Saturday, October 06, 2007


Sometimes, life gets complicated and things happen that take up time.

As a result, I have had really little time to read my favorites, or any new places for quite awhile. Nor time to keep up on my blogging.

My journey continues.

This particular journey 'officially' began on the same day that my son and his wife had their first visit with their MD after learning that their child was on her own life's journey. I had met them for supper, to celebrate. During the meal, I had to excuse myself twice, and the evidence that something was very wrong was not mentioned by me to them. I did not want them to worry, and I did not want to 'rain on their parade'. Two days later, I was in the hospital. And the next day, as I was being wheeled from the colonoscopy toward the next place, I was told that I was on my way to have a CT Scan... any nurse knows... this is NOT good news.

Monday was my first three month check up with the oncologist, and he says all is well. The tumor marker and liver function tests were not back yet when I saw him on Monday. He told me he only calls if the news is not good, and did not expect to have to call me...
(I am going to check in with them ONLY because my phone was not functioning due to tracfone goofiness after they 'had to replace' my working phone. What should have taken less than 48 hours took five days!)

But every ache, every oddity, sometimes even every similarity...still causes me to pause....and wonder... and begin to tell Him that I CHOOSE to trust Him.

Thursday, I was invited to go to the second ultrasound my son's wife was scheduled to have...and then out to eat with them after. It did not dawn on me, the similarities of the two events until I was typing an email to friends. It was then that I realized that the LAST time we'd had dinner together after one of their MD app'ts was that night that started my lastest journey. I asked for prayer for silly me...and silly fears.

At my son's house, after the ultrasound, just before we left to go out, I was JUST starting to mention those silly thoughts when my daughter in law told me where they wanted to go to eat...and I paused. I verbalized my thoughts...she asked if I wanted to go somewhere else. I told her no... we'd go there, because it was silly not to.

She said... "it isn't going to happen again... but if it does, you will NEVER go to P*****s again!" .... she is right. But for that day, I was going to get back on the proverbial horse once more.

Well, we made it through the meal, I made it home, and all is well, PTL.

Life changes. Sometimes, for good.

While I was ill, my children's father asked each of our children how I was after he learned about my illness from Civil wife.

She was told by dd#1 (KNOWING Civil wife would tell Dad--ah, yes, this is a self-imposed role dd#1 chose long ago as a young child of divorce. Keep Dad informed of everything whether he wants to know or not... sigh... even when I don't particularly want him to know... grin).

Civil wife had others praying for me (dd#1 was told "tell your Mom not to worry, I did not tell anyone her last name"...heheh... no, I am sure she didn't... as it is the same one she

I am relegated to being spoken about, not spoken to. I have always found that to be an interesting phenomenon. (That and the fact that my name apparently was changed without my consent to 'EX'... or "THE EX")

For years, when we are alone, my children's father speaks to me nicely.
In company, I am usually either ignored or spoken to brusquely, sometimes rudely. I do not recall him EVER speaking to me in the presence of civil wife other than when I say something like 'Good bye'.. and he must also say it, sometimes after her hint to him...

But now, at our grandchild's birthday party, he entered the room, looked at me and asked... "Are you ok? ...So you don't need chemo or anything? ...That's good!... it was a two way conversation, in front of our daughters, granddaughter, civil wife and their daughter. But it was a conversation that included only the two of us.

There were two more 'brief' but definite conversations later, about his physicals every two yrs, his resistance to having a colonoscopy ...and I encouraged him strongly to do so (as any wife should/would). He told me he will this time, in Jan, when he is again due. We shall see.

But this would not have happened had I not been on this journey.
God works in strange ways, His wonders to perform.

Life changes. Sometimes for better.

My job at the prison is finished.

He always has a way of telling me rather quickly that this is true. One day I am there, and then I am not.

I have been working at the prison since mid-March, 2006. Now they wanted to change my job to one I simply cannot do for many reasons. First, what I had been doing was to continue, but now I would also be part of the pilot program doing the job that one LPN does alone.

In my humble opinion, this is doing two people's work, and would add to my responsibilities. That by itself I would have handled in the past.

But it would also mean working with someone who has a very negative attitude, who splits co-workers with it, complains about other's work all the time, has the attitude that 'the LPN's' work for, not with her, and causes stress. That I can no longer handle.

I said no, and I explained why. At this stage of my life, after being a nurse for 35+ yrs, with the diagnosis I got this summer, I cannot handle the stress, and do not want to try. Stress is not good, not healthy, not something needed right now. Especially when I would also be doing two jobs in one.

I told her that I would rather go back to working the night shift elsewhere. (Remember, I am not an employee of the prison--I am an agency nurse who was working under contract there).

She has a job for me at the Abbey... beginning around Nov 1. Until then, she has night shift positions I can do.

The Abbey is much closer (less travel time, less cost for gas, etc, less wear and tear on my car)...
Night shift means more money per hour, also.

I have heard about the Abbey (the job entails helping fifteen retired priests) for a couple of years, and how much those who work there absolutely love it. It is very laid back, night shift, four nights per week.

I said YES before she even finished telling me about it!

God is good. Life changes. Sometimes for the Better.

God bless!

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Uhm, yes... this is my son, whom I raised. (And yes, I did try to teach him nice language... smile)

But ... wow.. this is my son!

His Dad came to him one day saying he did not think that they were Irish after all, as he is tracing the family history and cannot find a certain person coming through Ellis Island, just different names (er, like Gaelic?) ... my son looked at his Dad and said something to the effect of...

"Oh? Too bad for YOU, Dad!"

heheh...for I am definitely Irish-German... which makes my son... "Irish made". I believe this event happened AFTER my son began his blog and chose his name/the blog's name had to become Irish Eyes when he was told that Irishmade was not available.

