Monday, September 08, 2008

Ode to Sarah and Ode to Nancy by Jay Boyd

I really enjoyed these!!

God bless!

by: The Genius of Limericks, Jay Boyd

Ode To Sarah

The candidate for whom we were prayin'
Has arrived and appears to be stayin'.
Pro-life she preaches
And lives what she teaches.
Her name is Sarah Palin.

Her opponents say Sarah's too green,
But her actions can clearly be seen.
She sent the big jet away
Via e-Bay,
And made government spending go lean.

Sarah tells us that she's a "goil"
Who knows about Alaskan oil.
She's more than  willing
To do more drilling
To keep gas on American soil.

Her daughter is pregnant today,
But the girl isn't married, they say.
Abstinence defied?
No – just not tried.
Palin's values are still here to stay.

"But…the WAR!" the liberals cry.
"We don't want more soldiers to die!"
Her eldest son Track
Is assigned to Iraq ;
Palin says we should still fight, and why

Sarah Palin puts down Obama
With the sweetness of somebody's mama.
She's after the leftists
As well as the terrorists:
You'd better watch out, Osama!

Ode to Nancy

Senator Nancy Pelosi,
Has theology weak as Jello-si,
She quotes from Augustine
But must take a dustin'
From those who are in the know-si.

Nancy Pelosi's the Speaker,
But her theology is really much weaker
Than she'd like to admit;
It's giving her fits,
But it hasn't made her much meeker.

Communion's important, she's announcing,
As the Church's teaching she's renouncing.
She wants to receive;
She says she believes.
But the Bishops gave her a trouncing.

We witness amazing contortion,
Not to mention doctrinal distortion,
When Nancy comes in
With her version of sin,
And her political stance on abortion.

"Abortion just might not be wrong
If the woman's not too far along."
Roe v. Wade preaching
Replaces Church teaching
As Nancy 's political song.

Abortion is wrong – she must know!
But with her record, it sure doesn't show.
She's Catholic, she said,
But her faith must be dead.
Nancy : you'll reap what you sow

Dr. Jay Boyd is a convert to the Catholic faith, a Psychologist residing in Baker City, Oregon, and a frequent contributor to Homelitic and Pastoral Review who also enjoys writing limericks

HT to my friend Meg from Alaska


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