Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grandchild number 7 Due about Nov 30, 2009

Pregnancy tests today must be very sensitive!

Son and his wife went to MD today, and their lil one is apparently only 7 weeks, not the 11 as they had figured. So I have altered my ticker accordingly. Lil peanut is only about 1/2 inch long, but they caught the heartbeat!

So lil number 7... we wait a little longer to hold you, huh?

God bless!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Archbishop Timothy Dolan Interview

The comments on this video are absolutely appalling. Absolutely appalling.

Best wishes to Archbishop (NOT Cardinal as the reporter said at one point in the interview) Timothy Dolan on his installation as Archbishop of New York.

HT to thecompassnews OSV blog: Archbishop Dolan to restore Catholic pride. Includes YouTube video.

God bless!

PS Don't forget that Relevant Radio and EWTN will be broadcasting events live as they unfold beginning tonight.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Susan Boyle -- Even Simon was Amazed!

Scroll down on the webpage for the video...and be amazed.

God bless!

Addendum 4/14/09:
Last night, late, someone else sent me the video from youtube, which is a little longer, and has more of Simon's reactions (as well as all of the judges' comments). Embedding has been stopped, so to see it, you have to go to the website.

Today, Heidi Hess Saxton wrote on her facebook page:

When a middle-aged Catholic woman who has devoted her life to caring for her parents fulfills her mother's wish and shares her gift with the world ... a true miracle happens. (Two, if you count it leaving Simon speechless.) Watch it ... then watch it again. Extraordinary!

and one of the comments there:
"This was awesome! Did you know that Susan is disabled, and that she sings in her church choir?
She cared for her parents till their deaths, and attended weekly Mass. She was a success long before she wowed Simon!"

Research: Children and Divorce - longitudinal, depressing - 4/13/09

From Diane Sollee, this article can be found here.

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From: Smartmarriages
Date: Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 2:21 PM

School drop-out rates rise for children of divorce, claims study

Keith Geren, Canwest News Service
April 10, 2009

Parents thinking about getting divorced, especially for the second or third
time, should consider the impact of that decision on their children's
schooling, new research from University of Alberta suggests.

The groundbreaking study -- believed to the first in Canada to look at the
long-term impacts of household upheaval on academic success -- found
children who experience changes to their family structure are MUCH MORE
LIKELY to become high school dropouts than classmates whose parents stay

The findings were particularly grim for children who live through three or
more parental changes: divorce or death, remarriage or another divorce. Such
children have just a 40-per-cent chance of completing their high school
diplomas, a success rate HALF that of children with no family shakeup.

"This is a LONG-RUN picture, where we can look at number of changes a child
experiences and link it to HOW THEY FINISH UP as they enter into young
adulthood," said U of A divorce expert Lisa Strohschein, who co-authored the
project with the University of Manitoba's Noralou Roos and Marni Brownell.
The study, considered especially relevant at a time of high divorce rates
and increasingly complex family relationships, is published in the new
edition of Canadian Journal of Sociology.

Previous research has linked family instability with childhood problems, but
such work has typically focused only on short-term impacts, Strohschein
said. For her team's study, the scholars used a data registry of more than
9,400 children born in 1984 in Manitoba. The children, all born or adopted
into two-parent married households, were tracked until age 20 to find out
what happened to them.

Of that initial 9,403 children, 7,569 saw their parents stay together, 1,325
experienced one divorce and 172 had a parent die.

A small number -- 285 children -- lived through two family transitions
(divorce and remarriage), while 52 experienced three transitions.

Analysis of the data found 78.4 per cent of children whose parents stayed
together finished high school by age 20, well ahead of classmates with one
change to the family structure.

There was little difference between children who experienced one divorce and
those who had a parent die. In both groups, about 60 per cent received high
school diplomas.

The biggest concern was for children in twice-divorced households.

"It's that cumulative effect," Strohschein said. "Things really seem to fall
off when there is a loss of a second marital relationship. It's really

The divorce rate in Canada has been holding steady in recent years at around
38 per cent -- meaning about 380 out of every 1,000 marriages will dissolve
within 30 years. But the divorce rate worsens for second and third
marriages, providing additional risk for children.

Strohschein cautions against generalizations, because in some cases divorce
can be a benefit to children if a household is dysfunctional.

"But there are lots of people who just say, 'I don't think I can make this
relationship work,' " she said. "And what the study suggests is there are
some long-term consequences to those decisions parents should take into

The study also found younger children whose parents divorce are more likely
to drop out than children who are older when a split occurs. Strohschein
said more work is needed to explain this trend, but it may be that younger
children have fewer emotional skills to deal with traumatic events.