But... it also makes a good story now. At least in THIS Irish woman's eyes.

It is not Blarney, either.

God bless!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Haylie Mackenna (The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)

Haylie yawned for us, she tried to 'eat', or suck on her knee, her cord... she opened her eyes for us. She practiced breathing, she really entertained us, like she knew we wanted to see her.. She had her FEET above her HEAD at points! lol She seems to have fun entertaining herself in her own little world!

The 'tech' remembered Kev and Katie, also, and was very glad that she had much longer in their app't than normal d/t a cancellation... She took TONS of pictures for us. We heard (and Kev taped it on his cell phone) her heart beat as we watched it beating, and watched the heart monitor at the same time. I love that sound... like sheet metal being shaken rhythmically... She even checked Katie's kidneys because Katie ended up in the ER and up on OB the other night with severe back pain. Her R kidney is swollen, with excess fluid in it, but this happens d/t positioning of the baby, etc. They watch it, they don't do anything about it unless it becomes severe. It is NOT super abnormal.

Katie's Mom used her digital camera to make a video of the ultrasound... LOL... I deliberately left my camera at home, as I didn't want to appear 'too' intrusive... she proudly said... I BROUGHT MINE... love it! She will share the video if they can get a way to make a disc or something.....

It was really really neat! There are 3D pictures also, but this one was made specially for the two Grandmas in the room... smile! There was a LOT of discussion about whose nose she has, whose toes she has, etc... cannot wait to hold the little tyke!

She is due around Christmas Day.

God bless!

Proud Grandma....

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

HONOR FLIGHT Network: A Call to Honor WWII VETS

Today, I heard about a group, and it made tears come to my eyes.

WWII vets had to wait a long time to get a real monument on the Mall in Washington, DC. But what a memorial it is! Sadly, it comes at a time when MOST of the Vets who fought that war are dying, ill, or just unable to travel due to age. Most would be somewhere around my father's age, and Dad would have been 82 this past April.

But there was man a  who had a vision, and that vision is spreading. His vision? Fly as many WWII Vets as possible to DC to see THEIR  Memorial before they have all left us forever.

In addition to being a Physician Assistant, Earl is also a private pilot and member of one of our nation's largest and best aero clubs located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,  Dayton, Ohio.  In December of 2004, Earl asked one of his WWII Veteran patients if he could personally fly him out to DC, free of charge, to visit his memorial.  Mr. Loy broke down and cried.  He said at his age he would probably never get to see his memorial.  He accepted the offer.  A second WWII Veteran was asked the same question a week later.  He too cried and enthusiastically accepted a trip to DC.  Realizing that the desire was so great, Earl started to ask for help from other pilots to make these hopes and dreams a reality.  In January of 2005, Earl addressed about 150 members of the aero club during a safety meeting, outlining a volunteer program to fly veterans to their memorial.  There were two major stipulations to his request.  The first was that the veterans pay nothing.  The entire aircraft rental ($600 to $1200 for the day) would have to be paid solely by the pilots.  The second was that the pilots personally escort the veterans around DC the entire day.   After Earl spoke, 11 pilots who had never met his patients volunteered to make their dream a reality.  Honor Flight was born.

Dad never saw the Memorial. Dad died too young June 3, 1987, at age 62, long before it was built.

I have been there. And I 'told' him one of those times that I wish he could have lived to have seen it! 

Meet the Board of Directors that help to make this possible for WWII Vets. Go here to see photos of some of those who have made the trip. There is a way that even I, with little, can send someone else to make the trip that my Dad cannot make, also, by making a donation in his name. I will, soon, be doing just that, but have to wait for a little bit of time and money to come in. I will pass up taking my vacation that cancer so rudely interrupted in order to be able to 'do' this. My vacation can come later, like Jan or Mar of next year.

Sadly, I went to the Flight Schedule page and saw NO flights from WISCONSIN. Is that because no one has heard of it, or because no one has the resources, or because no one cares? I don't think it is the latter. We have many Vets living in the Vets Home in King WI, and many living elsewhere in WI. We have the Home of the EAA here, and MANY pilots! How about getting the word to some of them, and finding ways to add WISCONSIN WWII Vets to this list? They have ways that corporations or organizations can sponsor an entire trip.

Note that I, too, have witnessed WWII vets tears at knowing that they may never get to see THEIR Memorial. Isn't there a way that some of OUR WISCONSIN men and women can go???

EAA, Veteran's organizations, How about it? You guys are all caring and generous people. What say you spread the word?

It brought tears to my eyes just seeing this on the TV today (Fox News Sunday). But I bet it will bring MORE tears to the eyes of our elderly heroes if this could happen!

Thank you, Earl Morse, Retired Air Force Captain, Physician's Assistant!

God bless!

OH... one more thing... and I hope that they don't mind. There is also a guestbook to sign. On that guestbook, this message was left there by Susan Barr, a member of their Board of Directors:

September 30th 2007
12:10:09 PM
What is your name?  

Susan Barr

What is the title of your website:  

Honor Flight National Network

Type a quick description of your website:  

info to send WWII Vets to DC

Where are you from?  

Sunbury OHIO

Please enter your comments?  

IF you are thinking about starting an Honor Flight "hub" in your area, please check our website for current sites. In addition to those listed sites, we have many more in the works and can let you know if there is one in your area, by emailing us. Please consider the dates we have listed. We know it is best to go with us as a guardian first to find out first hand how it works and start your training.
We are looking at several west coast sites and many areas in between. You need to find the number for your closest VSO, and discuss this with your families before making the commitment. It is very time consuming, but also just as rewarding. Your life and the Veterans will never be the same. I can't even begin to tell you the ripple effect of the good that is shared from these trips. God Bless our Soldiers and Sailors and God Bless America.

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