Friday, April 27, 2007

Dylan's Surgery Date

Further update on Dylan, with more specific things to pray for. God bless!

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Date: Apr 27, 2007 8:41 PM

Here is the latest I've gotten from Leann... Thanks again to you all... I can't imagine being the mom having to deal with the thought of having only a 50% chance for my baby... I am SO grateful for my healthy babies! When she called she said that regardless, they will be going through with the surgery Monday. He is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow to hopefully give them a better "look" at what they will be dealing with and how intertwined it might be... She said they were calling it a "teratoma"?... I think that's what she said... Thanks, E

To all:
Dylan will be going in for surgery on Monday to have as much of the tumor removed as possible. The doctors have decided that it is the best plan of treatment at this point, they have given him just under a 50% chance of making it through the surgery. He is a fighter and a very tough little boy and with all our prayers and the Lord there with him, he will make it through this. My mom, myself, and the girls are going down on Sunday to have a family day with him and then my mom and I will bring the girls home and go back down on Monday.
We all thank you for for all your prayers, thoughts, and gestures of help... For now we are doing as good as can be, next week we might be calling on some help.

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Update: Little Dylan

Got this a little while ago, yahoo is slow today.... keep praying for Dylan and family! God bless!

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Date: Apr 27, 2007 12:48 PM

Leann called again this morning. The top oncologist contacted Mandy and Geoff late last night to tell them he did not think it was cancer. This has been the best news they have recieved thus far. Though, I don't know HOW he can tell that from just looking at the x-rays, but they feel confident that the Dr. wouldn't have ventured so far as to tell them that if he weren't fairly certain. Anyway, they were still awaiting news about how they were going to be able to go about getting a biopsy to find out WHAT exactly they are dealing with.
Yes. Fortunately they do have insurance through Geoff's work, which is why he will have to go back to work in about a week. I'm not sure what he does, but I think it has something to do with an oil company and he goes out of town a lot, though not as much as he used to, is what Leann told me. Thanks to all for your continued prayers. They seem to be working! : )

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Urgent Prayer for Dylan Requested

An email asking for urgent prayer came from my good friend yesterday, April 26, 2007, with an update today, April 27, 2007. In order to put that prayer request on my blog, I waited for her permission to do so, as names have been given. I edited portions of the two emails ONLY for the personal areas that do not pertain to the prayer request aspect. I will keep you updated as I am updated.

I am concerned that it took so long to diagnose something that evidently shows up on a simple xray, and after today's email, I am even more concerned. Pray for wisdom for those MD's that will be treating him, as well as for Dylan's sisters to have peace. It is VERY hard for siblings to be 'left out' when a child is ill. Fear is something that children often do not deal well with. Please keep this entire family in prayer, as well as little Dylan.

God bless!

Some of you may recall my friend Leann, ..... I see her on occassion at Church and we e-mail back and forth once in awhile. She called last night when I was at First Communion Practice with Noah. Her baby nephew, Dillon turned three this week. He has been treated for what the Dr. diagnosed as asthma for the past year. His mother, Leann's sister, was growing increasingly frustrated as the treatments weren't helping and finally insisted on more testing being done. An x-ray revealed a HUGE tumor growing within his chest... This was causing the increased difficulty in his breathing...
Anyway, she e-mailed me this morning that the insurance has approved treatment and are just looking in to which hospital can treat him sooner. There are two in our area about 2 hours away in opposite directions. The are supposed to call in the morning with where to take and admit him. Poor little guy was supposed to have his 3rd birthday party on Saturday and will instead be spending it in the hospital... Please keep Dillan, his parents Mandy and Geoff and his two big sisters, Brooklyn and Madison in prayer. I know Geoff works out of town a lot with his job, but I'm really hoping he's home right now and able to be with the family! I can't imagine going through this without him....
Thanks, all, so much!


Dillon has been admitted to UCLA and has been seen by the best in the country.... Most have marveled at how well he "appears" given his "grave" (yes, one dr. used the term "grave") condition... it is very huge and very serious. The worst part right now is that they have no idea HOW they are going to look at it or find out what it is so tht they can treat it. the problem is that he would not survive anisthetic.... his breathing is THAT limited... They have to figure out a way to biopsy it...

They are supposed to confer with the top anesthezioligist (sp) to get his opinion and will have answers by first thing in the morning. So, thank you to all who responded. I have been away from my puter all day, but I know you all are praying! M..., yes, PLEASE post it on your blog and anywhere else you have prayer warriors!

Mandy is looking in to long term accomodations. She has been told that this won't be a "quick fix". Her husband will be able to take off this week to stay with her and the baby, but will probably have to get back to work after that.
Their girls (insert: the oldest is 9 ) are staying with Leann and her mom and Leann's two girls. They are already acting out. ....snip....They have limited knowledge to the situation. Only that brother is very sick and daddy will be home soon, but mommy might be gone a while...

Thank you all for the prayers, and I'll let you know what I find out!
Peace, E

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Travel, Sight-seeing, and Discerning....

I am again debating doing some travel nursing for awhile. I like what I am doing right now, and that is the difficulty of my decision, but if I continue to put off something I have wanted to do for a long time, I may never do it at all.

I had found an ad a few years back for an RDH from May to Sept in Alaska. I would have loved to have applied for it. While I would not want to live forever in Alaska, I would like to see that State some day, and that would have been one perfect way to do so! But just before I found that ad, I had made a promise to my grandson. Promises are meant to be kept, and especially to a child. So I never applied.

We enjoyed that trip, and now, three years later, he wants to go back again, and has been hinting to his Great Aunt via his mother (my daughter)... and while at this time, I am unable to think Alaska, I can think... Virginia.

There is so much history out there in that area, and I enjoy history. Not only US history, but also Church history. Where they live in VA, they have close access to DC, Maryland, and easy travel time to Emmitsburg (St Elizabeth Seton) , Baltimore, even New York, St Patrick's Cathedral. Civil war places up and down the East Coast as well as historical places that are older than the Nation itself, like Jamestown.

So I am praying about it now more than ever. It may be fun, as well as educational. The best part is that if I DON'T like it, I don't have to stay long!

The only problem is... I am back to where I began... I still like where I am working at the moment. Because it is 'temporary' (but has already lasted over a year...), it could end anytime, contracting month to month. Should the need no longer be there... well, it won't take much persuasion!

Pray for me! Grin.

God bless!

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