"Or it may be that the earlier you are when you have a first change, the
more likely it is your parents will have more changes."

Her next project will examine the life paths of more than 90,000 children,
which will allow researchers to look at the effects of fourth and fifth
family changes. She hopes similar studies can be done in Alberta, but the
provincial government does not provide the same data to researchers as the
Manitoba government.

School faces lawsuit for dismissing student who refused to condone homosexuality

School faces lawsuit for dismissing student who refused to condone homosexuality

Ypsilanti, Mich., Apr 9, 2009 / 03:31 pm (CNA).- A lawsuit was filed against Eastern Michigan University on Thursday after school officials allegedly dismissed a student from the school's counseling program for not affirming homosexual behavior as morally acceptable. The Alliance Defense Fund Center for Academic Freedom filed the lawsuit with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on behalf of student Julea Ward.

EMU reportedly requires students in its counseling program to affirm or validate homosexual behavior within the context of a counseling relationship. It also prohibits students from advising clients that they can change their homosexual behavior.

According to the Alliance Defense Fund, Ward has never addressed homosexual behavior in any form during counseling sessions with her clients.

The school initiated a disciplinary process against Ward and reportedly said she could stay in the graduate school counseling program if she agreed to undergo a "remediation" program. According to the ADF, the program's purpose was to change her belief system as it concerns counseling about homosexual relationships and to conform her beliefs to the university's views.

Given the choice of voluntarily leaving the program or asking for a formal review hearing, Ward chose the hearing.

During the hearing, EMU faculty reportedly denigrated her Christian views and asked "several inappropriate and intrusive questions about her religious beliefs," the ADF said.

Pam Young, director of Communications for EMU, would not address the Ward's dismissal, and instead explained that the university has a policy of not commenting on pending litigation. Young told WorldNetDaily that, "we are a diverse campus with a strong commitment not to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression."

But ADF Senior Counsel David French says that discrimination is exactly what took place. "Christian students shouldn't be penalized for holding to their beliefs," he said. "When a public university has a prerequisite of affirming homosexual behavior as morally good in order to obtain a degree, the school is stepping over the legal line. 

"Julea did the responsible thing and followed her supervising professor's advice to have the client referred to a counselor who did not have a conscience issue with the very matter to be discussed in counseling. She would have gladly counseled the client if the subject had been nearly any other matter."

ADF Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco added: "Julea has a constitutional right not to be compelled to speak a message she disagrees with. She acted as a professional counselor should--with great concern both for her beliefs and the client."

Tedesco claimed that EMU's policies are incompatible with the Constitution.

Biden warns Israel off any attack on Iran - Los Angeles Times


Will be watching this unfold. I am not so sure that I would heed this advice if I had someone wanting to wipe ME off the face of the earth, and in the process of getting nuclear weapons in order to do so....

And does he forget that WE are also on their 'list'?

God bless!

EWTN & Relevant Radio to air Archbishop Dolan's Mass of Installation

From the Archdiocese of New York website.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Please join us for The Mass of Installation for Archbishop Timothy Dolan.
The Installation will be streamed live from Saint Patrick's Cathedral and available here,
Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 1:30 PM EDT.

EWTN & Relevant Radio to air Archbishop Dolan's Mass of Installation


EWTN Global Catholic Network will air Solemn Vespers (a sung evening prayer during which the archbishop will be received as the Archbishop of New York) and the Mass of Installation.

  • 4/14/09 at 5:30 p.m. CT - Broadcast of Solemn Vespers
  • 4/14/09 at 10 p.m. CT - re-broadcast of Solemn Vespers
  • 4/15/09 at 12:30 p.m. CT - Broadcast live from St. Patrick's Cathedral as
    Archbishop Dolan is installed as the tenth Archbishop of NY (3 hours)
  • 4/15/09 at 9:00 p.m. CT - re-broadcast of installation ceremony
  • 4/18/09 at 1:00 p.m. CT - re-broadcast of installation ceremony

Guests including American cardinals, archbishops and bishops, political, ecumenical and interfaith leaders are expected to attend. Both ceremonies will include a homily by Archbishop Dolan.

Check DirecTV, Dish Network, Time Warner Cable and Sirius Satellite Radio for local EWTN channels.

Additionally, Relevant Radio (WPJP 100.1 FM) will air the archbishop's Mass of Installation.

  • 4/15/09 at 12:30 p.m. CT

On April 14, 2009, WISN Channel 12 will air a special on the archbishop. WISN's Kathy Mykleby and Joyce Garbaciak will co-host "Archbishop Dolan: A Higher Calling," a half-hour reflection on the archbishop's impact on Milwaukee's Catholic community, as well as the larger community.

