FL District 22 constituents, he needs to hear from you, if you want him to run for President in 2011, as he honors the committment he has made to you. He will need your support for EITHER his re-election campaign or a Presidential campaign. Listen to what he said on Hannity on April 27,2011 after a meeting in his District.

Speaking of that meeting on April 27th (my birthday!!), this is posted on a FB group along with the two framed posters that he was given after the meeting...

Louise just called me. Here's the update.

She was running a few minutes late and could not find the meeting location and contacted the fire department in Boca Raton...they ESCORTED her to the meeting. She walked in and met West's Chief of Staff who told here there would simply NOT be time for her to deliver the image...actually...IMAGES. She stood in the back between the Chief of staff and a Secret Service agent and during the meeting as a couple of disrespectful libs were ushered out passed her she asked the Chief of Staff "Why can't they give this man the respect he deserves?" He told he it was because they were ignorant. As the meeting ended and Allen West was exiting through the door where Louise was standing, the Chief of Staff stopped West and motioned her over. Louise told him that these were made before his letter and announcement at last night's meeting but that we wanted him to have them anyway. She handed Allen West the image above and his response was..."Oh wow....WOW." Then Louise handed him the OTHER image I had done some time ago, also framed, of West, the Lincoln Memorial and MLK.He stared at it for several moments before looking a sobbing Louise in the eye...then just stared at it some more. She said he was speechless.

I will post the MLK image shortly for those who may not remember it. We got his attention.

These are the two posters:

A few FB pages for those who are on FB:

Draft Allen West for President


Letters to Congressman Allen WEST from America

DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT donate any money to a supposed 527 website with a very similar name!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been found that the owner of the "527" site is UNTRUSTWORTHY, and I can try to find the link to the interview about it with the full explanation about the man...

UPDATE!!! 2:17PM 4/28/2011 I HAVE THE LINK... a MUST LISTEN ... about a Bogus "527" website.

Quote Tam Edens:


....Let's Roll.....

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