Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin from the Planned Parenthood Perspective....

Nothing makes me as angry as someone so pro-abort (anti-life) that they cannot even see past their noses.

With all the criticism in the past few days, including blatant lies about Baby Trig, accusations that this is not Sarah and Todd Palin's baby, but their grandchild... nothing beats the words of former Planned Parenthood president .

(She) suggested Palin is making her daughter keep the baby.

"She probably feels powerless right now," Feldt said on Tuesday responding to the news about Bristol Palin.

Feldt said Governor Palin's pro-life views may have made it so she and her husband Todd prevented Bristol from getting an abortion.

"Because of her family's attitude she probably doesn't feel that she has a choice in terms of what will happen to her," Feldt said.

Sheer venom.

PP has made it nearly impossible for a grandparent to have any say in the life of a grandchild, (or even the FATHER of that baby). They have even taken away our right to protect our children from undergoing SURGERY without our consent. That fact, in spite of our young teens not being able to take a Tylenol for a headache while in school without our written permission, or get their ears pierced without our signed consent...

Had Bristol not wanted to keep her baby, she has had ample opportunity to hide the pregnancy by killing her child in an abortion center provided by PP, and 'no one' needed to be the wiser.

No one, that is, besides Bristol, the abortionist, the staff members of the abortion center, perhaps the father, perhaps a friend or two. And eventually, someone would have been certain to leak that news to the press, again attempting to destroy Sarah Palin and her family.


Sarah Palin is the epitome of what this woman hates. She is pro-life in all ways, including walking her talk.

She is, in fact, what most of the liberals do not like. She is a card carrying Second Amendment Right's advocate, a hunter, a fisher, Christian,  pro-life woman and mother of five, including one who is the 'example' of lives snuffed out by those who think some lives are not worth living...and now, she has joined the myriad number of parents of a teen with an unexpected pregnancy.

God bless her!


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