Friday, September 12, 2008

Rob Robeson - ABC Person of the week

The person that put this video on youtube spelled the man's name incorrectly, and that should be corrected. You can find the story here:

One Vet Takes Up Sewing to Remember the Fallen

Rod Raubeson is Bringing Back an Old Tradition to Commemorate Iraq Vets

Fwd: Lighter side of Sarah

I liked many of these cartoons, but especially the one of the big moose saying "Be Afraid. Be VERY afraid!"

The link to this is found on the upper R side of the Go Sarah Go blog.. or here.

God bless!

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Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 4:23 PM

We have set up some of the funnies out there of Sarah that are cute. They are on the blogspot.

"Divorce tears marriage apart. It desolates both husband and wife. It leaves the children not only in tears but also in misery. We do not deny that there can be serious disagreement between husband and wife, but divorce is not the solution. When husband and wife have a disagreement, they should reflect, pray, sit together and discuss. Accept fault where you are wrong, ask for pardon, or consult a priest or other spiritual adviser, but do not divorce."
~~Francis Cardinal Arinze

Thursday, September 11, 2008


This election may be the most important election in our nation's history.

"Choose this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

Sept 11, 2001 May We Never Forget...Welles Remy Crowther

Finally, ONE of those who lost their lives that day, remembered..... I cannot possibly put all on my blog, but I can honor the request of Smooth Stone...

God bless

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From: Smooth Stone

Hi all,

Hope this email finds you well. Would those of you who have blogs kindly link to my annual tribute to young Welles Remy Crowther who was killed seven years ago on 9/11 while heroically helping others survive the World Trade Center terror attack? I would be much obliged.

To those of you who don't have blogs, please feel free to leave a comment. Again, I would be very grateful.

Here is the link:

Thank you very much,


Smooth Stone

"For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest." Isaiah 62.1

Sept 11, 2001 May We Never Forget...Pt 3

Finally, Flight 93, we remember the brave warriors who gave their lives
to take down the fourth plane
before it could complete the evil intent of the terrorists,
saying "Let's roll!"

May all those on that plane that day be forever remembered,
and their families and friends also be comforted on this day,
and every day.

May we who survive ALWAYS remember,
and also remember.....
that there have been no further successful attacks on our soil.

Seven years ago.

God bless!

Sept 11, 2001 May We Never Forget...Pt 2

For those in the Pentagon and on the plane, we also pray and remember.
For all of their families and friends, as well...
Lord, hear our prayer.

God bless!

Sept 11, 2001 May We Never Forget

May the souls of the departed rest in peace.
May God have mercy on those who caused this.

May God continue to comfort those left behind.

God bless!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blog spot -- Go Sarah Go

My Wasilla, AK friend sent this yesterday! Check it out for news on Sarah Palin.

God bless!

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Date: 2008/9/9

My sister set up this blogspot for Sarah.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dear Mr Obama from an Iraq vet

This isn't an official campaign video, but it is powerful, in both what he says, and as it ends, when he walks away from the camera.

Well done....well done. Thank you! And God bless!

HT to Judy D...

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Life of Our Preemie Baby-- What’s Really at Stake in the U.S. Presidential Election by Luke and Sarah Thoene

Long, but worthwhile read from someone who has lived it....

The Life of Our Preemie Baby –
 What's Really at Stake in the U.S. Presidential Election
 by Luke and Sarah Thoene

Abortion is currently legal until the attending doctors' personal estimation of a baby's viability outside the womb.  When Wilke was born, she was not viable.  She required a ventilator and a feeding tube.  At that stage, if we had decided we did not want her, she would have been discarded as "biological waste", no questions asked.  And that's the problem... "no questions asked."

Ode to Sarah and Ode to Nancy by Jay Boyd

I really enjoyed these!!

God bless!

by: The Genius of Limericks, Jay Boyd

Ode To Sarah

The candidate for whom we were prayin'
Has arrived and appears to be stayin'.
Pro-life she preaches
And lives what she teaches.
Her name is Sarah Palin.

Her opponents say Sarah's too green,
But her actions can clearly be seen.
She sent the big jet away
Via e-Bay,
And made government spending go lean.

Sarah tells us that she's a "goil"
Who knows about Alaskan oil.
She's more than  willing
To do more drilling
To keep gas on American soil.

Her daughter is pregnant today,
But the girl isn't married, they say.
Abstinence defied?
No – just not tried.
Palin's values are still here to stay.

"But…the WAR!" the liberals cry.
"We don't want more soldiers to die!"
Her eldest son Track
Is assigned to Iraq ;
Palin says we should still fight, and why

Sarah Palin puts down Obama
With the sweetness of somebody's mama.
She's after the leftists
As well as the terrorists:
You'd better watch out, Osama!

