Monday, May 23, 2005

Good bye Hardee's

On Dec. 28, 2004, I wrote about a disgusting commercial. Well, now there is one out that is MUCH worse than that one is, in fact, it is BLATANTLY pornographic. I was watching Fox News, and O'Reilly Factor came on. What I saw was disgusting, but what is NOT shown is even worse.

What washing cars while barely dressed, doing a 'strip-type' dance to the tune of "I Love Paris" has to do with a 'hot' hamburger, I will never understand. I guarantee you one thing, however... Hardee's will NOT get anymore business from me, and if I get out West again, Carl's Jr won't see a penny of my money.

If I were paying for a strip channel or a porno channel, I would expect to see this kind of commercial, but it does not belong anyplace else. I cannot even bring myself to put a url in here for anyone else to view this commercial. Anyone addicted to porn who is in recovery should NOT 'take the first drink' as AA says.... And NO ONE SHOULD VIEW IT if there are kids around!!!!

There are other bloggers who have already put the online places to see the commercial on their blogs, and it is easily found by 'googling' .. but for anyone wanting to contact CKE restaurants
just click on the hyperlink and it will take you there. There are other contacts at the bottom of the press release from the website about the Paris Hilton ad.