  • 4/14/09 at 7:30 p.m. CT
NOTE: Relevant Radio is not just in Milwaukee, and can be heard online at their website.

"Divorce tears marriage apart. It desolates both husband and wife. It leaves the children not only in tears but also in misery. We do not deny that there can be serious disagreement between husband and wife, but divorce is not the solution. When husband and wife have a disagreement, they should reflect, pray, sit together and discuss. Accept fault where you are wrong, ask for pardon, or consult a priest or other spiritual adviser, but do not divorce."
~~Francis Cardinal Arinze

Obama's candidates for Vatican ambassador failing 'simple standard'

Do ya think he'll get the message??

God bless!

Obama's candidates for Vatican ambassador failing 'simple standard'
Doug Kmiec not in the running

President Barack Obama

Rome, Italy, Apr 9, 2009 / 04:29 pm (CNA).- The Obama administration has seen three possible candidates it floated for the position of U.S. ambassador to the Holy See sunk due to their views on abortion.  Additionally, a source at the Vatican confirmed to CNA that Professor Douglas Kmiec will not become the ambassador due to his stance on life issues.

With the President traveling to Rome in July, when he hopes to meet Pope Benedict XVI, not filling the position would be a major gaffe.

The news that the Vatican has balked at Obama's first three nominees was first reported by the Italian journalist Massimo Franco. According to Franco, a columnist for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, papal advisers told Mr. Obama's aides privately that all three nominees failed to meet the Vatican's most basic qualification on the abortion issue.

"The informal dismissal of the first names whispered in the Obama inner circle is a signal," Mr. Franco told the Washington Times' Embassy Row in email.

The well-connected Mr. Franco also explained that the rejection of the Obama candidates "would suggest that, at least so far, none of the potential Democratic diplomats were considered fit to 'improve relations' with the Holy See."

To finish reading this article, go here.

'Crown of Thorns' Galaxy Photographed in Space

NASA, ESA and W. Harris (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada)
A new Hubble image highlights striking swirling dust lanes
and glittering globular clusters in oddball galaxy.

I just love seeing photos from Hubble. This one is really interesting!

There are people who point to the Heavens, telling us that God placed the entire Salvation story in the constellations, stars, galaxies.

This one really looks like a crown of thorns, doesn't it?

God bless!

Pray for Marriage of Mel and Robyn Gibson

28 years.

I know the struggles of living with alcoholism.

My prayers are with this couple, for healing. It will not be only the almost ten year old who suffers as a result of this action. Divorce also affects the adult children of a marriage, just as alcoholism does.

God bless!

"Divorce tears marriage apart. It desolates both husband and wife. It leaves the children not only in tears but also in misery. We do not deny that there can be serious disagreement between husband and wife, but divorce is not the solution. When husband and wife have a disagreement, they should reflect, pray, sit together and discuss. Accept fault where you are wrong, ask for pardon, or consult a priest or other spiritual adviser, but do not divorce."
~~Francis Cardinal Arinze

Oldest Jewish Immigrant From Iran

(left to right; new Iranian Jewish immigrant Manouchehr Tabari
and his 102-year-old mother Heshmat Elyasian, photo by Karmel Melamed)

I am not at all sure where I found the link to this story (think it was through Twitter) d/t the lack of availability to internet for me this past week or two. Foxfire allows me to shut down my computer with the sites I was reading saved for next time, and that is what I did. So I now have a series of things I was going to timely blog on, but couldn't.

This story is one of them, and from there, the other article that the author speaks of.

I cannot IMAGINE immigrating at 102! It would be difficult enough at my age (near her son's age). I also cannot imagine what her life was like. She must have many stories to tell, but those stories may have to be told through those around her by listening to the glimmers as she speaks, and in any pictures she may still have.

God bless!

The One True Church by Richard John Neuhaus

The One True Church

by Richard John Neuhaus

The Public Square

Richard John Neuhaus died on January 8, 2009, at the age of seventy-two—a great loss to the magazine, to American public discourse, and to his many friends.

We present here a previously unpublished essay, "The One True Church," which he wrote in New York during his last months, together with a few of our favorite While We're At It items from the nineteen years of his work in The Public Square.

My church is better than your church. It sounds like the stuff of schoolboy quarrels on the playground: My dad can beat your dad! Yet, sad to say, that is how many Christians have understood recent statements on Catholic ecclesiology. In 2000 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a document called Dominus Iesus and then, in 2007, reiterated its main points in "Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church."

