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Unable to pay child support--No Fault Divorce--Some parents treated like indentured servants

"Divorce tears marriage apart. It desolates both husband and wife. It leaves the children not only in tears but also in misery. We do not deny that there can be serious disagreement between husband and wife, but divorce is not the solution. When husband and wife have a disagreement, they should reflect, pray, sit together and discuss. Accept fault where you are wrong, ask for pardon, or consult a priest or other spiritual adviser, but do not divorce."
~~Francis Cardinal Arinze

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Friday, September 16, 2011
By Bai Macfarlane

On September 12, an MSNBC story revealed that an estimated 10,000 parents were jailed each year for falling behind in child support payments.  According to the story, nearly one quarter of the nation's minors are in child support programs. 
Mike Brunker, the Projects Team editor for says, "But in what might seem like an un-American plot twist from a Charles Dickens' novel, advocates for the poor say some parents are wrongly being locked away without any regard for their ability to pay — sometimes without the benefit of legal representation." 
Brunker raises concerns about the practice of civil court judges jailing people without the person even having a lawyer. The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution specifies that no person shall be be deprived of liberty or property, without due process of law.
The Coalition for Divorce Reform raises other concerns. In and e-mail interview, Beverly Willett, the Vice Chair for the Coalition says the no-fault divorce system is gravely unjust.

"The fact that poor parents can land behind bars for failure to pay child support when they have no ability to do so is just one more example of the injustice endemic to our no-fault divorce system.  

"Sued for divorce against their will, compelled to split their property and their children and dishonor their marriage vows, and now finally thrown into jail like criminals.  Our on-demand divorce culture has so multiplied the number of divorces and clogged our courts that in many cases litigants are herded in and out like animals with little or no opportunity to defend themselves.  In essence, they are silenced.  Their voice is taken away in much the same way that they are silenced the moment they become an unwilling defendant in a divorce action."
No-fault divorce occurs when divorce is granted to the person filing for divorce, even though the other spouse has committed no offense against marriage such as adultery, extreme cruelty, or gross neglect of duty.

Timothy B. Nolan, a Gulf War Veteran was a defendant in a no-fault divorce in GeaugaCounty, Ohio. His wife was awarded with their son and he was ordered to pay child support. Even though he was later diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and medically determined unable to continue in his profession, the Geauga County Court and Child Support Enforcement Agency jailed him twice for being behind in child support. 
"When I married my wife, I took my vows seriously and I lived up to my promises," says Nolan. "My wife, on the other hand chose to quit fulfilling her vows. Though marriage is a contract, the courts don't care whether a husband upheld his obligations while the wife quit. On the contrary, my wife, who breached the contract was rewarded by the Court and I was penalized."

Willett, from The Coalition for Divorce Reform, says "Some parents do improperly withhold child support, and that's wrong, but I'm not surprised to learn that the presumption of innocence does not apply in these child support contempt proceedings. With no-fault divorce, innocence is irrelevant too."

In the MSNBC piece, Brunker writes that the person owing child support is not entitled constitutional protections that criminal defendants receive, including the presumption of innocence. "And in five states — Florida, Georgia, Maine, South Carolina and Ohio — one of the omitted protections is the right to an attorney."
These same five states that don't ensure the accused person's right to an attorney refer to marriage as a contract in their laws. In typical contract law, the party who breaches the contract is held responsible to make good to the party who has been wronged. In Ohio Law "Husband and wife contract towards each other obligations of mutual respect, fidelity, and support" (3103.01).  Florida specifies that ordained ministers in communion with some church "may solemnize the rights of matrimonial contract" (741.07(1)). In Georgia, marriage is a contract and written marriage contracts "shall be liberally construed to carry into effect the intention of the parties" (§ 19-3-1, 19-3-63). Maine's domestic relations law has as its goal "to nurture, sustain and protect the traditional monogamous family unit in Maine society, its moral imperatives, its economic function and its unique contribution to the rearing of healthy children" (§650-1-B).