Ode to Nancy

Senator Nancy Pelosi,
Has theology weak as Jello-si,
She quotes from Augustine
But must take a dustin'
From those who are in the know-si.

Nancy Pelosi's the Speaker,
But her theology is really much weaker
Than she'd like to admit;
It's giving her fits,
But it hasn't made her much meeker.

Communion's important, she's announcing,
As the Church's teaching she's renouncing.
She wants to receive;
She says she believes.
But the Bishops gave her a trouncing.

We witness amazing contortion,
Not to mention doctrinal distortion,
When Nancy comes in
With her version of sin,
And her political stance on abortion.

"Abortion just might not be wrong
If the woman's not too far along."
Roe v. Wade preaching
Replaces Church teaching
As Nancy 's political song.

Abortion is wrong – she must know!
But with her record, it sure doesn't show.
She's Catholic, she said,
But her faith must be dead.
Nancy : you'll reap what you sow

Dr. Jay Boyd is a convert to the Catholic faith, a Psychologist residing in Baker City, Oregon, and a frequent contributor to Homelitic and Pastoral Review who also enjoys writing limericks

HT to my friend Meg from Alaska


From my Alaskan Friend, Meg. Please read the message she forwarded to me below, in color. both the bold and the color have been added by me... my brother served in the Air Force with a majority of his time being in Alaska and Duluth, MN. He used to tell me how close that state is to Russia, as he used to watch the Russians snowmobiling (or whatever they had back then in mid-seventies...) while he was off duty.

God bless!

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Date: Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 1:33 PM

I notice that everyone in Washington dimisses AK, however if you look at a globe and notice where we are in the face of problems, Russia is and has been a problem.  When the volcano in the Phillipines blew in 1991 all three wings of the Airforce came to Elmendorf AFB and exploded Anchorage in a boom for many years.  They looked at moving to other bases, but ended up deciding on Alaska, since we are the "crossroads of the world".  Also we have North Korea and Vietnam and China and Japan not too far from us.   We are very important than most states.... Meg
P.S.  Barack can't figure out why we are so important.  I guess he is not getting briefed by the Government.....

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Before you dismiss the fact that Sarah Palin is Commander of the Alaska National Guard consider this.

Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It's on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units. As governor of Alaska , Palin is briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden's and certainly by far exceeds Obama's.

She's also the commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force  (ASDF), a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security's counterterrorism plans. Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country's defense. Given Alaska 's proximity to Russia , she may have security clearances we don't even know about. According to the Washington Post, she first met with McCain in February, but nobody ever found out. This is a woman used to keeping secrets. She can be entrusted with our national security, because she already is.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Top 7 Myths, Lies and Untruths About Sarah Palin and Nancy Valko's take on Sarah

I agree with Nancy Valko entirely.

God bless!

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From: <nancyvalko
Date: Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 9:09 AM

Comment: I sent out the story about Sarah Palin's baby with DS last May and I was so impressed with her, especially since I had had a child with DS. Since then, my admiration has grown. Especially with the news that her teenage daughter is pregnant.

   Having also had a pregnant teen daughter, I know that a mother's first response is to shelter her daughter from judgment. But I know that these young girls who made wrong decisions are nonetheless heroes for giving their babies the real gift of life.There is nothing to be gained by trying to "hide" these girls. However, there is much to be gained by publicly embracing and supporting our daughters. What the media seems to ignore is that this is what the prolife movement has already done-for years!

    Just yesterday, I saw a clip of Sally Quinn (a militant feminist) who questioned whether Sarah understands the amount of time and effort needed for a child with special needs (Quinn said that she has a child with learning disabilities) and if Sarah could give her child what he needs as VP. How outrageous!

     First of all, it's just that kind of excuse-along with the others about the effects on siblings and spouses-that has resulted in over 90% of babies with DS being aborted after prenatal diagnosis.

     Secondly, why isn't it obvious that being a VP with no set schedule, etc.  would potentially give Sarah even more time with her family than being governor of Alaska? And governor was a job she apparently was already doing quite well!

     When my daughter was pregnant, I had been actively involved in the prolife movement for years, worked full-time and was a single mother of 3. Some people told me that I couldn't do all this but, with God's help, I did. And I believe that Sarah Palin, an devout Christian, will surprise her critics.

      Go, Sarah!
Nancy V.

Top 7 Myths, Lies and Untruths About Sarah Palin

Friday, September 5, 2008

By Maxim Lott

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been subjected to an intense amount of media and public scrutiny since she was named as John McCain's vice presidential pick one week ago. Many of the attacks have come in the form of unconfirmed reports on the Internet. Among them:

1) Palin "Joined a Secessionist Political Party"

The Charge: Unsubstantiated Internet reports insisted Palin was once a member of the Alaska Independence Party, which critics call a secessionist political movement and supporters say is dedicated to seeking greater state control over federal lands across Alaska.