The gist of these is that, with important qualifications related to Eastern Orthodoxy, non-Catholic churches are not to be called "Church" in the proper sense of the term but are better described as "ecclesial communities." This was widely decried by many non-Catholic (and some Catholic) theologians as a departure from, if not reversal of, the teaching of the Second Vatican Council. It was, we were told, a body blow to ecumenism, the quest for visible unity among ­Christians.

I have on occasion offered this proposition: "The Catholic Church is the Church of Jesus Christ most fully and rightly ordered through time." Some of my critics have questioned whether that is adequate. To say that it is the most fully and rightly ordered, they contend, implies or at least invites the inference that other communities are also the Church of Jesus Christ, albeit not so fully and rightly ordered.

To think more fully about this, we need to clarify what the Catholic Church claims for herself and what she does, and does not, acknowledge with respect to other Christian communities. My own thoughts are occasioned by two essays I read recently: one by Avery Cardinal Dulles in a volume called Vatican II: Renewal Within Tradition and the other by Christopher J. Molloy, an essay titled "Subsistit In: Nonexclusive Identity or Full Identity?" that appeared in The Thomist.

Before we can get anywhere with this discussion, two stipulations must be firmly in place. The first is that we are not engaged in a rivalry between our side and some other side. Some years ago, when William F. Buckley heard that a prominent Protestant had entered into full communion with the Catholic Church, he exclaimed: "This is great news. It's like the Yankees stealing the star pitcher from the Red Sox." That is an understandable tribal response, but it takes us back to the squabbling of boys on the playground. Questions of great theological moment are at stake. In these matters, Catholic and non-Catholic alike should have as their one concern the question of what Christ intended, and still intends, for his one Church—it being understood by all that, in the deepest meaning of the term, there can finally be only one Church, since the Church is the Body of Christ, of which Christ is the head, and there is only one Christ.

Tribalism has no place in this discussion. As John Paul II reminded Catholics in his 1990 encyclical Redemptoris Missio, being a Catholic is not reason for proprietorial pride but for profound gratitude for a grace received, all undeserved on our part. Moreover, a Catholic who does not earnestly want to recognize and rejoice in the gifts of grace to be found in other Christian communities will almost certainly be more hindrance than help in this discussion.

The second and related stipulation is that we are not comparing an ideal depiction of the state of Catholicism with less flattering depictions of other communities—or vice versa. It is not a matter of what we like or dislike in this community or that. I have decided views on certain Orthodox and Protestant virtues that Catholics might well emulate. As Malloy writes, in reflecting on the uniqueness of the Catholic Church "one can affirm both the essential fullness of the ecclesial reality of the Catholic Church and the concrete poverty and woundedness of her lived life, together with her practical need of the expressive ecclesial riches found outside her visible boundaries." Not only can one affirm both, one must affirm both.

Please continue the article in its entirety at The First Things website.

Bishops Bruskewitz, Aquila Issue Stinging Condemnations to "Formerly Catholic" Notre Dame

I really respect Bishop Bruskewitz, who is from Wisconsin, and is the one who assisted Scott Hahn on his journey into the Church while Dr Hahn was studying at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

God bless!

Bishops Bruskewitz, Aquila Issue Stinging Condemnations to "Formerly Catholic" Notre Dame

By Kathleen Gilbert
NOTRE DAME, Indiana, April 9, 2009 ( - Two more bishops have written and made public strongly-worded letters to University president Fr. John Jenkins, bringing the number of U.S. bishops to 31 protesting the school's invitation to President Obama to speak at commencement and receive an honorary law degree May 17...

The full text of the story is available at:

Leaked: ND Prez Comment on USCCB Document

Realizing that this is 'old news', but last week was very busy with limited access to internet for me.

God bless!

Leaked: ND Prez Comment on USCCB Document Prohibiting Honoring Pro-Abortion Politicians

By Kathleen Gilbert
NOTRE DAME, Indiana, April 8, 2009 ( - has obtained a copy of University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins' commentary on the U.S. Bishops Conference (USCCB) document, "Catholics in the Political Life," which was sent to Notre Dame's Board of Trustees at the beginning of this month...

The full text of the story is available at:

What's It All About, Alfie? Truth

HT to Jill Stanek. You can read her comments on this at her blog.

The original Alfie was so long ago that I cannot remember if I ever saw it or not. If I did, it did not impress me enough to see a remake of it. But this scene was apparently NOT in the remake.

Why? Because it is Truth?

God bless!

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HE IS RISEN! Alleluia!

HE IS RISEN! Alleluia! HE IS RISEN, INDEED! Alleluia!!