Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Star is Born--So Say Journalists about Sarah Palin

I watched her hit it out of the park last night, and I am thrilled to see this article this morning!!

Palin provides a 'perfect populist pitch'

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television WriterThu Sep 4, 12:57 AM ET

With a forceful speech that served as her introduction to millions of Americans on Wednesday, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin seduced many on television who had spent days doubting her candidacy.

It wasn't just a home run, said CNN's Wolf Blitzer; it may have been a grand slam. "A very auspicious debut," said NBC's Tom Brokaw. It was a "perfect populist pitch," said CBS' Jeff Greenfield. "Terrific," said Mort Kondracke on Fox News Channel.

"A star is born," said Chris Wallace on Fox.

"A star is born," Blitzer said.

"A star is born," said Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Palin combined jokes about being a hockey mom with searing criticism of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. It was a spur to a convention audience ready to get worked up, to a large extent because Republican leaders had pushed the notion that the news media was being sexist or too aggressive in questioning her qualifications for the job.

Read the rest here...

And God bless!


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