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Vatican Affirms Obligation of Feeding Tubes -- Terri Schiavo's Family Welcomes Clarification

While I and many others understood JPII's statement, it seems that somt still  wanted 'clarification'. Well, they now have it. Wonder how those who 'just don't get it' will try to get around THIS statement?

God bless!

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September 21, 2007

Vatican Affirms Obligation of Feeding Tubes
Terri Schiavo's Family Welcomes Clarification

VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 14, 2007 ( - The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith clarified that the administration of nutrition and hydration to people in the so-called vegetative state is, with rare exceptions, morally obligatory.

The document and accompanying note, released today and approved by Benedict XVI, came as an answer to questions presented to the Vatican by the U.S. bishops in 2005.

The questions were sent just months after Florida woman Terri Schiavo, who was living in a vegetative state after having sustained brain-damage, died 13 days after having her feeding tube removed.

Schiavo's estranged husband requested that her feeding tube be removed, but her Catholic parents said this would constitute murder. After years of legal battles, a judge decreed that the tube should be removed.

Edward Furton, ethicist and director of publications for the Philadelphia-based National Catholic Bioethics Center, told ZENIT that the Vatican statement "speaks directly to the Terri Schiavo case, stating flat out that the removal of food and water from her was not the right thing to do."

He added that the statements "are a reaffirmation of John Paul II's 2004 statement which calls Catholics to provide food and water to patients in PVS [persistent vegetative state]. It affirms that food and water are ordinary care and not considered medical treatment."

Read Entire Article:

Read Press Release From Terri's Foundation:

View this news alert online:

Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation
5562 Central Avenue
Suite 2
St. Petersburg, FL 33707

The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation, Inc., (TSSF) is a non-profit group dedicated to ensuring the rights of disabled, elderly and vulnerable citizens against care rationing, euthanasia and medical killing. Incorporated in 2001 to fight for the life of Terri Schindler Schiavo, the clear focus of TSSF now and in the future is to help others avoid future tragedies that reflect what Terri endured.

Infertility Talk And HLI Film on EWTN

This was the original email, again, posted on my blog too late to watch the program on EWTN, but again, it may be in their archives ( The HLI Documentary Dead in the Water )

God bless!

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From: John Mallon
Date: Sep 20, 2007 3:27 PM

Dear Friends,

I want to call your attention to something that is very close to my heart. My friends Joseph and Marie Meaney are doing some work on the problem of infertility and have a page on the Human Life International website for people bearing this cross.

Here: The transcript of Marie's talk "Embracing the Cross of Infertility is also available there.

Or you can order a CD of the talk here:

As many of you know I was left infertile by prostate cancer in 1995 and it was heartbreaking. It was ironic as well because I was doing so much pro-life work and promoting Humanae Vitae. Now here is a devoutly Catholic pro-life couple who have had to come to terms with this heartbreaking condition and they share their story to help others with this lonely cross.

I just interviewed them for Messenger of Saint Anthony, the magazine from the Shrine in Padua, and theirs is a moving and compassionate story.

Also: Don't Forget! The HLI Documentary Dead in the Water will be broadcast this evening (Thursday, Sept 20) on EWTN at 6:30 pm EASTERN TIME! Don't miss it!

Dead in the Water is the definitive account of HLI's battle with the infamous 'abortion boat" as it traveled to Ireland in 2001. This documentary features original footage of the "conflict" between HLI and the abortion boat, as well as interviews with Patrick and Therese McCrystal, the directors of HLI-Ireland at the time.
The abortion boat, which is literally a floating abortion clinic, is brought to the shores of pro-life countries, where expecting mothers are shuttled out to the seas in order to kill the developing child in their womb.
But the story does not end there. HLI's friends in Ireland led by Patrick and Therese McCrystal, have countered the attempts of this operation with their own pro-life campaign. You'll be surprised by the results of their heroic work!

God Bless,

Fr. Tom Euteneuer: The Vindication of Terri Schiavo

This is posted too late for the 'NOTA BENE' at the bottom of his email. It may be available in EWTN's archives. I have not checked.