Other states laws refer to the contractual element of marriage or the value of marriage in rearing healthy children. But, in no-fault divorce practice, the party upholding the contract frequently has reason to complain.
Gregory Lynne, who lost his children in a no-force divorce in Caroline County Virginia, says, "After divorce, the non-custodial parents are robbed of their identities as persons. Hanging-on, teetering between a jail cell and sub-standard wages (after paying child support,) and limited by child visitation orders, discarded parents live a tenuous existence. Many are discouraged and lose hope of ever raising their children to their full potential. Instead, they are treated like indentured servants, pimped by the state to 'turn economic tricks' as-if they deserved to be objects of underworld exploitation for the benefit of their absentee families."

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Where's the Proof to Crazy Claims About the Tea Party?

Where's the Proof to Crazy Claims About the Tea Party?

Excellent article, asking MY question--Where is the PROOF?? This is only part of what she had to say:

Surprisingly, none of the Big Three networks initially covered Carson's over-the-top and uncivil comments. Not even MSNBC thought such radicalism was newsworthy despite the fact that the network's "NewsNation" host, Tamron Hall, was in the room at the time — moderating the event.

It's a stark contrast to the media's treatment of Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) in 2009 when he piped up about the dishonesty of President Obama's proposed health care plan pitch — and it appears Wilson was right!

To make matters worse, Carson's outburst is just one — albeit the worst — of many recent extreme accusations hurled at the tea party movement by CBC members. Representative Frederica Wilson (D-FL), for example, told people, "the real enemy is the tea party," and Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said the tea party can "go straight to Hell."

It's a stark change in demeanor from last January, after the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). Then, Waters lectured her colleagues about how it is "essential that citizens and their representatives freely communicate and exchange ideas, even opposing opinions."

Yet the CBC — Waters included — is now the lead shooter in a rhetorical war in which the tea party is in the crosshairs.

Where is the proof that the tea party condones racism? The NAACP spent much of 2010 searching for it, to no success. Which congressmen are fashioning nooses in their office? Andrew Breitbart's $100,000 reward for proof that a tea partier yelled the "n-word" at CBC members during the 2010 Obamacare voting is yet to be claimed.

Shame on Andre Carson for spewing racial rhetoric rather than explaining why he and the CBC continue to support failed progressive policies that have not revived the economy nor created jobs. Shame on him for resorting to fear-mongering about the tea party movement to hold onto power.

Shame on the Congressional Black Caucus for perpetrating the blame game with its puppet roadshow job fairs that offer more of the same to people suffering under the status quo. And shame on the CBC membership for not speaking out against the heated rhetoric of their colleagues and — in the case of Carson — their leadership.

Something must be done. As lawmakers, Carson, Waters and Frederica Wilson are supposed to be role models. When they conjure up extreme rhetoric among those with whom they disagree, it serves only to stoke the flames of unrest.
However, she also did not mention that someone IN the CBC also spoke out against this rhetoric, and that is the only Republican member, also supported BY THE TEA PARTY, Allen West! And he did so, IMMEDIATELY.

This kind of rhetoric is designed to make 'enemies' of PATRIOTS who want smaller gov't, less intrusion into our lives, fiscal responsibility, and... LOWER TAXES. And the TEA Party is NOT a political party.

However, if this continues.... we the People may end up MAKING it a true Party, and I promise you... this Rep leaning Independent Conservative voter WILL more than likely be leaning in that direction... and possibly even register for the first time in my life!

God bless!

West's Weekly Video Address

Mom defies the odds after devastating accident

Mom defies the odds after devastating accident

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

God bless her, and her husband!!

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I Believe - A 9/11 Tribute

9/11 Bud Commercial - AIRED ONLY ONCE

KXAN-Perry a NO SHOW at Bastrop Presser

Unreal: Governor Rick Perry a No-Show at Bastrop

When one is running for President of the United States, and one's own State is on fire, one should not... DEFINITELY should not... stand up one's constituents!! So where WAS Perry? Why WAS he not there? More than likely, nothing short of an emergency will be explanation enough for those who have lost so very much from those fires.

Unreal: Governor Rick Perry a No-Show at Bastrop Meeting and Presser | A Time For Choosing

Lord, have Mercy!