The Facts: Palin has been a registered Republican since 1982. There is no record of her ever being a member of the AIP, or any party but the GOP. Palin's husband has been a member of the AIP in the past, but since 2002 has been a registered independent.

(See: Party Official Says Palin Was Not a Member)

2) Palin Supported a "Nazi Sympathizer"

The Charge: "Palin was a supporter of Pat Buchanan, a right-winger or, as many Jews call him: a Nazi sympathizer," Obama Florida spokesman Mark Bubriski was quoted as saying in a Miami Herald article.

The Facts: While mayor of Wasilla, Palin wore a Buchanan button during the sometimes presidential candidate's 1999 visit. But Palin actually supported Steve Forbes in 2000, and served as a co-chair on his Alaska campaign.

In the weeks after the 1999 report of her wearing the Buchanan button, Palin said: "When presidential candidates visit our community, I am always happy to meet them. I'll even put on their button when handed one as a polite gesture of respect. … The article may have left your readers with the perception that I am endorsing this candidate, as opposed to welcoming his visit to Wasilla."

(See: Obama campaign advisor quote is from an e-mail sent to the Miami Herald )

3) Palin "Wants Creationism Taught in School"

The Charge: Palin opposes the teaching of evolution, and would mandate the teaching of creationism in the state's public schools.

The Facts: Palin said during her 2006 gubernatorial campaign that she would not push the state Board of Education to add creation-based alternatives to the state's required curriculum, or look for creationism advocates when she appointed board members. She has kept this pledge, according to the Associated Press.

Palin has spoken in favor of classroom discussions of creationism, in some cases. "I don't think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class. It doesn't have to be part of the curriculum," Palin told the Anchorage Daily News in a 2006 interview.

(See: 'Creation science' enters the race; Palin is only candidate to suggest it should be discussed in schools. By Tom Kizzia, Anchorage Daily News, 27 October 2006)

4) Palin "Was Nearly Recalled" While Mayor

The Charge: Palin was so controversial as mayor of Wasilla that she was almost recalled by a popular voter movement.

The Facts: The Wasilla City Council considered but never took up a recall motion after she fired a longtime police chief, who subsequently brought a lawsuit. A citizen's group dropped their recall bid, and a judge ruled Palin had the authority to fire the chief.

(See: Foes Back Off Push to Recall Mayor)

5) Palin "Opposes Sex Education"

The Charge: Palin opponents say she supported the end of all sex education in public schools. In light of her daughter's presumably unplanned teen pregnancy, this has been a particularly well discussed Internet topic.

The Facts: "The explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support," Palin wrote in a 2006 questionnaire distributed among gubernatorial candidates. Palin favors abstinence-based sex education programs.

(See: McCain fought money on teen pregnancy programs, By Sharon Theimer, Associated Press, Sept. 2, 2008)

6) "This Picture Proves Palin is …"

The Charge: A slew of fake, Photoshopped or misdated photographs on the Internet purport to show Palin in any number of embarrassing or compromising poses. One photo claimed to show Palin standing poolside, wearing an American flag-themed bikini, toting a rifle with telescopic sight.

The Facts: The various photos are being discredited and shown to be fake on a number of Web sites. The original of the so-called bikini shot, probably the best-known of the pictures, was shown to have been taken of another woman, with Palin's head Photoshopped above the body.

(See: Call to Arms)

7) Palin is the grandmother, and not the mother, of Trig Palin

The Charge: The most salacious rumor of all, this theory holds that Palin did not give birth to her son Trig in April, and was actually covering up for her daughter, Bristol.

The Facts: There are a number of photographs showing an apparently pregnant Sarah Palin, as well as a number of published eyewitness accounts of her pregnancy. These include First Lady Laura Bush, who says she spoke with a pregnant Palin at a governor's conference in February. An assignment manager for KTVA news in Anchorage, Cherie Shirey, has also been quoted saying: "We worked with Governor Palin many times in 2008. Our reporters worked her on location and in the studio and I worked with her myself. She was definitely pregnant. You could see it in her belly and her face. The whole idea that Sarah Palin wasn't pregnant with Trig is completely, absolutely absurd."

The McCain campaign, in an apparent effort to counteract the rumors, announced last weekend that Bristol Palin is five months pregnant, which indicated she would have become pregnant before Trig was born.

(See: Palin Rebuts Rumors, Says Daughter Pregnant,
TV Station: Palin Was 'Definitely Pregnant' With Trig' )