God bless!

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From: John Mallon
Date: Sep 20, 2007 4:13 PM

Dear Friends:

Please spread the word:

Fr. Tom's Spirit & Life this week is on the Vindication of Terri Schiavo:

"The CDF responded to a question from the US Catholic bishops who asked whether it was morally obligatory to give food and water to a patient in such a state. The response was unambiguous: 'Yes'."

Read the entire article here:

Also, Nota Bene:

CORRECTION: HLI's Ireland documentary will air on EWTN at 6:30 pm EASTERN time TONIGHT. It was mistakenly reported as Central time.

Mille Grazi!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In God We Trust


Sitting here, tears and all, with IMMENSE pride in all of our military, but especially the Catholic men and women, chaplains... powerful. Speechless.

God bless!!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Roncesvalles: One can not live crooked and think straight! (Hilmar von Campe)

Roncesvalles: Oh my... It is SO good to be among the living again! (her first mention of Hilmar von Campe)

Roncesvalles: One can not live crooked and think straight! (Hilmar von Campe)

Hilmar von Campe website, where the first entry I see says....

Propaganda Redux Take it from this old KGB hand: The left is abetting America's enemies with its intemperate attacks on President Bush.
During last week's two-day summit, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown thanked President Bush for leading the global war on terror. Mr. Brown acknowledged "the debt the world owes to the U.S. for its leadership in this fight against international terrorism" and vowed to follow Winston Churchill's lead and make Britain's ties with America even stronger. More of this article.

I think that I like this man's thinking already, based on his agreement with me in that first sentence, and the second paragraph... grin. (Who knows who really thought it first, but I have said

God bless!

The Lion of Munster A Hero for Today

There are times that I am immensely glad that I have tracking aids on my blog to know what brought people here, and tonight is one of them! One search that brought someone to my humble blog also took me HERE (The_Editrix's Roncesvalles) to read one of the best articles on one of my personal heroes that I have read so far.....

I have LONG admired The Lion Of Munster, Cardinal Clemens August von Galen, now
Blessed Clemens August von Galen.

I have read his words (as many as I have found online), and I have quoted him.

I have asked him to intercede for those who are being put to death simply because others judge them to have 'useless' or 'non-productive' lives. Especially in today's society where denial of basic necessities of life are becoming widely accepted -- namely, food and water to non dying disabled people deemed not to be worthy of life, we need more like him.

This man stood up to NAZI Germany, where speaking out against those in power often resulted in the death of the person who did so! This man's words were heard around the world. He thundered those words from his pulpit! He did not worry about losing tax exempt status. He did not worry about losing large donors to his parish. He did not worry about 'offending' those sitting in the pews.


We do have a few Bishops who have written about the travesty of killing Terri Schindler Schiavo, and a few priests who have done the same. God bless them! But MORE should be speaking Truth from the pulpits than do. NONE OF THEM need to fear DYING for those words at the hands of the Government.... yet!

We need Brave Leaders to speak out against this era's Evils plainly and loudly. Against evils such as:



We need more von Galens, more Thomas Mores***, more John Fishers***, more Maximillian Kolbes ***...we need TRUTH, and leaders who are not afraid to teach it, to preach it, to stand up to the enemy's lies, to fight the evil of today.... .

After all.... they won't die for speaking Truth.... yet.

Blessed Clemens August von Galen, pray for us!
St Thomas More, pray for us!
St John Fisher, pray for us!
St Maximillian Kolbe, pray for us!

*** Died for speaking and standing up for the Truth

" My people perish for lack of Truth! "

God bless!

ADDENDUM at 9:02 AM same date:

I received a response to an email I sent to The_Editrix pointing me to another piece she had written that I also agree with completely. That article also reminded me of another hero-martyr of this same era that I think of often, but did not think of earlier when I wrote this. I join her in her prayer.....
St Dietrich Bonhoeffer***, pray for us.

And I go even further ... I agree with her next statement ... "We need it" Amen.

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